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    Originally posted by Blaire Perish View Post
    Story Title: Living With The Bad Boy
    Author name: Blaire Perish
    Chapters: 9
    Art Style: INK
    Short description/summary: You're living with the bad boy? Sounds like trouble if you ask me.. What's going to happen when you uncover his secrets?
    First Episode Impressions:

    PSA. Keep in mind I am only reviewing your first episode for this part. Once I read your next few chapters, I will add on to your review, or create a new comment.

    First Impressions (cover, desc, title, etc): The cover is pretty good. I would recommend adding a prettier font to the "Badboy", as it looks pretty bland. The picture is nice, and I do think it would attract readers. The description is also pretty nice, but if you'd like to add more information to give your readers more of an understanding to the bad boy, it would be optional and would only add effect a little. The title is nice, but it is overused. You don't have to change it, but since the plot is used many times, there will be many stories titled the same thing as you. So your story could be harder to find.

    Notes I write when I am playing your first Episode ~

    I like the intros you have and I like how you gave credit.

    I just started reading and I have noticed that basically all of your dialogue has no punctuation.. that's really important in writing. If it is a sentence, put a period. Question? Put a question mark. And use exclamation points too.
    I do like that you let the readers customize the main character and the bad boy.

    The information about your parents and siblings are REALLY rushed. "Show, not tell." Show us flashbacks of your parents. We want to know what they look like, how they act, etc.

    You should fix the spot directing for when Kaitlin is laying down on her bed. She's really small and it doesn't look normal.
    I really like how Kaitlin is walking down the stairs! Props to you for doing that.
    When talking to her mom, you should make Kaitlin a little bigger. I like the idea of her being smaller than her mother, but she's really small and it kind of looks like she's a child (she's a teen I think?)

    When Kaitlin is falling, make her do run_fall so it looks more like she's falling and not kneeling down, then falling (when she's falling into Ace at school).

    PSA: There are cheerleader uniforms if you want to use those to make it easier for your readers to understand their cheerleaders. That's your choice though, just saying incase you don't know.

    It's a pretty good story, just work on some things though.

    And for your next story, if you want to improve your view count, use another plot. "Bad boy" plots aren't horrible, but overused and readers don't normally like reading stories with really similar plots.

    I will read your next chapter ASAP


    • Blaire Perish
      Blaire Perish commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you! I'll fix my mistakes right away

    • stronglcves
      stronglcves commented
      Editing a comment
      No problem. Your story is great, these were just the little flaws that could make your story even better.

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    Ongoing 3 chapters 4 in 4 daysName : SHAMELESS
    Style: LIME LIGHT
    Author name: Lime light storyANA
    Please could you share .
    here's the link


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      Story Title: Just Best Friends?
      Author name: Mars
      Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
      Art Style: INK
      Short description/summary: When Mars comes forward about her love for her best guy friend, Eric, drama happens all around her, not just with her and him but with her and ALL of her friends!

      I hope you enjoy it


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        Story Title: Undeniable Flame
        Author name: Xandra M
        Chapters: 20 (ongoing)
        Art Style: Ink
        Short description/summary: "If losing his brother, cheating death or living as an outcast didn't crush Christian's soul, his love for Daniel might."
        My story counts with a male mc, Christian Adler, and you get to see what's going on his life, past and present. He struggles with his relationship with his family, with his sexuality, since he has romantic feelings towards his brother (please read first before ringing the "incest alert") and with the loss of his twin brother, Nyle. It counts with a lot more characters and it abords subjects like adoption, sexual orientation, drugs, transplanted heart and I want to carry away

        Thanks for giving my story a chance! Hope you enjoy


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          Story Title: A Twist Of Faith
          Author name: Lexi Lu
          Chapters: 3 ongoing
          Style: Limelight
          Description: Destiny visits you and asks for your help to save Damian- and yourself... Will you be able
          to in time?


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            I saw your other thread a while ago and didn't notice it was closed.

