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    Hi! It will be very helpful if you read my story I need some advices and I need to know what people think of my work! Thanks!

    Title: Involved
    Genre: Mystery
    Style: Ink
    Author: Lilia
    Bio: You discover that you are involved with the strongest mafia. But when you realize it the war has already started.
    Chapters: 6 (out!)


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      Title: Love Quest

      Author: Katie and Maddie

      Genre: Romance

      Style: Ink

      Episodes: 5 ongoing

      Description: After a tough breakup, you are on a quest to find love again. But, is being on a TV show a real way to find love?


      Instagram: @thetalk_maddie and @kt_episode


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        Season 1 link is
        IG. zuwaidazehani.episode
        fb :zuwaida sufiyan

        please contact me in IG or fb for read 4 read bcz I don't use forum

        story : "200YEARS AGO" (fantasy )

        story : "HAUNTED GHOST IN MY PHONE" (horror)


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          Title: Star Power: Going Solo
          Author: DR
          Episodes: 5 (Ongoing)
          Genre: Drama
          Summary: From NY to LA - Will your dreams of becoming a stylist come true or will a rising pop star become your main distraction?


          • aislinn21
            aislinn21 commented
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            In the contest, it says that they only count the reads that are accrued after the deadline date... so it’s best to publish after the deadline... so
            I can help you with the editing and my suggestions, or I can help you afterwards with extra read point cuz if I read it now, it won’t help your overall score...

          • DR.Episode
            DR.Episode commented
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            Ok! That's what I thought... Thanks! Would appreciate you reading now so I can get some honest feedback. Thanks so much!!

          • aislinn21
            aislinn21 commented
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            I’m working my way down the list. I want to get to everyone and give them something quickly so I’ll get to your other post first, then come back to this one. Should be within the week!

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          Hi your story sounds interesting, im going to read it now, and give you feedback..

          Title; The Distraction
          Author; Victoria
          Genre; Romance/Action
          Description; Will zoe be brave enough to show where her loyalties lie? Or is there someone blocking her way?
          Episodes; 11

          Tip; Please give my story a chance, i understand i lack choices etc but i am a new creator and i only just got the hang of everything, i did add some bits of choices in episode 9 (sorry its so late) but i am going to try and add it in as much as possible for now on


          • aislinn21
            aislinn21 commented
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            I can’t wait to read yours

            Tips for choices when you’re first writing. Me too so I know they’re helpful for me.

            I write on Word and add a table for when I’m splitting into deep choices.
            And I always add gain at the end. That way of later on I want an impact from that choice, it’s much easier, and it’s also a lot easier to copy paste into the weird branch organizing!

            Can’t wait to read!

          • itz_victoria
            itz_victoria commented
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            hey thank you so much for the tip, i read your story its great! i really like it! that is defiently me when i cant find anything, rushing around everywhere haha. keep going it is so good!

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          Title: Sophisticated & Deceived
          Author: Briana M.
          Genre: Romance/Drama
          Description: Ashden, a sophisticated RN, learns that life isn't always about being sophisticated. Deception is always near.
          Episodes: 3 (ongoing) *CHAPTER 4 WILL BE OUT SOON*

          Thanks so much!


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            Story: Through Hardship to the Stars
            Author: Claire
            Bio: From slave to strong beautiful woman Adele finds herself in cruel world. Will she able to resist her handsome owner?
            Genre: Drama \ Romance
            Chapters: 15 (16-17 coming soon!)
            Style: Ink

            Thank you so much in advance
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              Feel free to check out my story!

              Titile: Right and Wrong
              Genre: Romance
              Style: INK
              Episodes: 7 (Ongoing)
              Brief description: The story takes place from Jessie's POV. She has just moved from LA to New York for college to become an Architect and is moving in with her brother (Jaden) and his bestfriend (Linc). A year after Jaden first moved to New York, they're parents were in an accident and died. That caused him to become estranged so they weren't in contact with eachother as much. It's a story that follows Jessie's life through college, boys, and maybe a little drama. There will be 3 possible love interests -- Linc (the bestfriend), Zeke (the Engineer), and Sin (the heir of Zeckler Ind.). Let me know what you think if you choose to read!

              Here's my Instagram if you want to see some clips from current episodes or sneak peeks:
              IG: episode.mars

              Link to my story: