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    Thank you for this thread.
    I've already checked out "COMA" so I'll just include my information below.

    Story information

    Title - Shadow Hunter: World On Fire

    Author: CeCeWrites.Episode

    Genre: Drama

    Style: INK

    Episodes: 3, ongoing (with #4 to likely be published this week)

    Description: Shadow is a rule breaker & strong in his convictions. His father is a ruthless Mafia leader with many enemies, but his biggest? His own son, who aspires to be more than his past.


    You should read my story if you love longgg episodes & dramas, sagas, etc.

    Instagram: CeCeWrites.Episode


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      Hello there, I'm actually a new writer and this is my first story that I've written ever on episode. I would love it if you guys could actually read my story and if you want, you guys can even do a READ FOR READ with me. Just send me screenshots of the amount of episodes that you have read from my story and I PROMISE that I will read the EXACT same amount of episodes from your story! If it is really good and I got hooked, I will even read more of it!

      Title: Discovering My Past
      Genre: Romance, Drama
      Episodes: 15 (ongoing)
      Style: Ink
      Writer: MayViery Tan

      Description Of Story: Tierra has lost her memories along with many other secrets in her life & thus, she will have to retrace her steps from her past to find out


      My Instagram: @mayviery_tan



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        Story Link :
        Story Name : Despoina's Assignment
        Author Name : 404 (NOT FOUND)
        Genre : Mystery
        Style : Ink
        Story Description : 2 murders + 1 missing girl
        What can a waiter do?
        But then, why is her name in "Despoina's Assignment"?
        She wants some answer, but they want something else.
        So, let the games begin.

        *It has CC option*
        *Choice matters*
        *sound & music*
        *I tried my best to make it unique and more perfect, but some feedback will help*
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          Title: Wild One!
          Genre: Drama
          Episodes: 3 so far
          Style: INK
          Description: Skye is a wild child who makes bad decisions which lead to worse consequences! But you still love her!
          IG: episode.kira53

          You should read my story because I have stayed away from cliches and stereotypes. I have written a story with imperfect main characters who make all the wrong decisions.
          You wont be reading an average love story if you start to read Wild One!


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            Hey everyone!

            First of all, nice idea of making this topic!
            Second, I'd like to promote my story called Upside Down. It's my first story. I've not been able to write for a few months now because of personal events going on.
            But since writing is my passion, I decided to go on a few weeks ago. I revamped episode 1-5 and I published episode 6.

            Title: Upside Down
            Author: Alphan
            Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery
            No. of Episodes: 6 (ongoing)
            Story Description: June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?


            Instagram: alphan.episode --> Follow me for updates and for read for read/review for review! Or just to chat...

            Any messages? I'll be faster to see it and react on Instagram, so don't hesitate to contact me!



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              Story: Dark and Light
              Genre: Romance (Often drama as well tbh)
              Description: Vanessa is your average college freshman living in LA, that is until she meets two twins that are polar opposites. Somehow, Vanessa falls for both brothers. Who will she end up with?
              Style: INK and 3 chapters (I'll update as often as possible once people start reading)


              I think you should read my story because I am new to writing on episode, but have read countless stories on the app. This story is basically a more updated version of a fanfic I wrote years ago. At the time, that story had over 30 000 views and people seemed to love it, although I deleted it once I was worried that people who picked on me at school would see it. The story may start off slow, but once all the characters are introduced and the main character's background is known, I'm sure you'll love it.

              Thank you and I hope you enjoy ☺ ♥
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              Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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                Title: Spotlight: Glimpse
                Author: Margaret A. Knox
                Style: Spotlight with Limelight
                Genre: Romance
                Episodes: 3 (more to come!)
                Description: After Adelyn's dad kicks her and her mom out, how will she cope with money problems, starting her junior year of high school, and a crush on someone whose name she doesn't know?


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                  Hey, guys. I just published my very first story. Please give it a read 😘 ?.?

                  Title: Where do we go from here?
                  Author: Lawful Evil
                  Genre: Mystery
                  Episodes: 6 ongoing
                  Description: Have you ever heard about a miracle? No? Let the story show you the world of magic, spells and poisons.
                  Style: INK

                  I really want to get some feedback)


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                    I'll give your story a read and I would love one back, maybe even a review if possible.
                    This is my first story and the picture is screwed up for now just a heads up!

                    I feel my story deserves a read because as someone sharing the same passion and putting their best effort into something I've never done before,
                    it would feel very accomplishing to hear of someone enjoying what I've done.
                    A Golden Apple
                    Ink Style
                    3 epis (more to come)
                    Lily is thrown out by her evil parents. Life turns chaotic
                    all while being pursued by 3 potential lovers, but 1 is a bad apple..
                    Will you defeat evil and fall in love?


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                      This is my first story on episode ever! I'd appreciate feedback too if you guys do read it!

                      Title: Recovery in 5
                      Author: DestinysTragedy
                      Genre: Drama/Romance
                      Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
                      Style: Limelight
                      Summary: Two years ago your 3 year relationship ended suddenly. What happens when he comes back into your life unexpectedly? While you're pursuing your dream career in physiotherapy? (CC)

                      You should read my story because it'll put you through the motion with your emotions as I get deeper into the story!

                      Can't wait to try out your story as well!


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                        Would do a review for a review!

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                      Hey Everyone,if you are interested you can check out my story called “Black Boots”. It’s a drama mystery about 16 year old Mel Connor whose perfect life gets turned upside after one fatal mistake... the link is below!

                      Happy Reading,Forum!!



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                        Review for review ?

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                      This is my new story
                      Title: Beware, My heart
                      Author: Raeesa
                      You've had a bad experience with love but against all odds you find it in an older man. The only problem: your evil mother has eyes on him
                      Genre: romance
                      Style: INK
                      You should read my story because it is a simple heartwarming love story featuring two different people and how they go against all odds to fall in love and find that happily ever after

                      Instagram: episode.raeesa
                      Take screenshots and tag me @episode.raeesa
                      And follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks and updates
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                        Title: Date With The Devil
                        Author: katie
                        Genre: Romance, Drama
                        Episodes: 3 ongoing
                        Description: Devil-like popstar, Noah Bryant makes a deal you can't refuse. There's just one catch, you have to go on a date with him. One date with the devil won't be too bad... right?
                        Style: INK


                        First 3 episodes are short, but I will make the newer episodes longer!
                        Thank you so much if you decide to read it.
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                          Here the story I directed