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    Hi, I posted my first story recently and would be happy for you to read and give me feedback

    Title: Death The Girl
    Author: Catthegirl
    Description: You have been trained all your life to avenge the death of your parents. But will you fall in love with the enemy?
    Genre: Drama/Romance
    Style: Ink
    CHAPTERS: Four (ongoing)
    Instagram: @catthegirl.episode

    thank u very much <3


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      I would love to get some feedback on my story!

      Title: A New Beginning: The Swan Song
      Author: Emma.S
      Style: Ink
      Genre: Romance/Drama
      Episodes: 6 (ongoing)
      Description: Olivia, a swedish girl, is struggling with a heartbreaking loss. Her life is in a downward spiral, which makes her mom decide to ship her off to her dad in the states. Olivia is somewhat a antiheroine, a bad girl who makes stupid decisions due to her lack of ability to deal with the hard things in life. She meets Brody, who never really cares about anything or anyone, but she catches his interest.. Will she be able to get her life together and, possibly, find true love?

      My instagram: episode_emma.s


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        Hey! I just published my first story a few hours ago. If you could give me some feedback, I would be glad!

        Title: Untamed Royalty
        Author: GalaInfinitia
        Genre: Drama/Romance
        Syle: Ink
        Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
        Description: An untamed princess, a beautiful handmaiden, a perfect prince and his abdicated brother. Will this have a happy ending?

        Thank you so much! Can't wait for you to publish a story sometime


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          Hi Kittenlove I hope you can give mine a try!

          Title: Haunted: Take Me Home
          Author: Ruby L. Lee
          Genre: Horror
          No. of Episode: 4 (Complete)
          Style: Ink
          Story Description: A rainy night. An abandoned mansion. A worn luggage. Find out the rest yourself. 2 endings.

          Instagram: @rubyllee.episode

          Thank you so much, I hope you like it.


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            Hey there ! Hope you will like my story it means the world to me !

            Title: Involved
            Bio: "You discover that you're involved with the strongest mafia. But when you realize it, the war has already started..."
            Genre: Comedy/Drama/Mystery
            Author: Lilia
            Style: Ink
            Chapters: 5
            Instagram: twisb.episode
            Attached Files
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            • Lucena
              Lucena commented
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              It’s no problem at all! It’s your first story, and you’re still progressing. Fun fact, I also speak french! LOL! Thank you so much for the reply by the way, I’m so happy you agree. Also, thanks for wanting to check it out!

            • Irama
              Irama commented
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              Oh you're from France? Or you just learn it? So, I've read your story, I usually don't like the Limelight style but your story is interesting and original !
              There's a lot of suspense, so it's good because the readers will want to continue your story! However, I did find that the story was really slow. Your story is unique, keep writing it!

            • Lucena
              Lucena commented
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              No, I'm from Canada! Thanks for inquiring though! Even though you didn't write nearly as much as I did -- your review means so much more to me, than you might think! I'm super glad that you enjoyed the story, although it was limelight.

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            Please read my new story
            I just published it 2 days ago
            I would really appreciate the feedback
            ​​​​​​Name: Beauty And The Beast
            Genre: thriller
            Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
            Description: He is the leader of the Mafia
            She is a nurse
            He takes lives
            She saves lives
            What will happen when these 2 collide
            Instagram: episode.raeesa
            ​​​​​​​Please read and tell me what you think

            ​​​​​​ Link:


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              Hello everyone!
              I have finished the pilot on my next story. This is my second one. I was not totally happy with the first one.


              Title: RANSOM
              Genre: Action, Romance
              Episodes: 3 (pilots) more to come!!!
              Description: When Bryson heads out on a job he has no idea he would find a kidnapped girl. But why doesn't she want to go home?! Will Bryson be able to help her escape her past?



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                This is my story:
                Story name: The Trinity Force
                Genre: Adventure + fantasy
                Author: Ashley
                Episodes: 5. 6 +7 are coming soon


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                  Thank you for doing this I used to do it too but now I don't have the spare time
                  Here's my newest story, hope you'll like it.

                  Title: Celebrity Star
                  Genre: Comedy
                  Style: Ink
                  Choices: Very advanced choices (I used the point system)
                  sound: YES!
                  Description: Celebrity Star is YOUR own rise to fame; you can either choose to play as a rockstar/musician or as an actres/movie star. Your choices define your life. You can replay it with other choices.
                  Cussing and Mature themes: NO

                  *I also have another story called The Lost Children on Episode. It is way different than this one and contains more mature themes.

                  Feel free to check it out if you're interested.
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                    Here's my story! I'm still learning how to work the script and all that so my directing should get better as I update lol.

                    Title: Forbidden Love
                    Author: Drama/GenahF
                    Genre: Romance
                    Style: Limelight
                    Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
                    Description: When Tracy meets the love of her life, her town makes them a target. Together they must fight against all odds.

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                      Hii guys, I'm a new writter on the episode app, and I need some feedback and advice ...

                      It's hard enough for someone new to promote your story and I need help in that regard.

                      If you are interensted in read for read, comment your stories below and I will read your story and send screenshots.

                      Title: Death The Girl
                      Author: Catthegirl
                      Description: You have been trained all your life to avenge the death of your parents. But will you fall in love with the enemy?
                      Genre: Drama/Romance
                      Style: Ink
                      CHAPTERS: Five (ongoing)
                      Instagram: catthegirl.episode

                      Thank u guys <3


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                        Hey just thought I'd drop my story here if you'd want to check it out
                        Title: Killjoy
                        Author: Lexi Lu
                        Description: Aubrey is your normal everyday girl- well almost. Now she's stumbling into the life of parties, boys, and trouble.
                        genre: romance/drama
                        ink style
                        5 ongoing chapters
                        insta: episode.lexilu


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                          Thanks you can you review my story
                          TITLE: love,drama,&friends
                          AUTHOR: Tracy marie
                          GENRE: drama & romance
                          STORY STYLE: INK
                          # OF EPISODES 7 (ONGOING)
                          SHORT SUMMARY -Its about a girl name Erica who ignores her love of her best friend jay but realizes their inlove with eachother it is also about how their 2 friends who made bad decision and faces the consequences
                          Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!
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                            Hey, here's my story

                            Story: Through Hardship to the Stars
                            Author: Claire
                            Bio: From slave to strong beautiful woman Adele finds herself in cruel world. Will she able to resist her handsome owner?
                            Genre: Drama \ Romance
                            Chapters: 14 (15-17 coming soon!)
                            Style: Ink


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                              Would appreciate it if you would check mine out!!

                              Title: Speak
                              Author: J. Miley
                              Genre: Drama (has elements of romance, mystery, and humor)
                              Episodes: 38 (ongoing)
                              Style: Ink
                              Description: With a dark past surrounding her parents' death and unable to speak, Liz tries to find a way to move on with her life.
                              IG: @j.miley.episode