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    I've been wanting to read some interesting new stories, and it sounded really fun to review some! Keep in mind that I like to keep my reviews 100% honest. So, if I tell you I like your story, that means that I really do enjoy reading it and I will probably continue reading it in the future if I have time. If I think that some things about your story could be improved, I will tell you that as well. I will try to be as specific as possible when explaining what I like or dislike about your story-- if your directing could use some work, that does not mean that I think that your plot is bad, unless I tell you that separately.

    I will evaluate your story on these things:
    1. Outside Impressions. This includes your cover art, description, title, anything that I can see about your story before clicking on it.
    2. Retainment. In other words, how your plot draws me in, and whether I would personally read to the next episode. (Since this is a review, I will read all of the episodes that you have published at the time, unless your story has a large number of episodes, in which case I will read the first 10 episodes.)
    3. Plot. Here, I will look at your storyline, particularly its originality and scope.
    4. Character Development. How much investment do I have in the MC's wellbeing? Is she a complex character with many sides? (Of course, if your story is a parody, you do not have to pay attention to this section by any means lol.)
    5. Directing. I will list any glitches or any overall issues with your directing here. If I really like it, I will make sure to mention that, as I've seen way too many stories with bad directing! Then again, I will also keep in mind whether you are a new author.
    6. Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation. I can be more forgiving if you do not speak English. (Additionally, I also speak Spanish fluently, so any people who have stories written in that language may also share them!)
    7. Overall Impression. My general thoughts on the story as a whole. If you would like a rating, I can also provide one, but I will not do so if you do not ask me for one.

    Here is how I would like you to list your story:
    Author (How it is listed in the app):
    Would you like a rating?: (Yes/No)

    It might take me a while to write a full review, because I have other obligations as well, so if you would like a less detailed review that I can finish in less time, just ask me. In that case, I would only read the first 2 episodes.

    I can't wait to read these!!

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    Chapter 6 ongoing
    name... shameless jk lime light storyANA
    What happens when you mix business and pleasure
    pls share


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      Title: Professed Love.
      Genre: Romance
      description: Alice is a typical college student. Until she gets pregnant, falls for her professor, and breaks her parents' heart.
      I'd like a rating. You can give me a less detailed review if you want. I've been working on editing and updating my story so only up to episode 5 is what's ready for review.


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        Hey there! My name is MOONMOON and I'm the writer of "PERDITIO", it's my first story ever so the directing will become way better in the last published episodes. I hope you like it and have a nice reading! ヾ(^∇^)

        Title: PERDITIO
        Genre: Fantasy
        Description: Two witches flee from their homeland to have parties on Earth, but they will have to return after things
        starts to go wrong.
        Would you like a rating?: Yes, please!


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          Story: Dark and Light
          Author: vanessaa
          Genre: Romance (Often drama as well tbh)
          Description: Vanessa is your average college freshman living in LA, that is until she meets two twins that are polar opposites. Somehow, Vanessa falls for both brothers. Who will she end up with?
          Style: INK and 3 chapters (I'll update as often as possible once people start reading)

          I would like a rating, I know the story is probably really boring right now but I'm just trying to indroduce important characters, I'll update soon (when I don't have four tests in two days). Also, my cover art is still pending so i attached a photo of it instead.
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            Hi! I'd love to hear your thoughts on my story:

            Title: Hearts Reunited
            Author: Akasha Seavue
            Genre: Drama
            Description:When a shadow from the past comes back into her life, will two hearts reunite or will his secrets destroy her life?
            Would you like a rating?: Yes, please!

            Thank you!


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              Hello. I'd like if you do the full review for my story too. I'd waiting for your honest opinions and suggestions.

              Title: The FIVE Elements
              Author : Purple
              Genre: Fantasy
              Description: Enter the life of the five elements and help them save the human world from approaching danger. *Choices matter.*
              Would you like a rating?: Yes, please.

              Thank you


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                Hi there Letanhec ! It would be so nice if you could do a full review of my story, I'm not in a hurry since I'm waiting for BGs to be approved to finally revamp a little my first chapters, so take your time. As you said, you give honest opinions, and that's exactly what I need. I'm really looking for ways to improve my story.

                Here it is :

                Title: The Soul Gems
                Author: VeeZ4ra
                Genre : Fantasy/Romance
                Description : 5 years after "The War of Dimensions" where her big sister died, Liv meets her correspondent Nate. Surprises await!
                Would you like a rating? : yes, it would be great, please
                Link :


                Thank you for this opportunity!


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                  That's really nice of you!! Here's my story:

                  Title: What happened to Sage?
                  Author (How it is listed in the app): Bree Ambers
                  Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
                  Description: One year after the mysterious death of a popular student, you return to Allington.
                  What happens when you fall in love with her former boyfriend?

                  (Instagram: breeambers)

                  Would you like a rating?: Of course, I'd love a review


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                    Hiya. This is my story and I would so appreciate if you would read it and give me feedback, when you have the time. Thank you so much.

                    TITLE: Far Away
                    DESCRIPTION: At 11,Lucy witnessed a dreadful murder and shes next. She is put into an abusive foster home. 5 years later her estranged aunt hides her in an island.
                    What waits for her on this island?

                    AUTHOR: Sinead O'Neill
                    GENRE: Romance, action, thriller
                    EPISODES: 9 (on-going)
                    STYLE: Ink


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                      Hi, this is my first story and I only have 3 episodes so far but would really appreciate a review.


                      Title: The Lawyer and Me
                      Author (How it is listed in the app): Cleo
                      Genre: Romance
                      Description: You've just started law school but no one told you the professor would be so dreamy. Will you manage to make him yours or will he turn your life upside down?
                      Would you like a rating?: Yes

                      Thank you


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                        Hey there! I'd love it if you could check out my story.
                        Title: Breach of Contract
                        Author (How it is listed in the app): Chelsea
                        Genre: Action
                        Description: Fixated on revenge, she becomes a deadly assassin living by a strict set of rules. Will she be tempted to break them?
                        Would you like a rating?: Yes
                        IG: episode.chels

                        I'd like a full review if it's not too much to ask. I don't mind waiting
                        Thank you so much!


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                          Whoa ok so it might take quite a long time before you reach my story, but I guess it's still worth a shot! Here it is:

                          Title: Heading South
                          Author: JasmineLilac
                          Genre: Romance, Drama
                          Description: What will you do to prevent things from going south for the second time?
                          Would you like a rating?: No, just a review is fine

                          Thank you!


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                            Title: Struck by Cupid
                            Author: Tahirah G.
                            Genre: Romance/Comedy
                            # of Episodes: 4 (ongoing, 5 is almost complete)
                            Summary: Awkward woman Sidney and Playboy Daniel are at odds until an unfortunate event forces them to help each other move on with their lives. (Literally)
                            Would you like a rating: Yes, of course.


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                              Please can you review my story?

                              I have had good feedback so far but I would love to hear what you think!

                              Title: Wild One!
                              Author: Kira
                              Genre: Drama
                              Episodes: 3 so far
                              Description: Skye is a wild child who makes bad decisions which lead to worse consequences! But you still love her!
                              IG: episode.kira53
                              Rating: Yes please!