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  • Read for Read? :) Looking for new stories!

    Hey everyone!
    I'm currently a new writer on Episode and I have just published the first 3 episodes of my very first story!
    I don't have any views on it, which upset me a bit because of how excited I was to start writing again.
    If you could, please check it out, and share if you want for others!
    I decided to come to for the forums to try and get my story out there for readers.
    It's a romance story, with drama, ofcourse.
    I think a lot of people would really enjoy it!
    I'm also looking for some new stories to read if you wanted to share yours with me!
    I'm actively reading every day that I had to buy unlimited passes.
    I really enjoy romance stories!

    Anyways, heres some info about my story

    Title: Something New
    Author: Kayla Novall
    Genre: Romance
    Style: Episode Ink
    Description: You move to Orange County and meet the bad boy of East Central High. Will you fall for him as hard as he fell for you?

    I am still actively writing this story, so if you do enjoy it, there will be lots of episodes
    I hope you give it a read!
    Thanks everyone

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    I know exactly how you feel!

    Im glad I posted here. I’m hearing lots of amazing new things.

    heres mine!

    Title: Personal Taste
    Author: Grace
    Genre: Romance/suspense/comedy
    Description: What if you think the guy you fall for is gay...
    What if you’re using the girl love...
    Do you get a happy ending?

    Episodes: 4... ongoing (2 a week)


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      Hey, your story sounds interesting, so I will def. Read it.

      And here is mine if you wanna read it.

      Title: Bad Boys
      Genre: Drama/Romance
      Episodes: 5
      Description: What will Bella do when she crosses the path not with only one, but two bad boys?! Drama awaits..
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        Title: A Witches Conflict
        Author: Miss SJL
        Chapters: 7-on going
        Style: INK
        Story Description: A soon to be witch is coming into her own. When she gets her powers will she be good or will the darkness take over?
        Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama.


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          Hi, I know how you feel and I know it might be a little frustrating but this is how Episode works.
          This is my story if you would like to check it out.

          I really hope you can give it a read, I will read yours

          Title: The Job Of Love
          Author: R.episodeofficial
          Genre: Drama (Mix of Drama/Romance/Mystery)
          Episodes: 23 (ongoing)
          Style: INK
          Description: Will she open her broken heart to a cocky lawyer despite all the secrets he's keeping?Passion, lies and betrayal await.

          Instagram: r.episodeofficial

          Thank you


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            Hey !
            I hope you could also read mine.

            Title : Deep Desire
            Author: Jalen
            Genre: Romance/Drama
            Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
            Style. INK
            Description : Innocent girl meets powerful and attractive CEO. Is she able to resist his charme or will she hopelessly fall for him?


            Instagram: jalen_episode

            Thank you!!!


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              Hello, I would love for you to read mine! I also appreciate HONEST feedback. I can take it! I can't get better unless I know what is wrong!!

              Title: RANSOM
              Author: Jo7679
              Episodes: 5 and counting!
              Description: When Bryson heads on out a hit job he has no idea he would find a kidnapped girl. But why doesn't she want to go home?
              Style: Limelight



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                I love bad boy stories
                Here is mine so we can read for read:
                Title- Killjoy
                Author - Lexi Lu
                Description- Aubrey is your average girl- well almost. Now she's falling into the world of parties, boys, and trouble.
                Link -


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                  Hello ! I'm a new writer in the episode app, and I'd love to receive from you feedback and advice on my story.

                  I really know the feeling !

                  Title: Death The Girl
                  Author: Catthegirl
                  Description: You have been trained all your life to avenge the death of your parents. But will you fall in love with the enemy?
                  Genre: Drama/Romance
                  Style: Ink
                  CHAPTERS: Seven (ongoing)
                  Instagram: catthegirl.episode

                  Thank you


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                    Hey I'll check out your story

                    Title: 7 Step Guide To Solving A Murder
                    Author: Gisele M.
                    Description: Your dream job was to be a detective. When you're finally given a chance to solve a murder. Can you solve the mystery?
                    Genre: Mystery
                    Episodes: 7 (completed)
                    Style: Ink


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                      Hi! It will be very helpful if you read my story I need some advices and I need to know what people think of my work! I will read yours in exchange of course! Thanks!

                      Title: Involved
                      Genre: Mystery
                      Style: Ink
                      Author: Lilia
                      Bio: You discover that you are involved with the strongest mafia. But when you realize it the war has already started.
                      Chapters: 6 (out!)


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                        Title: Love Quest

                        Author: Katie and Maddie

                        Genre: Romance

                        Style: Ink

                        Episodes: 5 ongoing

                        Description: After a tough breakup, you are on a quest to find love again. But, is being on a TV show a real way to find love?


                        Instagram: @thetalk_maddie and @kt_episode


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                          hi everyone.Checkout my stories.

                          Season 1 link is
                          IG. zuwaidazehani.episode
                          fb :zuwaida sufiyan

                          please contact me in IG or fb for read 4 read bcz I dnt use forum

                          story : "200YEARS AGO" (fantasy )

                          story : "HAUNTED GHOST IN MY PHONE" (horror)



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                            Title: Fairytale Bliss

                            Author: Angelique

                            Description: This is Autumn's story of love, She is 17 turning 18 her last year high school. She has a hard time accepting love and romance.
                            Will someone change her mind?

                            Genre: Romance

                            Episodes: 12 (Ongoing)

                            Style: Ink

                            I have unlimited passes please tell me your story. I would love to read for read with anyone writing..

                            The Forum does not work for me, so I am on my friends account, Thank You Angelique
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                              I'd love to read some new stories! Episode has been kind of dry lately for me

                              Title: Sophisticated & Deceived
                              Author: Briana M.
                              Genre: Romance/Drama
                              Style: INK
                              Description: Ashden, a sophisticated RN, learns that life isn't always about being sophisticated. Deception is always near.
                              Episodes: 3 (ongoing) *CHAPTER 4 WILL BE OUT SOON*