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Share your "Star Power" Entry!

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  • Share your "Star Power" Entry!

    Hey, ya'll! December 3rd is just 2 days away, and let me tell you... I'm almost done with the 3rd chapter, yet very unhappy with it as that was supposed to be the ending.... Due to time, it's not going to be. This thread right here, is where you share all your "Star Power" entries! The reads don't count until Monday, I believe, but that doesn't mean you have to keep your stories in the dark until then! Besides, I'm bored and don't feel like writing.

    Story Name:
    Author Name:

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    I have a Star Power story.

    Story Name: Star Power: Publicity Problems
    Author Name: Karlon Artis
    Description: Samantha Xanders struggles with her fame after receiving unwanted publicity. Can she overcome the challenges of stardom?
    Instagram: kartis.episode
    Last edited by kahotshot; 12-03-2017, 07:26 PM. Reason: Adding the link, because I have published the story.


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      Story Name: Star Power: Famous Overnight
      Author name: //Passion//
      Description After being chosen for fame and money, you need to learn who to trust in Hollywood and who not to trust...
      Instagram: Non :/


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        Hi, I totally recognize the unhappy feeling about the entry...I'm quite uncertain about mine too...I couldn't even finish my third episode completely, so it's only halfway done now...:\
        But still, I'd really love to know what people think of the story so far. It's a more serious and mature story compared to most of the Episode stories (which kind of makes sense knowing that the main characters are aged 24 and 35). I hope to please some of the older Episode readers and maybe reach some younger ones as well with this theme about questions like 'are disabilities really limiting disabled people in their functioning or is it the general opinions and limited knowledge about it that limits them?'.

        Hope I can reach those who are interested in stories about serious topics and that they'll provide me some constructive feedback on how to improve my writing and directing

        Story Name: Star Power: Listen!
        Author Name: Himawari
        Description: "Listen!" What if a deaf person was pleading this to the world? Would it listen or choose to preserve the status quo?
        Instagram: @himawari_1993

        Thanks for reading my story in advance!


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          Hi there!
          Title: Star Power: Vice Versa
          Author: Lark Noah Genre: Comedy
          Description: You have to pretend to be a boy to become a celebrity. Don't worry: your misanthropic mentor will help you! Link:
          Instagram: l.noah_episode
          Thank you for reading! ~


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            It always best to give it a go!
            Title: Starpower: My Swoon - Worthy Sister.
            Author Name:silhouettej
            Genre: Drama.
            Style: Limelight.
            Episodes: 3 (On Going.)
            Description: two sisters promised to stick together no matter what until one decides to break the promise to become a "legend."
            Instagram: silhouettejstories


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              I feel like my story won't be as good as everyone else, but it would mean a lot to me if you could read my story!
              Story Name: Star Power: Shooting Star
              Author Name: Sofia F
              Description: When Annabel Evans is suddenly thrown into the world of fame, she meets Tanner, a bad boy determined to help her.
              Instagram: sof.episode
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                This is my new story!! I would love if you could take a read!! Otherwise anyone up for a read for read?

                Title: Star Power

                Author: G. Lambent
                Insta: g.lambent_episode

                Genre: Romance

                Episodes: 3 and completed

                Style: INK

                Fame. Fortune. Money. Power. Is it worth the loss of the one you love the most? *CC* (3 Endings)




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                  Hey everyone! This is my new story for the Star Power Category!!
                  My name is Jenny MM, and I believe that this story needs to be shared!


                  This story focuses on female empowerment in Hollywood!

                  The Description:
                  Jamie's a famous actress who's determined to change how Hollywood is run. Will she be able to climb her way to the top?

                  If any of you have tips and tricks to give me, I would greatly appreciate your support! Please keep reading my story!
                  More longer and frequent episodes to come!


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                    Title: Star Power: Unintended Famous
                    Author: Nati
                    Genre: Romance
                    Style: LimeLight
                    Description: You go on a 2 month vacation in LA to forget everything. What will happen when you meet one of the most famous guys? *CC*
                    Episodes: 3 (ongoing)


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                      I'd love if you gave mine a read! I worked extremely hard on the directing and branching for choices
                      Title - Star Power: The Price of Fame
                      Author: Reira
                      Genre: Romance
                      Style: INK (there is also CC)
                      Plot: You've always dreamed of being a famous singer, but when your dreams come true, will it be all that you expected? Is the glamorous lifestyle really as glamorous as you'd imagined?
                      Episodes: 3 (ongoing)

                      I'll also attach the small and large cover art

                      I hope you enjoy and any feedback is always welcome <3
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                        Hi, everyone! Here’s my story!

                        Story Name: Star Power: Adventitious

                        Author Name: Kristen Desro.

                        Description: Kristen was hired to star in an informercial in the hopes that it would sensibilize others. Was that a wise decision?

                        Instagram: @krisdesro



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                          Finally! Published my story after staying up until about 2 AM working on it!
                          Story Name: Star Power: I'm Dreaming! Right...?
                          Author Name: GiGi is Me
                          Description: "Being shy doesn't always mean you don't want your name in lights. Just as being famous, isn't as easy as it seems."
                          Instagram: gigi.ep

                          I still have the rest of today to work on tiny things, but I'm just glad I got it published...


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                            Story Name: Star Power: Career Crisis
                            Author Name: Amberose
                            Description: Jett Lombard was once a mega star, but now his career is on the rocks and he's only got one thing to save him
                            Episodes: 3


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                              Story Name: Star Power: Forged Identity
                              Author Name: Marenee
                              Description: Lidiya's whole life has been planned out. What happens when she decides to live out her dream, but in secret?
                              Instagram: mama.episode