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    Hi everyone,

    I don't know if it's the same for you, but I enjoy binging stories. So, I would enjoy reading stories that are already completed.
    If you do too, I would love to invite you to share your own completed stories here with me. Or just mention your favorite completed ones.

    Here's mine:
    Title: Being Perfect - a completed story with two endings.
    Author: Arrows
    Link to story

    I am looking forward to seeing your stories/recommendations for completed stories.

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    Here’s one of my stories:

    Title: Publicity Problems
    Author: Karlon Artis
    Genre: Drama
    # of Episodes: 3 (complete)
    Style: Limelight
    Description: Samantha Xanders struggles with her fame after receiving unwanted publicity. Can she overcome the challenges of stardom?


    • Arrows.Episode
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      Thank you. But I was looking for completed stories. This one seems to be still ongoing, right?

    • kahotshot
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      No, this story is completed.

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    Hey Arrows! I know a couple of great stories that are complete.
    “Birds of Passage” by Brooke Adair
    “A Loveless Marriage” by Jessica Swift
    “Meet You At Home” by Wynter Sapphire


    • Arrows.Episode
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      Hey Chels, Thank you for the recommendations!

    • JessicaSwift
      JessicaSwift commented
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      Thanks for recommending me! 😚

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    TITLE: Safe Again
    DESCRIPTION:A boy with unnatural strength. A girl who died for two days. Both are being pursued. Will they ever be safe again?
    AUTHOR: Sinead O'Neill
    GENRE: Romance, action, thriller
    EPISODES: 20 completed
    STYLE: Ink