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Why you should read my story. and why not

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  • Why you should read my story. and why not

    please give a list of why you think people should read your story . and also one of why not to read it also, and also make a list over depends on the person. and remember a link.

    name of the story : twins in trouble

    link :

    let start with why not

    I am dyslexic .and I am not English (but you can judge my grammar out for what you read here )

    also, you can not customise any of the characters

    I am a bit slow to update with new chapters.

    there is a blond mean girl.

    and why you should

    I look it over many times to remove any spelling mistake there is an actually get a 3 part to look it through

    it's not a cliche (except the death parents). not vampires. no mafia. no love triangle. (well kinda but it's not the main focus. it's like one episode for move the story along )
    it's not a romance story at all

    they are pretty decent in length around 10 minutes each

    I got at least four choices in each episode . and some actually influence future chapters

    its diverse

    last depends on the person

    my story change subject. its like it got the main focus but a lot a stuff happens on the side to move the story along. because .i think it is a bit unrealistic .the same week they move in there uncles house .they like discover the secrets of like everything. whats fun about that we need to give it a bit of mystery.

    you don't get the life story of the characters in the first chapter. you have to figure it out along the way

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    no one yet .but i will stay positive


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      Story: The Past Shapes Us


      Why you should:
      1. It's having a lot of positivity and love! I think people are enjoying my story!
      2. I try so hard to make a good mystery story and I think is pretty good.
      3. It has comedy too, I've made myself laugh a lot.
      4. The story is very original.
      5. The ending will be AMAZING! I have it all planned hehehe.

      Why you shouldn't:
      1. It's my first story, also the directing is not bad, it isn't the best.
      2. I do speak English, but it is not my first language. Although I just asked an editor to help me see any mistakes.
      3. It doesn't have that many choices.

      And I think thats pretty much all!


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        Hey there!
        Story: Through Hardship to the Stars

        Why you should read:
        1. Story contains romance, comedy and drama in the right proportions so I'd say it for easy and relaxed reading.
        2. No cliche. Story has brand new idea (slavery), all characters're well-developed and have their own story.
        3. Since chapter 12 I finally decided to use own backgrounds and overlays, so future chapters're also planned to be unique and bright.
        4. I'm using around 4 and more choices in each chapter and some of them influence story progress
        5. Zooms, music and sounds and other directing features also make story more pleasant to read.

        Why you shouldn't read:
        1. It's my very first story, so of course it has some controversial issues that I fix as soon as I understand how to make better.
        2. Also English is not my first language, so there can be some possible mistakes (readers say it's quite good).
        3. There's no customization in story, cause characters look and behavier shows their essence. Despite this there's a possibility to change main character's outfit, hairstyle and make up every chapter since ch.8.


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          Hi, what a great idea! This is my story.

          Title: The Job Of Love
          Author: R.episodeofficial
          Genre: Drama (Mix of Drama/Romance/Mystery)
          Episodes: 23 (ongoing)
          Style: INK
          Description: Will she open her broken heart to a cocky lawyer despite all the secrets he's keeping?Passion, lies and betrayal await.
          Instagram: r.episodeofficial

          -Why you should read:
          1. The story is filled with drama, romance and mystery.
          2. It is not a clichè story. (Not about high school, pregnancy, etc..)
          3. It's a more "mature" story, it talks about the importance of finding happiness in what we don't really expect. In the story, you can follow the journey of the protagonists as things go from perfect to... not as perfect and see and decide how the protagonists can fix the situation.
          4. It contains advanced spot directing, overlays, music and sounds and choices that have an impact on the story.
          5. You can also choose outfits and make-up in every chapter.

          -Why you shouldn't read:
          1. You can't customize your character. I chose to not let the reader customize the characters because I wanted to portrait them as I see them and their physical features reflect their personalities.
          2. English is not my first language, so there might be some errors in the story. But no one has ever complained about my English, and someone told me they didn't believe I wasn't an English native speaker.

          Thank you
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