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  • Looking for real life stories

    Hey, everyone. I’m looking for stories that are based on real life events. If you have a story that is real, I’d love to read it. No obligation.
    I do have my own story, but you are not obligated to read it at all. I will read yours regardless if you read mind or not. No strings attached.

    Title: Princess Dominique’s Adventure On Earth
    Author: Aliceproductions
    Description: Warrior Princess Dominique is stranded in our world. Will she get back in time save her land from the evil warlord, Hando?
    Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Romance
    Episodes: 12 (complete)
    Style: Ink
    Instagram: Aliceproductions

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    When you say "real life stories" do you mean Non-fiction stories? Because I'm sure that majority of writers on here write fiction.


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      Some write autobiographical (myself included). Some write stories that were based on true stories.


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        Mine's real life in the sense that it follows a career path. Not necessarily, a real event that happened. Not sure if it applies but;
        Title: Recovery in 5
        Author: DestinysTragedy
        Description: Two years ago your 3 year relationship ended suddenly. What happens when he comes back into your life unexpectedly? While you're pursuing your dream career in physiotherapy? (CC)
        Genre: Drama/Romance
        Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)
        Style: Limelight


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          Thanks for your help


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            Hi AJ! I sent you a DM on Instagram, but in case you didn't see it, I'll just write it here.
            My story isn't strictly based on my real life event, but I try to make it as realistic as possible by combining all emotions & experiences that I've gathered from my own life, and observed from other people's life. Hope it's suffice!

            Title: Heading South
            Author: JasmineLilac
            Genre: Romance, Drama
            Description: What will you do to prevent things from going south for the second time?

            You might also want to check Juliet by Jenn Walters, which I deem to be realistic enough.


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              My story "Killjoy" is very closely related to my life. I'm revamping it but if you'd add it to your library that'd be awesome!
              Story- Killjoy
              Author- Lexi Lu
              INSTAGRAM - episode.lexilu


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                Thank I’ll check them out


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                  This is my story if you would like to check it out.

                  Title: A Love Worth Fighting For
                  Author: K.O_episode
                  Instagram: k.o_episodes
                  Style: Ink
                  Episodes out: 4
                  Description: Aubreys childhood best friend, Logan, leaves to join the army. But before he deploys Aubrey expresses her true feelings towards him. He had made her a promise that he would write and call her as much as he could, but life always gets in the way. Will their love be worth fighting for? Or Will they walk away from one another?

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