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    i won’t require a screenshot this time. It’s fun reading the different ideas out there, and I love giving constructive criticism,...

    but it it’d be nice if I can get some back. Lol

    If you prefer comments PM’d... let me know!

    Title: Personal Taste
    Author: Grace
    Genre: Romance/suspense/comedy
    Description: What if you think the guy you fall for is gay...
    What if you’re using the girl love...
    Do you get a happy ending?

    Episodes: 4... ongoing (2 a week)

    hi all! Just wanted to let you know.

    i Read Sunday-Wednesday and write Thursday thru Saturday so if I don’t seem to get back right away, I’m not ignoring you.
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    I invite you to try my story. I will also take a look at yours as it sounds very unique.

    Title: Speak
    Author: J. Miley
    Genre: Drama (has elements of romance, mystery, and comedy)
    Style: Ink
    Description: With a dark past surrounding her parents' death and unable to speak, Liz tries to find a way to move on with her life.
    Episodes: Just published Episode 38 (Update 1-2xs a week)



    • aislinn21
      aislinn21 commented
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      Hi! Your first episode was great so far! Just so you know, the roommate scene has errors.
      First you can’t see Elizabeth and when Gregory is about to leave, you can’t see Gregory T-T

    • StillyMom
      StillyMom commented
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      In episode 1. Elizabeth walks off screen. You still see her speech bubbles, but you don't see her. That is intentional.

    • aislinn21
      aislinn21 commented
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      Oooooooh. I c

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    I'll read your story and pm you
    Title: 7 Step Guide To Solving A Murder

    Author: Gisele M.

    Description: Your dream job was to be a detective. When you're finally given a chance to solve a murder. Can you solve the mystery?

    Genre: Mystery

    Episodes: 7 (completed)

    Style: Ink


    • aislinn21
      aislinn21 commented
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      Hi. So far I’m liking your concept!
      However, I’m really confused.
      Did “your” parents buy jimmy the apartment? Or his? And did he lose his job? I’m trying to use context, but your discussion could use a little more solidarity

      I’ll keep reading and posting.

    • Ravenelesig
      Ravenelesig commented
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      aislinn21 The main character's parents bought Jimmy the apartment which she now lives in with him. He didn't lose his job he works at the pizza place There is a whole backstory but I only mention certain parts of it so the user can kind of create their own backstory.

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    I'll add your story to my shelf and get started on it soon, I hope you can check mine out

    Title: Finding Ourselves Together
    Author: Kat Valentine
    Genre: Romance/Drama
    Chapters: 9 (ongoing)
    Style: Ink
    Description: See that girl, what's her name? Lia. She's changed a lot, not in a good way. What happened to her? Well...
    He happened.

    Instagram: @kats_episode


    • aislinn21
      aislinn21 commented
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      Episode 3 where the to be bf kisses her... or hug i think
      Episode 2 where the to be bf kisses her cheek.

      He's in front of her.

      :/ LOL

    • Kat.Valentine
      Kat.Valentine commented
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      aislinn21 Oh ok, I think they're both kisses on the cheek because they don't properly kiss or hug until later episodes. I put him in front intentionally otherwise he would be kissing the back of her head lol

    • aislinn21
      aislinn21 commented
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      lol that would be hilarious

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    Grace is dance_groove
    Thank. I’m excited to read yours too.
    pst. I have a list.... lol


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      Hi, this is my story and I hope you can give it a read.

      Title: The Job Of Love
      Author: R.episodeofficial
      Genre: Drama (Mix of Drama/Romance/Mystery)
      Episodes: 23 (ongoing)
      Style: INK
      Description: Will she open her broken heart to a cocky lawyer despite all the secrets he's keeping?Passion, lies and betrayal await.

      Instagram: r.episodeofficial

      Thank you


      • r.episodeofficial
        r.episodeofficial commented
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        aislinn21 Hi, thank you for reading my story and sharing your feedback.

        I'm not sure what you mean by "hair changes for guys"... maybe you're confusing my story with another one.
        I've just checked chapter 3 because I didn't remember using the words "and then" but I couldn't find them in the script. Could you please send me a screenshot of the scene or tell me in which scene you found that? I really would like to correct them.
        Also, why did you find the zoomings and timings rough? I'm not complaining, just asking to better understand what I can improve.

