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I just wrote my first story, and switched from author to writer on episode!

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  • I just wrote my first story, and switched from author to writer on episode!

    Hi everyone!,

    ​​​I'm a new writer on episode and would love your support. I originally started out as a writer on Wattpad but because I love the app I decided to publish my story on episode too.

    I would like it if you guys could read my story and tell your opinions! I'll also read your story if you want me to!

    Title: Mr. Anti Smile
    Author: Lilywokeuplikethis
    Description: You find out that your family is in the mafia and a man is out to kill you. What happens when the future mafia boss Alessio has to train and protect you for an upcoming war?
    Genre: Action/Romance
    ​​​Style: Limelight
    Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
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    Title: The Academy
    Author: Shella DeRoi
    Genre: Drama
    Episodes: 6 (to be continued)
    Style: Limelight
    Description:A school filled with secrets, lies and deception. Will you come out unscathed, or will you be dragged down with the lies.
    Link to story:


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      Hey! Give a try to my new hot story about slavery, love, betrayal and thirst for freedom!
      Promise you'll enjoy it!

      Story: Through Hardship to the Stars
      Author: Claire
      Bio: From slave to strong beautiful woman Adele finds herself in cruel world. Will she able to resist her handsome owner?
      Genre: Drama \ Romance
      Chapters:11 (12-15 coming soon)
      Style: Ink


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        Hii guys, I'm a new writter on the episode app.

        It's hard enough for someone new to promote your story and I need help in that regard.

        I'm happy to help you if you need , If you are interensted in read for read, comment your stories below and I will read your story and send screenshots.

        Title: Death The Girl
        Author: Catthegirl
        Description: You have been trained all your life to avenge the death of your parents. But will you fall in love with the enemy?
        Genre: Drama/Romance
        Style: Ink
        CHAPTERS: Four (ongoing)
        Instagram: catthegirl.episode

        Thank u so much guys


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          I would love if you could read my story!! I struggle with promoting my story and gaining reads and I would love some help! Thank you so much!

          Title: Changed
          Author: G. Lambent
          Instagram: g.lambent_episode
          Style: Ink
          Genre: Drama
          Chapters: 6 (ongoing)

          Description: Forever trapped. Forever engulfed in darkness. How do you find your identity when you have been stripped of one??