            Story Title: My Ex's Wedding
            Author name: Solete
            Chapters: 3
            Art Style: Ink
            Short description/summary: Although Cara thought she had moved on from her ex, she loses her mind after receiving his wedding invitation. Her and her best friend will try to stop it no matter what.


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              Hello! I'd love the opportunity to have some feedback on my new story.
              Thank you!
              Story Title: The Past of You

              Author: WowSophie

              Chapters: 3 (ongoing)

              Style: Limelight

              Description: In a place where the past is easily forgotten, You have a problem staying away from your own. Love is but a memory. *CC*

              Genre: Drama/Romance



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                Thank you

                Title - Shadow Hunter: World On Fire

                Author: CeCeWrites.Episode

                Style: INK

                Episodes: 3, ongoing (with 4 to likely be published this week)

                Description: Shadow is a rule breaker & strong in his convictions. His father is a ruthless Mafia leader with many enemies, but his biggest? His own son, who aspires to be more than his past.


                Instagram: CeCeWrites.Episode


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                  Story Title: Mei
                  Author name: Manna
                  Chapters: 4 (Ongoing)
                  Art Style: Ink
                  Short description/summary:
                  It was almost as if he was waiting for me to come to his rescue, a trap set for me. Instead he fell into mine...
                  Instagram: @manna.episode


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                    MY STORY
                    Story Title: Partner In Divorce
                    Author name: Ritu D
                    Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
                    Short Description: Married against their will, the court gives Amelia and Aaron 6 months to settle their differences, will they be able to work together or will this marriage end in a disaster? This story contains CC for your 3 key players, has multiple endings and choices that matter!
                    Art Style: Ink



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                      STORY NAME: A Love Worth Fighting For
                      GENRE: Romance
                      Episode's: 3 ongoing.
                      Description:Aubrey's falling for her childhood best friend (Logan). But he leaves to join the army. He had made her a promise to write her everyday, but some things get in the way. she will have to make a decision to either wait until he comes back or move on with her life. πŸ˜‰

                      Attached Files


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                        Hi y’all!! I have just recently published my first story! Please check it out! And please leave me feedback! Let’s do read for read!
                        • Title: Flaws & All
                        • Author: Mel.Baby
                        • Genre: Romance
                        • Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
                        • Style: Ink
                        • Description: Running away from her past was the only option. Join Aaliyah in her journey to rediscovering herself and finding love.
                        • IG: Mel.Baby_Episode


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                          Hi there!

                          First of all I think this is a very nice idea of you!

                          Second, I'd like to share my first (and only) story with you. I've not been able to write or work on it for a few months now because I had personal life events going on...
                          Since writing is my passion, I decided to start revamping the 5 episodes the story has at this point. (It really helps to check every episode again after months, I'm very critic so I saw 100 things that could've been better. (Maybe that's why it takes me so long to just revamp 1 episode...)
                          So I really know there'll be little errors (grammatical (I'm from Belgium) and the directing)...

                          As soon as I'm able to republish episode 1-5, I'll also release episode 6 and a brand new story cover (see attachment and don't expect too much...).
                          It would be nice if you'd take the time to read my story, when you're ready with the other ones on your list, of course.

                          Forums Username: Alphan
                          Story Title: Upside Down
                          Author Name: Alphan
                          Genre: Romance, mystery, drama
                          Story Style: INK story
                          Short Summary: "June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?"
                          Number of Published Episodes: 5 (ongoing)

                          Please, take your time and let me know if you liked it! (For read for read/review for review contact me on Instagram please!)

                          And I'll hand you my instagram (
                          alphan.episode) in case you've something else to say, I react faster there because I never use the forums site on my phone...

                          Enjoy your day,


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                            Hey! I've recently posted my first story and I'd love some feedback. It's called Chris' counselling by Aimee. Thank you x


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                              Hello, I'd love to get a feedback from you on my story 😊 thank you for your time and effort!

                              Title: Tick-Tock
                              Author: Nebula
                              Genre: Mystery
                              Episode No.: 3
                              Style: INK
                              Description: Everything begins with just a letter... Follow Drake to unravel the secrets, save your family, fight the evil and find love in the darkest place!