        Thank you
        Last edited by r.episodeofficial; 11-07-2017, 01:06 AM.

      • aislinn21
        aislinn21 commented
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        Lol it was small.
        Christopher’s hair change. Really made a good character build. Slacker in college, business clean after...

        I will find the and then points later and send to you and give you an example of when it’d be better smoother.

      • r.episodeofficial
        r.episodeofficial commented
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        aislinn21 Oh, Christopher's hair! You're right lol

        I'm so glad you liked it. I tried my best to build all the characters as I wanted them and I tried to put it on the screen with physical features and personalities. <3

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      Hello, I would love for you to read mine! I also appreciate HONEST feedback. I can take it! I can't get better unless I know what is wrong!!

      Title: RANSOM
      Author: Jo7679
      Episodes: 5 and counting!
      Description: When Bryson heads on out a hit job he has no idea he would find a kidnapped girl. But why doesn't she want to go home?
      Style: Limelight



      • aislinn21
        aislinn21 commented
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        Hi @Jo7679!

        I finished chapter 1 and I’m very intrigued by your storyline. And I like how you intro’d into it.
        A few things I would definitely work on:
        Transitioning your characters on and off screen. It’s hard to feel a flow in your story if the characters seem to apparate into different places.
        Also, at one point, it looked like they grew bigger from the floor instead of coming into the room.

        Another thing I would work on is the characters reactions to each other as they speak and try encounter events.

        Like even though Addison found herself at the house of her moms murderers, there was no reaction, outward or inward.

        Also, Addison complained about walking on her feet but she was standing in place while she did it so it was hard to track how the situation was evolving.

        It’s a great plot and I’m thrilled to keep reading.
        There were too many grammatical errors for me to go through them all, and if you’d like to send it to me, I can try to keep your style and just fix it...

        Also, let me know if you’d like me to keep going and send you my review for chapter two.

        Addison’s my kind of gal!

      • Jo7679
        Jo7679 commented
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        Thank you for aislinn21 for all of your feedback! I am VERY new to Episode and have been having some issues getting all the kinks worked out! If you are willing I can send you it, but I don't know how! I am sure that it is a mess to deal with!LOL! It would probably be a great help for me to see it fixed properly so I can kind of use it as a template. I am definitely getting better as time goes on but have a ways to go.

        I appreciate ALL the feedback! Especially the "constructive negative" as that is how to get better. Please, if you are interested in it I can send it to you to see how to properly work it.

        Thank you

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      Here is my story! Hope you'll enjoy it
      Title: The Darkness Within (Limelight)
      Author: Zayen
      Description: Tragedy descends the day your ability emerges. Will possessing such ability prove to be a blessing or a curse?
      Genre: Fantasy/Mystery/Thriller
      Episodes: 6 (ongoing)
      Style: Limelight


      • aislinn21
        aislinn21 commented
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        You’ve got a very compelling story here. And I appreciate that you used the background option for your back story.

        I’m not very into horror/thrillers (Stephen King burned it out of me) but I wanted to give it a try so I can give you constructive feedback.

        I’m not sure if it’s limelight or if it’s my eyes, by the font in the convos felt very small...

        I might just be old though...

        Good usage of zoom and items.

        There wasn’t much for me to go on so I will gather my courage and continue on chapter 2 tomorrow.

        Deep breath.

      • Zayen
        Zayen commented
        Editing a comment
        aislinn21 Thanks for checking it out and I appreciate your feedback! I will adjust the size of the speech bubbles wherever necessary

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      Let me know what you think of my story!

      This is my story:

      Title: Desire
      Author: Sam
      Genre: Comedy (Mix of Drama/Romance/Comedy)
      Episodes: 7 (ongoing)
      Description: Follow along Damon as his world turns upside down when he meets mysterious Elena...
      Instagram: desire_episode

      Thank you so much!


      • aislinn21
        aislinn21 commented
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        I got lost.
        And it’s not your fault only because sooooo many of us make female leads. Lol
        Can you refer to Penelope as Damon’s sister not “your”?

