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    Here's my first story, I posted it recently and I only hace 3 reads. Help me get more reads!

    Title: The 5-Year Pact
    Author: LuluM
    Genre: Romance
    Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
    Style: Ink
    Description: At 19, Sienna made a pact with her best friend. Did they keep it? Or did other people get in the way?



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      Awesome thread! Let me know what you think!

      Sophie is a hardworking girl with a troubled family, who was unaware of her mysterious birth; her family history begins to unveil as she takes a trip to another country. Sophie meets beings with immeasurable powers; Shifters, who can occupy the forms of humans for short periods of time. Ashe, the Master Shifter takes an interest in Sophie, plunging her into a world of uncertainty, danger, and magic. Sophie falls for Ashe while taking the form of another. Can she ever forgive him for this deception?
      Style: INK


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        Heya! I'd be really stoked if you reviewed my story! - Well.. the first few chapters.

        Story Title: Outta Time!
        Author name: Kimber Valmont
        Chapters: 8 (potentially 9 by the time you get to me.)
        Art Style: Ink.
        Short description/summary:
        When Lola Crestwood returns home after 4 years, everything changes. Her future suddenly gets shattered... She must find her soulmate and rewrite her own future before it's too late!
        link :

        Thank you!
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          Hello there, I'm a new writer and this is actually my first story that I've written ever! I hope you guys will like it XD

          Title: Discovering My Past
          Genre: Romance
          Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
          Style: Ink

          Description: Main character that has lost her memories along with many other secrets and she will have to retrace her steps from the past to find out




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            Story Title: Memory Scars
            Author name: Kitena
            Chapters: 6 (7th in progress)
            Art Style: Limelight
            Short description/summary: Adelaine lost her memory after a car crash. Will she be able to put back the broken pieces and learn to live again?

            Hope u read it, and give some feedback.


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              Hey there! Iā€™d love it if you could check out my story.
              Title: Breach of Contract
              Author: Chelsea
              Style: Ink
              Genre: Action
              Description: Fixated on revenge, she becomes a deadly assassin living by a strict set of rules. Will she be tempted to break them?
              Episodes: 6 (on going)
              IG: episode.chels


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                Title: A Love Worth Fighting For
                Author: K.O_episode
                Instagram: k.o_episodes
                Style: Ink
                Episodes out: 3 (working on 4)
                Description: Aubreys childhood best friend, Logan, leaves to join the army. But before he deploys Aubrey expresses her true feelings towards him. He had made her a promise that he would write and call her as much as he could, but life always gets in the way. Will their love be worth fighting for? Or Will they walk away from one another?
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                  Hiya. I'm doing reads for reads too. Please check out my story when you get the chance. Thank you so much.

                  TITLE: Far Away
                  DESCRIPTION: At 11,Lucy witnessed a dreadful murder and shes next. She is put into an abusive foster home. 5 years later her estranged aunt hides her in an island.
                  What waits for her on this island?

                  AUTHOR: Sinead O'Neill
                  GENRE: Romance, action, thriller
                  EPISODES: 9 - 7 episodes for readers so far, as waiting for backgrounds to be approved in episodes 8 and 9. I just started episode 10 today.
                  STYLE: Ink


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                    Story Link :
                    Story Name : Despoina's Assignment
                    Author Name : 404 (NOT FOUND)
                    Chapters : 3 (ongoing)
                    Genre : Mystery
                    Style : Ink
                    Story Description : 2 murders + 1 missing girl
                    What can a waiter do?
                    But then, why is her name in "Despoina's Assignment"?
                    She wants some answer, but they want something else.
                    So, let the games begin.


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                      Hey, guys. I just published my very first story. Please give it a read šŸ˜˜ ?.?

                      Title: Where do we go from here?
                      Author: Lawful Evil
                      Genre: Mystery
                      Episodes: 6 (ongoing)
                      Description: Have you ever heard about a miracle? No? Let the story show you the world of magic, spells and poisons.
                      Style: INK

                      I really want to get some feedback)


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                        Title: Recovery in 5
                        Author: DestinysTragedy
                        Genre: Drama/Romance
                        Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
                        Style: Limelight
                        Summary: Two years ago your 3 year relationship ended suddenly. What happens when he comes back into your life unexpectedly? While you're pursuing your dream career in physiotherapy? (CC)

                        It's my first ever episode story, so I'd appreciate anything you say!


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                          Style... LIME LIGHT cc
                          description Dia is a stripper Isaac is a business man they enter a very complicated relationship.
                          Chapters... 6 ongoing
                          customize character
                          pls share and read.


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                            Story Title: Missing
                            Author name: NorNiana
                            Chapters: 10
                            Art Style: INK Drama
                            Short description/summary:The princess in sent to another country to conclude a dynastic marriage. On the way she gets into trouble and disappears. Conspiracies, betrayals and LOVE *character creation and choices which change further developments*

                            Attached Files