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Share your story and I'll give my honest opinion.

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  • Share your story and I'll give my honest opinion.

    Hey guys!

    My name is Chavon (Lilywokeuplikethis) on episode.

    I started out as an author on Wattpad and published my first story about two weeks ago. The name of the story is Mr. Anti Smile. In just two weeks my story views are around 3.7K and I couldn't be any happier.

    I know that there are enough people out there trying their hardest but still can't get any views. Because I started out this way when I wrote my first book I want to help as much people as I can and give you feedback and useful tips.

    I love reading new stories, and I am interested in yours. If you want you can leave a link with a small summary and I'll read your story+give a honest opinion.

    Don't be afraid to share your stories!


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    Hey Chavon! Here's my story. I would appreciate it if you read it and told me what you think. Thanks in advance!

    Title: See the Real Me
    Genre: Romance
    Episode: 4 (ongoing)
    Summary: Alex is fine with her uneventful life. That is, until a new students comes to her school. His name is Ed and he's blind.
    Link (please make it clickable):


    • Chavon
      Chavon commented
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      Hey, I've read a chapter of your story and I'm definitely going to continue.

      First of all I like the plot. It is really original and not cliché at all. The way you worked with the zooming and spotting was nice, I could see that you took your time and effort with it. Same with the sound effects. It was not too much but definitely enough. The cover was also great. It was not over the top but just enough for it to be clear.

      I really like the Russian and the way how you're going for diversity, you should definitely keep that up. One thing I love is that the main character is an average student, so not popular but also not shy or quiet.

      The thing that I also liked was how Ed stood up for himself and was not quiet and awkward as people expect for a blind person to be. Way to break a stereotype!

      The first chapter ended really great. You did a good job with describing the main character feelings.

      To be honest I was a bit distracted and confused at the beginning when there was a lot of text with black screen. A good thing would be to do something creative with that, for example like what you did when you introduced the best friend.

      There were some minor grammar mistakes, for example missing words in between some sentences (I don't know if your first language is English.) but eitherway it was not extremely afwul for it to be a distraction, just something to look out for in the future. (I'm the last person to be a grammar queen, my grammar sucks lol.)

      One thing I'd noticed is that you don't follow a lot of people, and that is something that could definitely help you get more reads. (It did for me).

      At last I want to give you compliments once again for your amazing and original plot. It was something that I'd never seen before and I'm looking forward to the rest!

    • Arina1998
      Arina1998 commented
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      Thank you for the feedback, Chavon! It’s very helpful, I’m going to listen to you advices. I’m glad that you liked my story, it motivates me a lot.
      Thank you! 💕

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    I hope you will check out my story


    • Chavon
      Chavon commented
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      Hey, I've just read your story.

      The first thing I'd noticed was your cover. It is very original and made me want to read it immediately.

      In the beginning you did a really great job with explaining everything, so people don't get confused in the future. Your intro was also very nice and original by the way.

      You were really creative with the backgrounds and made sure that they fit the theme. For example not a modern palace while it's an ancient story. If I were you I would definitely keep that up.

      I also appreciate you telling the family situation without writing an entire life story. The information was just enough to understand everything.

      The main character is pretty interesting. I like that she's not a fragile little puppy and that there are different choices. I also liked how you made the main male nice and not a typical asshole, or how the maids are treated well and not like some side dish.

      There was also a scene where you'd put a background of a war while giving explanation, I definitely loved that and gave me a clear picture of the past!

      The ending was also really great. I felt like I had to read the next chapter because I was interested in how her journey would be like. (I'm definitely going to continue.)

      Even though the explaining you did throughout the story was great, it would sometimes distract with the background. You could work with zooming while reading the text, or do something special with the background or sound effects.

      I really liked that you used music. But sometimes it was completely mute while you could've used some type of spooky music to keep the reader excited (for example, when the letter arrived or the war explanation.)

      There were some minor grammar mistakes, but only real grammar queens would get bothered by it. (I'm not close to being a grammar queen, my grammar sucks.)

      Overall I was really interested in your story and added it to my favorites for in the future. Keep that originality, you did a great job with it!

    • Alyssa Davis
      Alyssa Davis commented
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      Thank you so much 😍 I am so happy you are enjoying it and I hope you continue reading. It means a great deal that you wrote all of this about my story! 🤗hugs

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    Hey. I would love some feedback


    Summary: What will happen when Bella caughts up between two bad boys? And who will be the one to win her heart over?!