      • aislinn21
        aislinn21 commented
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        I just realized my post never got finished. Lol

        So im reading along. Your writing style is great and sense of humor is one I can relate to.

        I definitely like the interaction between main character and writer.
        It’s just a suggestion because there’s such a strong relationship between reader and main, but how do you feel about erasing everyone else’s thoughts? I think the reader would feel like they are truly reading from his perspective.
        Props on a male main character too.

        As far as the directing goes, I would smooth out the transitions from daydream to reality. The moving around makes it hard to interpret.
        Also, there are some sliding especially from one scene to the next, and while the zooms are nice and appropriate, sometimes, I think there is too much time spent on one zoom area.

        Lastly, there are enough typos existent that they are very distracting from the story.

        I like what you’ve done so far and look forward to more

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      Hi Grace! Thanks for checking out my story. I just followed you on the app so I can check yours out as well. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @ DR_Episode

      Title: The Night Of
      Author: DR
      Episodes: 5 (Complete)
      Genre: Drama/Romance
      Summary: Anna moves to the big city. But her first night doesn't go quite as planned when she learns her roommate's dark secret.


      • aislinn21
        aislinn21 commented
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        Hi. So on chapter 1, you got my attention which was good, but i feel like it could have been a little more developed... and I’m not sure if I’m the only one to think this way, but I don’t think anyone would just go into the closet of someone they just met.... :/ maybe her roommate could give it to her in case she changed her mind or something....

        And the first scene and the last do not match.
        Backgrounds, and also characters...
        So I think you should either add in the guy at the beginning or maybe do a zoom in, and choose only one background...

        On to #2

      • aislinn21
        aislinn21 commented
        Editing a comment
        Okay. Chapter 2 helped and I figured out the background from chapter 1.
        I think you did a great job naturally introducing Jax and raven into the screen great directing

        Chapter 3,... what do you think about her trying on the dress from the right side, since that’s where she was admiring the dress from?

        I finished
        Just in general, it was a good plot thought, but as a story, it was difficult to get engrossed in this one. :/
        There wasn’t enough to feel a connection to the characters, and I’m not sure they acted or reacted in a reasonable manner...

        Like cops would not condone rock throwing, nor would they use violence as a first choice...
        A bouncer wouldn’t just figure that Anna and mason were at fault.
        Nor would a stolen dress show up on a radar, even if it is a Dior...

        I’m figuring this is a test the kinks in the Episode kind of story, but I think it has the bones of a story that could be great.
        Last edited by aislinn21; 11-14-2017, 11:30 AM.

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      I'd love to!
      Title: Killjoy
      Author: Lexi Lu
      Description: Aubrey is your average girl- well almost. Now she's stumbling into the world of parties, boys, and trouble
      Link -


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        Hi Thank you su much!!

        Title: The Past Shapes Us
        Author: Solete
        Description: Samuel is a young detective working on a series of murders while trying to find himself, will he follow the right path or will his dark past stop him.
        Genre: Mystery/Crime
        Style: Ink
        Chapters: 10 (ongoing)



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          Hello! I'm a new writer in the episode app, and I'd love to receive from you feedback and advice on my story.

          I'm starting but I promise you will not be disappointed, I have lots of ideas for this story and I'm exploring several points of view, several personalities.

          I'm gonna take a look, your story looks good

          Title: Death The Girl
          Author: Catthegirl
          Description: You have been trained all your life to avenge the death of your parents. But will you fall in love with the enemy?
          Genre: Drama/Romance
          Style: Ink
          CHAPTERS: Seven (ongoing)
          Instagram: catthegirl.episode

          Thank you


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            Author: Noemi_aka_Nena
            Description: Can you truest a criminal? Or is it really a criminal?
            Genre: Drama/Romance
            Style: Ink
            CHAPTERS: 13 all finish


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              Hi! It will be very helpful if you read my story I need some advices and I need to know what people think of my work! Thanks!

              Title: Involved
              Genre: Mystery
              Style: Ink
              Author: Lilia
              Bio: You discover that you are involved with the strongest mafia. But when you realize it the war has already started.
              Chapters: 6 (out!)