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    Title: Thorne Description: Strange nightmares and amnesia leave Thorne guessing about her past and her true identity.
    Want screenshots of me playing it (yes or no)?: if you want. And if you catch any errors I'd appreciate knowing so I can correct them. I had 5 beta readers so it should be pretty clean, but stuff does get missed.

    Ok, so yes, the screenshot is a little early on, but I thought that I would forget!


    The story had a REALLY good plot and I liked the Character Customization idea! I only read a few chapters, but I will most definitely continue! It is NOT cliche like most other stories (in my opinion) and I LOVED the use of cool backgrounds! I can not wait to read more! Keep up the AMAZING work if you write another story!


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      Hey, guys. I just published my very first story. Please give it a read 😘 ?.?

      Title: Where do we go from here?
      Author: Lawful Evil
      Genre: Mystery
      Episodes: 6 ongoing
      Description: Have you ever heard about a miracle? No? Let the story show you the world of magic, spells and poisons.
      Style: INK

      I really want to get some feedback))
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        Title : A Deadly dame
        author: Sou maya
        style : ink
        episodes: 9 on going
        description :A furious and deadly woman hired To kill a man she suddenly finds out that her target is her childhood friend back when she was innocent and a sweet girl...would she feel weakness aroud him.?....would she kill him..?


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          I'll give your story a read and I would love a review if possible.
          This is my first story and the picture is screwed up for now just a heads up!
          A Golden Apple
          Ink Style
          Author : Nicole L. Day
          3 epis (more to come)

          Lily is thrown out by her evil parents. Life turns chaotic
          all while being pursued by 3 potential lovers, but 1 is a bad apple..
          Will you defeat evil and fall in love?


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            Hey this is my first attempt at a story on episode and I'd love your feedback!

            Title: Recovery in 5
            Author: DestinysTragedy
            Genre: Drama/Romance
            Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
            Style: Limelight
            Summary: Two years ago your 3 year relationship ended suddenly. What happens when he comes back into your life unexpectedly? While you're pursuing your dream career in physiotherapy? (CC)
            Screenshots: If you'd like to!


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              I’ll check yours out if you check out mine!

              Hey Everyone,if you are interested you can check out my story called “Black Boots”. It’s a drama mystery about 16 year old Mel Connor whose perfect life gets turned upside after one fatal mistake... the link is below!

              Happy Reading,Forum!!



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                I just released a new story and am looking for reads
                Title: Beware, My heart
                Author: Raeesa
                You've had a bad experience at love but against all odds you find true love in an older man but your evil mother has eyes on him and is plotting against you
                Genre: romance
                Style: INK

                Instagram: episode.raeesa
                Take screenshots and tag me @episode.raeesa
                ​​​​​​​And follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks and updates

                And if you want to then you can send screenshots but just the reads will mean a lot to me


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                  Hey! Here is my story

                  TITLE: The College Diaries
                  AUTHOR: A.V.
                  GENRE: Drama (-romance)
                  DESCRIPTION: Love, friends drama; college life has everything. Will you let your haunting past take control of your life? [CC] -4 love interests!
                  CHAPTERS: 9 (ongoing)

                  I currently have 339 reads. Thank you for your time!


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                    Hello there, I'm actually a new writer and this is my first story that I've written ever on episode. I would love it if you guys can do a READ FOR READ with me. Just send me screenshots of the amount of episodes that you have read from my story and I PROMISE that I will read the EXACT same amount of episodes from your story! If it is really good and I got hooked, I will even read more of it!

                    Title: Discovering My Past
                    Genre: Romance, Drama
                    Episodes: 15 (ongoing)
                    Style: Ink
                    Writer: MayViery Tan

                    Description Of Story: Tierra has lost her memories along with many other secrets in her life & thus, she will have to retrace her steps from her past to find out


                    My Instagram: @mayviery_tan

                    I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL LIKE IT!