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Review for review??

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  • Review for review??

    Hey I’ve just published my latest story, The Riddle Sisters and I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a review for review?
    You must review mine first!!
    Heres the link:

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    This belongs in the Share Your Stories subforum, dear.


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      Originally posted by Brooklyn Blade View Post
      This belongs in the Share Your Stories subforum, dear.
      ^ what he or she said


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        Heyo gang, moved this topic to Share Your Stories ✌️


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          Author:Author trentino
          Story: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
          Story description: Susan Chamberlain is being abused by her husband Victor Chamberlain. Victor refuses to let Susan go due to her secrets of the past, will Susan be able to escape him and have a true love relationship with her boss ? Find out !
          Episodes 6(ongoing)
          Genre: Action
          Link :



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            Hey there! Thank you for your time

            Story Name: The College Diaries
            Author: A. V.
            Genre: Drama (-Romance)
            Style: INK
            Description: Love, friends, drama- everything finally seems better. Will you let your haunting past take control of your life? [CC] - 4 Love Interests! (choices matter)


            I will PM you when I read your story!


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              I’ll pm you when I have read your story.

              : A Juggling Game

              Genre: Romance

              Style: INK

              Episodes: 10

              Small description: Kara is a senior in college, intern for the top stylist in the world, and maintains her relationships and friendships. After a while though something is going to fall by the wayside. Can she juggle everything and stay on top or is she going to fall and crumble?

              Here's my Instagram for updates and a faster response.
              IG: KandieCane6703

              Link to my story