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Let's build a viewers community!! Share your stories here now!!

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  • Let's build a viewers community!! Share your stories here now!!

    The rule is just simple..
    1. Share your story
    2. Read each other story

    It's a win win situation for all of us.. Everyone will gain more viewers together

    Here's mine:

    Story: The Unexpected Magic
    Author: Ellyn
    Sypnosis: Adelynn never thought her life will change forever when she found out that her mother was murdered..
    ​​​Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
    Chapters: 3 (Ongoing) *Chapter 4 coming soon
    Style: Ink

    This is my very first story.. I hope everyone can support it.. Thanks
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    Story: Manipulation
    Author: Tanzanite
    Bio: Your continues misfortune turns to be a planned experiment that will switch you from average to queen b.
    Genre: Comedy \ Romance
    Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
    Style: Ink
    *Your story is loading at the moment*
    Like the idea by the way


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      Aww! Thank you so much for the support!

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    Hello, my name is Naya C and this is my newest story "Hopeless Hearts" below are some key features in my story. I hope you all give it a try and enjoy 😊

    Title: Hopeless Hearts
    Author: Naya C.
    Chapters- 7 ongoing
    Genre- Drama/Romantic Suspense
    Character Customization: Yes, for MC and love interest
    Advance directing: Yes
    Animated overlays: Yes
    Chapter length: between 10-20 minutes
    music/sound: yes
    speechbubbles: Pink
    Good grammar and Dialogue: Yes
    Unique Plot: Yes
    Emotional read: Yes
    Instagram: Nayac.writes

    Check out my flipagram video I made for my story.

    You're forced to leave your old life behind after being placed into the witness protection program. Just when you think you've finally settled in, your past catches up to you, and causes you to change your identity again and leave the love of your life at the altar. Will fate bring you back together again, or will you be forced to live in fear of the unknown?

    This story will pack in the drama, the romance, the betrayal, the action, and all the suspense

    Story link below⬇️⬇️⬇️
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      Here's my first story

      Title: Finding Ourselves Together
      Author: Kat Valentine
      Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
      Chapters: 7 (ongoing)
      Style: Ink
      Description: See that girl, what's her name? Lia. She's changed a lot, not in a good way. What happened to her? Well...
      He happened.

      Instagram: @kats_episode


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        Story Title: Niklaus grand children
        Story Author:jazmend esparza
        Story Genre: drama
        Story Summary: What happen when NOBODY understand you? Reject form everyone? Do you find a way to be happy with yourself? Or not?
        Story Link:
        Preferred Chapter(s) Read: As many as you like but at least 1

        Thank you for doing this! I appreciate it a lot <3


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          Hey, guys! Give a try to my new hot story about slavery, love, betrayal and thirst for freedom!
          Promise you'll enjoy it!

          Story: Through Hardship to the Stars
          Author: Claire
          Bio: From slave to strong beautiful woman Adele finds herself in cruel world. Will she able to resist her handsome owner?
          Genre: Drama \ Romance
          Chapters:6 (7-11 coming soon)
          Style: Ink
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            Hi there!
            i have two stories and I hope you’ll like them ✨

            Title: Haunted: The King of the Void
            Author: Lark Noah
            Genre: Thriller, mystery
            No. of Episode: 4 [Complete]
            Style: Limelight
            Story Description: Confront the past you don’t remember. You're not alone - Death is your companion. Male MC, multiple endings. Choices do matter!
            Contains: LGBT option, character customization, spot directing, zooming, camera angles, etc (mild use of flashing lights, but it's really important, sorry )

            Title: 911: Call Me If You Can
            Author: Lark Noah
            Genre: Thriller, mystery
            No. of Episode: 5
            Style: Ink
            Story Description: "My name is Michael Clayton. And I was kidnapped."
            What will you do? Each choice matters. Save his life.
            Or kill him.
            Thank you! ~


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              Hey there ! I'm a new Episode writer, nice to meet you all !
              I need some advices for my first story, it'll be very helpful ! I really need to know what people think of my work to progress !
              I will read yours in exchange of course !

              Hope you can help me and support me like the others as well, we all deserve to have a chance ! Thanks ! (:

              Story title: Involved

              Author: Lilia

              Style: Ink

              Episodes: 5

              Genre: Mystery Drama Comedy Romance

              Story description: "You discover that you're involved with the strongest mafia. But when you realize it, the war has already started."

              Instagram: twisb.episode
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                NAME: Troublesome Temptations
                AUTHOR: Ivyn G
                GENRE: Action/ Drama/ Lowkey Romance
                CHAPTERS: 1-3 (ongoing)
                SUMMERY: How can a bad man be so sweet; how can a caring man be ever so vile? Why did I let my temptations cause so much trouble?


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                  Hey there. I'd like to recommend you about my story Smooth Criminals (Shiran & Shani)!
                  {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tWhatsApp Image 2017-10-13 at 16.27.33.jpeg Views:\t4 Size:\t85.0 KB ID:\t1448381","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"1448381","data-size":"custom","height":"408","width":"271"}
                  Life as a mafia unit's leader can be very difficult, especially when you're a girl.
                  Will Kiara make it through?

                  The Chapters are pretty long.
                  Hope you give it a chance!


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                    Title: Haunted: Wild Freedom
                    Author: Lissia A.
                    Genre: Mystery
                    Description: You make a deal with the spirit to run away from your responsibility... And you fall into a trap.
                    Style: Limelight


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                      Hey everyone! Here is my story:

                      TITLE: Forgotten Princess

                      AUTHOR: Silkhydra

                      DESCRIPTION: Not remembering her past, Reyna was taken in by the leader of a mercenary group nine years ago. On one particular job, Reyna's strange dreams of a girl in a palace turn into visions as dangerous creatures begin to appear. Follow Reyna as she uncovers the truth of the last demon war, the girl in her dreams, and her own forgotten past.

                      GENRE: Fantasy

                      # OF EPISODES: 4 published

                      STYLE: Ink


                      INSTAGRAM: silkhydra_episode

                      Let me know what you think of it!

                      Cover art 1.jpgIMG_20170921_155328_759.jpgIMG_20170921_155328_758.jpg


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                        Title: My Boss' Baby
                        Author: Kershelle Mike (kmike772)
                        Genre: Romance/Drama
                        Number of Episodes:13 (ongoing)
                        Style: Ink
                        Description: She wants to catch a break. He wants a family. Maybe they can help each other out...

                        My Boss Baby Final.png


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                          Title: The Trinity Force
                          Genre: Adventure...
                          Author: Ashley
                          Style: Ink
                          Chapters: 3
                          Description: It turns out there is a whole other portion of the world we aren't aware of called the dark realm. We live in the light realm. And the two create a sense of balance on earth. When the dark realm tries to take over the light realm a trinity force must be formed to stop the chaos.


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                            Title: The Past Shapes Us
                            Genre: Mystery/ Crime
                            Author: Solete
                            Style: Ink
                            Chapters: 8 (ongoing)
                            Description: Samuel struggles dealing with his past at the same time he tries to find a killer that's been active in NY.
                            Attached Files