    • Chavon
      Chavon commented
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      Hey, do you mind telling me the name of your story? For some reason the link doesn't works for me lol.

    • Melia
      Melia commented
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      Sure. It's Bad Boys. Or you can also search on my name Melia00

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    I'm always looking for feedback on my first story, hope you can check it out

    Title: Finding Ourselves Together
    Description: See that girl, what's her name? Lia. She's changed a lot, not in a good way. What happened to her? Well...
    He happened.


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      Hi, I really appreciate what you are doing.

      This is my story and I hope you can give it a read.

      Title: The Job Of Love
      Author: R.episodeofficial
      Genre: Drama (Mix of Drama/Romance/Mystery)
      Episodes: 23 (ongoing)
      Style: INK
      Description: Will she open her broken heart to a cocky lawyer despite all the secrets he's keeping?Passion, lies and betrayal await.

      Instagram: r.episodeofficial

      Thank you


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        Hi!! Sure!! Hope you like it!

        Title: The Past Shapes Us
        Author: Solete
        Chapters: 10(ongoing)
        Genre: Crime Mystery
        Style (INK)
        Description: Samuel is a detective trying to struggle with his past while he tries and solves murders.


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          Title: Star Power: Going Solo
          Author: DR
          Episodes: 5 (Ongoing)
          Genre: Drama
          Summary: From NY to LA - Will your dreams of becoming a stylist come true or will a rising pop star become your main distraction?


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            Hi your story sounds interesting, im going to read it now, and give you feedback..

            Title; The Distraction
            Author; Victoria
            Genre; Romance/Action
            Description; Will zoe be brave enough to show where her loyalties lie? Or is there someone blocking her way?
            Episodes; 11

            Tip; Please give my story a chance, i understand i lack choices but i am a new creator and i only just got the hang of everything, i did add some bits of choices in episode 9 (sorry its so late) but i am going to try and add it in as much as possible for now on


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              Here is my story, would love to hear what you think of it
              Title: The Darkness Within (Limelight)
              Author: Zayen
              Description: Tragedy descends the day your ability emerges. Will possessing such ability prove to be a blessing or a curse?
              Genre: Fantasy
              Episodes: 6 (ongoing)
              Style: Limelight


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                Hi, this is the first story I'm writing here on Episode, I also write on Movellas on Danish, but I wanted to try something new, and try to be better at my English

                Title: The secret Princess
                Author: Katja
                Description: It's about a girl, who don't know she is the princess of England. She got sent away as a baby, because a man named James, wanted to take over the kingdom, and he succed. It is about, how she finds out she is the princess, and what she will do. Will she save her real parents, the real king and queen of England, or will she continue to live her life as a normal girl?
                Genre: Adventure
                Episodes: 6 (ongoing)


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                  Congratulations on your 4k story views! I'm really looking for honest feedback on my contest story. Let me know what you think!
                  Story #2
                  Title: Star Power: Going Solo
                  Author: DR
                  Episodes: 5 (Ongoing)
                  Genre: Drama
                  Summary: From NY to LA - Will your dreams of becoming a stylist come true or will a rising pop star become your main distraction?
                  Last edited by DR.Episode; 11-07-2017, 06:42 PM.


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                    Here’s my story:

                    Title: Projection!
                    Genre: Comedy
                    # Of Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
                    Style: Limelight
                    Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?
                    Instagram: kartis.episode


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                      Hey Chavon,

                      I've recent revamped my story with more advanced directing techniques and have published nine out of the eventual 18 chapters (+ an epilogue) –– so I'm looking for any kind of feedback. Hopefully betrayal, obsession and superhuman abilities are your thing (narratively speaking, of course)!

                      Title: Wings of Light
                      Author: How_Novel
                      Genre: Fantasy/Action
                      Style: Ink
                      Episodes: 9 (ongoing)
                      Tagline: Power, fear, and fascination.

                      Description: Discovering power comes at a cost, in the form of sharp lies and dangerous new characters. *character customizations*


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                        Hey, My story is:

                        Name: All the Stories Are True

                        Author: RainieWinter

                        Current eps: 8

                        Description: It's the beginning of a new millennium,
                        and as the gods and goddesses choose their successor,
                        Rain Winter, a deadly hybrid is thrown into the fray by her father,
                        the god of water and sea.
                        As she trains for the title of a goddess she also lives a normal life and accidentally finds her mate.
                        Will she be able to let go of her human life,
                        or will she fight for what she loves.

                        OR if you want to take a shortcut, the link is:


                        If any of you have any feedback to give me id be happy to hear it