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Mehek's Free Honest Reviews

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  • Mehek's Free Honest Reviews

    Hey y'all!

    If you don't know me, I'm Mehek, an older forumer, and I decided that I'd create a review thread to help new authors and older ones alike to get reads and feedback since I'm trying to get back into Episode and looking for some unique User Stories to read!

    No matter whether you're one of my closest forum friends or someone I've never met before, I promise to be 100% honest about what I think of your story and I'll try to be super detailed, but no promises. How much of your story I read depends on what I think of it- I'll read at least one episode and if I like it or think I need to read on to give you an accurate review, I will. I don't require or recommend that you read my story, so I'm not leaving the link, but if you're really really curious, my Episode profile name is Mehek, you'll find it there.

    So how do you get one of these free honest reviews? Fill out the form below! I'll be taking five reviews on at a time and have a post below with the five slots. Once they're full, I won't be taking any more requests for reviews until I'm through with those five. The reason why is this allows me to open and close this thread according to my schedule.

    But anyway, without further ado...the form to fill out for a review!:

    Forums Username:
    Story Title:
    Author Name:
    Story Style:
    Short Summary:
    Number of Published Episodes:

    Can't wait to read y'all's stories!

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    Review Batch 1:

    1. My Ex's Wedding by Solete [COMPLETE]
    2. Tick-Tock by Nebula [COMPLETE]
    3. Past Life by Nini [COMPLETE]
    4. Fatal Deception by Lee Ann [COMPLETE]
    5. See the Real Me by Arina Herman [COMPLETE]
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      If you want to read mine, it would be appreciated

      Forums Username: Solete
      Story Title: My Ex's Wedding
      Author Name: Solete
      Genre: Comedy
      Story Style: Ink
      Short Summary: Cara thought she had moved on after her horrible break up, at least that was before she got his wedding invitation.
      Number of Published Episodes: 3


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        Hello! I'd love to get a review if you will enjoy my story! Thank you πŸ˜„

        Username: Nebula
        Title: Tick-Tock
        Author: Nebula
        Genre: Mystery
        Style: INK
        Episode No.: 3
        Description: Everything begins with just a letter... Follow Drake to unravel the secrets, save your family, fight the evil and find love in the darkest place!


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          Hi I would appreciate if you would review mine.

          Username: niniepisode1323
          Title: Past Life
          Author: Nini
          Genre: Fantasy
          Style: INK
          Episode No.: 6
          Description: What happens when you swap places with your past life? Will you both adapt to life 300 years away from your era? Will you be able to return? Will you want to?

          ​​​​​​​Thank you


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            Hi there

            Thank you so much for doing our reviews

            : Fatal Deception
            Author: Lee-Ann
            Genre: Mystery
            Episode: 3 and ongoing
            Description: A judge is killed and your fiance is charged and sentenced to death, a lot doesn't add up and you have 31 days to prove his innocence.


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              Hey! I’m really looking forward to see what you think about my story. Thank you!

              Forums Username: Arina1998
              Story Title: See the Real Me
              Author Name: Arina Herman
              Genre: Romance
              Story Style: INK
              Short Summary: Alex is fine with her uneventful life. That is, until a new student comes to her school. His name is Ed and he’s blind.
              Number of Published Episodes: 6


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                Hi there!
                First of all I think this is a very nice idea of you!
                Second, I'd like to share my first (and only) story with you. I've not been able to write or work on it for a few months now because I had personal life events going on...
                Since writing is my passion, I decided to start revamping the 5 episodes the story has at this point. (It really helps to check every episode again after months, I'm very critic so I saw 100 things that could've been better. (Maybe that's why it takes me so long to just revamp 1 episode...) So I really know there'll be little errors (grammatical (I'm from Belgium) and the directing)...
                As soon as I'm able to republish episode 1-5, I'll also release episode 6 and a brand new story cover (see attachment and don't expect too much...).
                It would be nice if you'd take the time to read my story, when you're ready with the other ones on your list, of course.

                Forums Username: Alphan
                Story Title: Upside Down
                Author Name: Alphan
                Genre: Romance, mystery, drama
                Story Style: INK story
                Short Summary: "June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?"
                Number of Published Episodes: 5 (ongoing)

                Please, take your time!

                And I'll hand you my instagram (alphan.episode) in case you've something else to say, I react faster there because I never use the forums site on my phone...

