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    Hey everyone!

    First of all, nice idea of making this topic!
    Second, I'd like to promote my story called Upside Down. It's my first story. I've not been able to write for a few months now because of personal events going on.
    But since writing is my passion, nowadays I'm revamping my story and after that I'll republish episode 1-5 and publish a new episode (6). Also the new cover (see attachment) will be introduced! I hope I'll get some reads! Would you like to read my story?
    If you see any mistakes, please let me know. I try to correct all during the revamp but I'm only human so I can still miss things...

    Title: Upside Down
    Author: Alphan
    Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery
    No. of Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
    Story Description: June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?

    Instagram: alphan.episode --> Follow me for updates and for read for read/review for review!

    Any messages? I'll be faster to see it and react on Instagram, so don't hesitate to contact me!



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      Thank you so much for doing this! I would like to request a review for my story, you can be completely honest about it

      Story name: Fright night.

      Author name: HannahM

      brief summery of story: Your the school's most popular group, schools finally over, a trip to Saltwater lake will change EVERYTHING for you.

      Genre: Horror

      style: Limelight.

      Number of episodes: 7 and ongoing.

      Link to my story:

      Thansk again


      • KKB
        KKB commented
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        Finished reading your story...unfortunately it's awful! Probably worst thing I've ever read. I'm KIDDING!!! Can't fault your story, but your grammar didn't do the story justice bare in mind though I've only read the first. Grammar was the only issue I've picked up on, other than that great story.

        You're the one who taught me that, if I liked someone I should go for it.

        Don't forget we're the one's who run this.

        With a sprinkle of we're rich people, bow before your gods?

        You're so funny, [NAME].

        We're sure as hell coming, love,

        We're just here to chill.

        Well excuse me if, I just wanted to a bit of fun you miserable emo!

        We're gonna hit the road tomorrow.

        They're BAD RICH kids!

        They're MY friends, and I wouldn't change them for the world!

        You're just like your mother!

        Who the hell was that? And are they seriously watching me?

        Come on, pack your bags we're going to Saltwater lake!

        We're not knowing out, [NAME]'s grandmother.

        You're just simply gonna...RUN AWAY.

        NARRATOR (YOU)
        We're on our way, my nerd hottie.

        No, it'll take too long...

        There! Fixed the grammar errors in episode one.

      • Hannah_M
        Hannah_M commented
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        You scared me there for a moment XD. I will change the grammar errors in episode 1 thank you for bringing that to my notice! english isn't my native language so there are probably a few grammar errors that I will be extra careful to notice.

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      Hello! Can you review my story too? I'd love your honest opinions.
      Here's my story-

      Title- The Five Elements
      Author- Purple
      Genre- Fantasy
      Style- Ink

      Description- Enter the life of the five elements and help them save the human world from approaching danger. *Choices matter.*


      Thank you


      • KKB
        KKB commented
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        I’ve read the first episode and the directing was incredible...unfortunately the dialogues were a little flat and need work due to the beautiful genre you’re working with.

      • PurpleP
        PurpleP commented
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        Thank you for your feedback. I'll try working hard on the dialogues.

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      Title: A Love Worth Fighting For
      Author: K.O_episode
      Instagram: k.o_episodes
      Style: Ink
      Episodes out: 3 (working on 4)
      Description: Aubreys childhood best friend, Logan, leaves to join the army. But before he deploys Aubrey expresses her true feelings towards him. He had made her a promise that he would write and call her as much as he could, but life always gets in the way. Will their love be worth fighting for? Or Will they walk away from one another?
      Attached Files


      • KKB
        KKB commented
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        After a few taps the first episode was over, even though the pace of the story was slow. Try to improve the length of the story and pace. Always try to leave your readers on the edge of their seats and wanting more that’s what you need to keep in mind when writing. You’ve got a good concept, so don’t give up.

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      Hey there! I’d love it if you could review my story.
      Title: Breach of Contract
      Author: Chelsea
      Genre: Action
      Style: Ink
      Episodes: 6 (on going)
      Description: Fixated on revenge, she becomes a deadly assassin living by a strict set of rules. Will she be tempted to break them?
      Thank you! 😊


      • KKB
        KKB commented
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        I’ve just finished reading the first episode of your story and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to continue reading it. The length was pretty decent, but what left me confused is how the MC hardly had any lips at the age of 18 in other
        words in her adulthood and went to having full on kissable lips a few years down the line. When I first saw her I thought she was a 6 year old version of the MC because then having those lips would’ve been understandable. But as an 18 year old the lips should’ve developed alongside the rest of her body if you get the gists unless the MC pulled a Kylie Jenner had full blown plastic surgery. Overall your story is the type of story I like to read, but don’t leave the readers asking unnecessary questions and always cover your tracks.
        Last edited by KKB; 01-07-2018, 07:42 PM.

      • chelsv4
        chelsv4 commented
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        Thank you for taking the time to check out my story. Although I find it odd for you to point out, I apologize for the confusion about her lip size. Speaking from experience, women's bodies develop at different times in life. I understand that it was kind of a drastic change, but given the limited options to choose from, I went with what I though would be best. I appreciate you taking time to leave me feedback, and I hope that this issue didn't prevent you from reading further.

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      Title : Angels of Life
      Author : Whatshername
      Genre : Fantasy
      Style : Ink
      Episodes : 3 (4th not finished)
      Description : Stuck in a limbo between life and death you search for a way to return home.
      Link :


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        I'd love a review!!
        In case you're interested, here's my first story:

        Title: What happened to Sage?

        Author: Bree Ambers

        Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

        Story Style: Ink

        Episodes: 4

        Short description: One year after the mysterious death of a popular student, you return to Allington.

        What happens when you fall in love with her former boyfriend?


        (Instagram: breeambers)


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          Story Link :
          Story Name : Despoina's Assignment
          Author Name : 404 (NOT FOUND)
          Genre : Mystery
          Story Description : 2 murders + 1 missing girl
          What can a waiter do?
          But then, why is her name in "Despoina's Assignment"?
          She wants some answer, but they want something else.
          So, let the games begin.


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            I would love a review please!
            This is my first story and the picture is screwed up for now just a heads up!
            A Golden Apple
            Ink Style
            3 epis (more to come)
            Lily is thrown out by her evil parents. Life turns chaotic
            all while being pursued by 3 potential lovers, but 1 is a bad apple..
            Will you defeat evil and fall in love?


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              Hey, this is the first time I've directed or written a story and I'd appreciate some feedback!

              Title: Recovery in 5
              Author: DestinysTragedy
              Genre: Drama/Romance
              Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
              Style: Limelight
              Summary: Two years ago your 3 year relationship ended suddenly. What happens when he comes back into your life unexpectedly? While you're pursuing your dream career in physiotherapy? (CC)