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  • SuperReads Blog for reviewing: LOOKING FOR STORIES TO REVIEW!

    Hey guys,

    I just uploaded the last review of this week for my blog SuperReads today, which is great, of course, but I don't have any stories to review fo
    r next week yet. How come? Well, some people seem to struggle with reading the requirements for submitting their story for reviewing. So, I'll try to explain again how this works:

    In order to get your story reviewed, please do as followed:

    1. Visit
    2. Pick a reviewed Episode story and look it up on the Episode app
    3. Read 2 episodes of that story
    4. Make a screenshot of your story progress (see picture in this post for example)
    5. Post the screenshot together with your story information (story title, author name, description) in this thread

    And you're good to go! I'll give you a date on which I'll review your story in the comments and send a personal message with the review draft in which I'll ask for permission to publish it on my blog. After receiving permission, I'll post the review on my blog. **Note that if you don't explicitly give me permission to publish the review, it won't be published on my blog and it also won't be able to become the "SuperRead" of the week.**

    I hope it works out better this time around

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    "Designers Runway"
    Episodes: 3 ( 4 is on it's way! )
    Genre: Adventure

    " Can you win Designers Runway? Or will you get cut from the show?
    Play your way to win the title of Top Designer! "

    Author: Teesha B.
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    • Himawari
      Himawari commented
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      Thanks for submitting
      I'll review your story on monday ;-)

    • teesha009
      teesha009 commented
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      Awesome, thank you!

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    "Through Hardship to the Stars"
    Episodes: 14 (15-17 coming soon)
    Genre: Romance

    "From slave to strong beautiful woman Adele finds herself in cruel world. Will she able to resist her handsome owner?"

    Author: Claire
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    • Himawari
      Himawari commented
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      I'll review your story on tuesday

    • Bemysense
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      Thank you so much

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    Here is my story information! If you wanted to you can post it on your blog
    Also I have a screen shot of the story is there a way I can dm it to you on instagram?
    Title- Killjoy
    Author- Lexi Lu
    Genre: Romance/Drama
    Link -
    Description - Aubrey was a stay at home girl- until one night her best friend drags her to a party. Now she's stumbling into the world of parties, boys, and trouble. Will she survive?


    • Himawari
      Himawari commented
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      Sure, my insta-account is @himawari_1993

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    Hi!! I would love if you could review mine!

    Title: The Past Shapes Us
    Author: Solete
    Genre: Mystery/Crime
    Style: Ink

    People are just reflections from their past
    who can't hide who they are.
    Can they change who they become?


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      I am a new author and don't really get much reads, which is probably because 1. My story is in classicstyle and 2. The genre is fantasy so it's probably gotten lost in the sea of fantasy stories aha, but if you can read/review my book that'd be great!
      Read for read! I'll send you screenshots when done. Please message me when done reading- or if you want to take up my offer, message me either on here or on instagram: @/ - I'd also appreciate if you gave me constructive criticism!
      Title: Saving Enchantilis
      Author: CeceEpisode
      Genre: Fantasy
      Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
      Style: Classic
      Story Description: Enter the magical world of Enchantilis; A world equivalent yet superior to our world Earth in many ways. In this world, cultures are admired, not hated. Sexualities of all kinds are welcomed, not frowned upon. Studies of medicine and science have gone beyond successful, and millions of effective cures for all kinds of diseases have been created. This world is the definition of a realistic paradise, until a strange force brings danger to Enchantilis. When six teenagers are chosen to save their world, what will happen? Will they succeed ?
      If you decide to read it, thank you so much honestly! And yes you can post it on your blog.


      • Himawari
        Himawari commented
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        Hey there, I'll be glad to review your story! You get your turn on Wednesday

      • episodecece
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        Thank you so much <3

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      Season 1 link is
      IG. zuwaidazehani.episode
      fb :zuwaida sufiyan

      NOTE !!!!
      Please contact me in IG or fb for read 4 read bcz I dnt use forum

      story : "200YEARS AGO" (fantasy )

      story : "HAUNTED GHOST IN MY PHONE" (horror)