                Enjoy your day,
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                  I'd love a review!! Here's my story

                  Story: A Twist Of Faith
                  Author: Lexi Lu
                  Style: Limelight and 3 chapters ongoing
                  Description: Destiny visits you and explains you need to save Damian- and yourself. Will you be able to in time?


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                    I forgot to add the link!


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                      Hey, guys. I just published my very first story. Please give it a read 😘

                      Title: Where do we go from here?
                      Author: Lawful Evil
                      Genre: Mystery
                      Episodes: 6 ongoing
                      Description: Have you ever heard about a miracle? No? Let the story show you the world of magic, spells and poisons.
                      Style: INK


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                        Review slots for batch one are FULL guys!

                        Since I guess didn't make it clear in the rules, I'll still do the people who posted after batch 1 was filled, but next time, I will NOT do anyone who posts while a batch is full. I have ONE slot left for Review batch 2, and I'll be posting who has slots in batch 2 below, though I won't be doing them until I'm through with batch 1.


                        • Briana M.
                          Briana M. commented
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                          When will you take requests again?

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                        Review batch 2 (Not starting until batch 1 is over)

                        1. Upside Down by Alphan
                        2. A Twist of Faith by Lexi Lu
                        3. Involved by Irama L
                        4. Where do we go from here? by lawful evil
                        5. Diary of a Middle School Teacher by Marianna I. Escalante
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                          Review 1: My Ex's Wedding by Solete

                          First Impression (when I literally looked at the story in-app): "I really hope this doesn't turn out to be one of those cliche stories...Oh wait it's under Comedy? And that cover seems pretty cool- this definitely has some potential!"

                          Keep in mind for this review, I only read the second episode in order to get it to you as soon as possible.


                          1) Your directing is ON POINT girl/boy/gender neutral human being! That beginning zoom definitely caught my attention and the fact that you had non-static background extras and your zoom on Megan and the overlay over John? Absolutely engaging.

                          2) I like the storyline so far! It's funny, well-done, and at least so far, despite a few cliches, it seems kinda unique, and the little cliches aren't a bad thing- occasionally, even me, the cliche-hater, loves a well-done one as much as the next person.

                          3) For the most part, your grammar and spelling is excellent. I'm reallyyyyy particular about grammar, and for the most part, it's perfect.

                          Negatives: Keep in mind this is mostly really nitpicky stuff because I'm a really pedantic person.

                          1) That part at the beginning where Cara was running around her apartment when she saw the invitation felt really weird and out of place to me.

                          2) This is really, REALLY minor, but the font you use for the wedding invitation is a little bit difficult to read.

                          3) This isn't a full negative per se, but I think it'd be a good idea if you could make it clear from the beginning that Carlos is her best friend, because just about until the school flashback I was like "boyfriend?? brother??" and clarifying it somehow would definitely have made it more interesting.

                          4) Minor grammar error- Cara says she has "a poop" on her shoe at some point, I think it'd just be "poop"

                          5) Cara as a person is a bit immature for a grown woman. I've only read two episodes, and she might mature as a person by the end, I don't know, but she should have some sense of discipline at the start at least in my opinion, even if she is supposed to be this fun, wild, maybe-a-bit-crazy character. It's a bit unrealistic that she has a job with her attitude and that someone with more power than her boss authorizes it. Again, I've only read two episodes which probably isn't enough to judge the future of this story, but I think character development is something you need to make sure to incorporate in most of your characters.

                          Final Verdict: Will I be reading on? At some point, yes. It's funny, and I want to see how it turns out, and you've done a good job with it overall. Based on some of Carlos' internal monologues, I sincerely hope it doesn't end in a predictable way, but based on other little story clues, I see the possibilities of this ending in a way nobody would expect. I'd rate your story an 8/10.


                          • Solete
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                            Thank you so much!!!
                            I really appreciate the review! Hope you keep reading though

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                          That sounds great! I always try to get as many people as possible to review my story because everyone has a different opinion and may notice something that others don't.
                          So... without further ado....

                          Title: Diary of a Middle School Teacher
                          Author: Marianna I. Escalante
                          Genre: Drama
                          Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
                          Style: Limelight
                          Description: Mia moves to Mexico to teach middle school, but an old crush and two mysterious families complicate everything.