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    What's up, everyone!

    This is our story! Choices matter and Character Customization

    Title : STAR POWER: The Rise and Fall of Noah Cage
    Authors : Lilly Rose and Lady Melody
    Description : You become a personal assistant to Superstar Noah Cage. But what happens when tragedy strikes? Do you stay or do you go?
    Genre : Drama (with a hint of comedy and romance.)
    Style : Ink
    Episode : 3 (There will be more.

    Instagram: @lillyrose_ep & @ladymelody.ep
    We hope you enjoy our story! <3


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      Hey! I would love it, if you gave my contest entry a read !

      Title: Star Power: PHOENIX

      Author: E.M
      Genre: Drama
      Style: Ink
      Episodes: 3 (so far until the contest is over)

      Description: Glamour, parties & secrets. A scandal changes all of that. How will you cope? Will you break or come back on top? LGBT+ friendly



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        Title: Star Power: Souls for Sale
        Author: Jessica Swift
        Style: Ink
        Genre: Drama
        Chapters: 3

        Stella Pouste is a quick-witted lawyer, who is famous in Hollywood circles for protecting her wealthy, celebrity clients. Moving through the darker side of stardom, Stella wrestles with her ambitions to make partner in her law firm, a complex love life and the soul-destroying nature of her work. Your choices influence Stella's life as she navigates her way through scandal, fame and a chance of love.



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          Hi GiGi is Me

          Thanks for starting this thread.

          Here's my entry.

          Story Title: Star Power: Superstardom

          Author: Sally D

          Description: Exposed to the world of fame from a child, you chose a different path. Now, what happens as these paths converge? *CC*

          Genre: Drama

          Number of episodes: 3 and ongoing


          Instagram: @vrose.episode
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