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  • Read for read, reviews and promotions.

    Hello lovely people.

    I know how hard it is to get people to read your stories and all. So I was thinking we could make a new topic to support each other, because almost all topics have many responses and is discouraging. So I'll put m story details down, I can read yours as well and give you a review if you want one.

    Story name: Filling a Void
    Story type: Ink
    Chapters: 3
    Instagran: amber__episode

    If you want proof that I've read your story we can talk on instagram so that I could send you proof.

    Thanks and have an amazing day xx .

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    I messeged you on insta. Iā€™m down for a read4read.


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      Hey there! Thank you for your time

      Story Name: The College Diaries
      Author: A. V.
      Genre: Drama (-Romance)
      Style: INK
      Description: Love, friends, drama- everything finally seems better. Will you let your haunting past take control of your life? [CC] - 4 Love Interests! (choices matter)

      I will PM you when I read your story!


      • A.V.
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        No I don't :/

      • amber_episode
        amber_episode commented
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        I'm starting your story now. I'll tell you when I'm done.

      • amber_episode
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        A.V. hey dunno if you got my pm, but i'm done with your story xx

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      TITLE: The Parker Files
      AUTHOR: CeeJay
      GENRE: Action
      NUMBER OF EPISODES: 5 (ongoing)
      STYLE: Ink
      DESCRIPTION: Detective Emily Parker gets more than she bargains for when she takes on her latest case. What happens next is up to you.
      IG: ceejay.episode


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        Please read....

        Title: Overpowered

        Author: Cinaya Anglin

        Genre: Fantasy

        Number of episodes: 4 (ongoing)

        Style: Ink

        Description: Meri, an 18 year old girl has to face a new change in her life with her new gifts.


        instagram: @naya.epi


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          Hello!, This is my first story on episodes, I would really appreciate it if you could review it <3

          I will check out your story too

          Title: I Can Do This?!
          Author: Lisa.p
          Style: Ink
          Genre: Drama
          Chapters: 5 ongoing
          Description: An absent father, ill mother, childish brother and dull college life were Violet's main worries until a dark secret is revealed. Will this cause Violet's tough persona to crumble?


          Thank you!


          • amber_episode
            amber_episode commented
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            Hey so far I've read 3 episodes and here's what I have to say.

            Speech bubbles: work on putting them in the right place so that the speech bubble isn't over anyones head or just not placed on the person NOT talking.
            Spot directing: its good so far but it can be better. Don't just use i.e. "@CHAR enters from left to screen right". Incorporate spot directing sometimes Char spot 1.000 33 54 in zone 1 at layer 1 for example.
            Transitions: they weren't many used and the few ones I saw were cut short (dunno if you get what I mean).
            Sometimes characters popped up on screen when the scene had started.
            Grammar and punctuation: I haven't seen anything wrong with your grammar, but there were some sentences without fullstops, commas or anything like that.
            Length of episodes: they seemed short so maybe you could write more lines instead.
            Choices: the choices weren't much, you should increase them because that's what engages the reader.

            Overall, try to explain better and go into details more. It'll be more enjoyable.

            The scene in episode 3 where the mom was on the hospital bed, the layering needs to be adjusted.

            I know its hard to write stories and get everything perfect, but with practise you can improve. You can ask me any questions and don't feel like Im'm attacking you, I only mean good.

            And tell me when you read mine, I would also like feedback.

          • lisa.p
            lisa.p commented
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            Thank you for the feedback! <3

            Speech bubbles never want to work for me hahaa but I have gone back and fixed them all now
            I have started to getting better at spot directing in episode 5 and 6, it was confusing at first but I get it now hahaha
            Thank you! for picking out the layering mistake in episode 3 (all fixed now )

            I have read all the episodes you have now.
            I really like your story, It's really well written. I will defiantly carry on reading more when they're out.
            Your spot directing is really good I can tell you have put a lot of effort into your story and how you go back to different choices and showing that they matter and i like the use of different overlays.

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          Title: Physical Education
          Author: mysoxlike2party
          Stye: Limelight
          Genre: Romance
          Chapters 4/ongoing
          Description: 3 very different students and ex-criminal teacher take interest in new student Natalie. Can she find love getting wrapped up in a conspiracy or will her new friends be her demise?


          • amber_episode
            amber_episode commented
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            Do you have an instagram account?

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          Hi there, I'm willing to do read for read.

          Title: CLOSE
          Author: Amy_Grace
          Genre: Drama, Romantic
          Episode: 3
          Description:She lost three years of memory. He lost her completely. But what happens when she unexpectedly returns. Can she remember him in time before it's too late?
          Instagram: amz.g_episode

          Thanks x


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            Hey, who wants to do read for read

            My story is

            Title: Where do we go from here?
            Author: Lawful Evil
            Genre: Mystery
            Episodes: 8 ongoing
            Description: You're an ordinary Russian girl, who discovered a superpower. Two hot and dangerous boys are falling for you. Can you re
            Style: INK


            • amber_episode
              amber_episode commented
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              Do you have instagram? If yes follow me @amber__episode so I can send you screenshots.

            • lawful evil
              lawful evil commented
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              amber_episode my IG lawful.evil_

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            Instagram: sineadoneill.lovestowrite

            Story Name
            : Far Away
            Author: Sinead O'Neill
            Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller, Drama
            Style: INK
            Chapters: 13 (on-going)
            Description: A young girl witnessed something horrifying, and to her surprise, it was because of her! Now someone wants her and will kill anyone in the way. Why is she being sought after? Will anyone be able to help her?

            Story Name: Safe Again
            Author: Sinead O'Neill
            Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller, Drama
            Style: INK
            Chapters: 20 (completed)
            Description: A boy with unnatural strength. A girl who died for two days. Both are being pursued. Will they ever be safe again?

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              Hey Everyone! First off I would like to say that if you read amber_episode's story, you will not be disappointed! I'm really excited for her to release new episodes to read!

              If anyone else on this thread is interested in doing a read for read, let me know! This is my first story and I would love to get your feedback on it. šŸ’œ

              TITLE: Spotlight: The Love Virus
              AUTHOR: Jennifer Jaymes
              GENRE: Romance
              NUMBER OF EPISODES: 6 ongoing
              STYLE: Limelight (Spotlight)
              DESCRIPTION: Emma finds the man of her dreams online, but will her past come back to haunt her & ruin her chances at happiness? Your choices decide what happens when Emma battles love.


              INSTAGRAM: @miss.jaymes

              Thank you!


              • amber_episode
                amber_episode commented
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                Thank you so much šŸ’›šŸ’›

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              TITLE: Destiny
              AUTHOR: Malila
              CHAPTERS: 3 (ongoing - Just released)
              STYLE: Limelight
              DESCRIPTION: Little did Leah know what destiny had in store for her when she accepted her dad's job offer.


              INSTAGRAM: @malila.episode

              Thank you for making this thread amber_episode , added a bunch of stories to read


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                I entered my first contest which is the Spotlight On Love contest. I hope you give my entry a read

                Title: Spotlight: Accidentally Spying On Her
                Author: miss robee
                Genre: romance
                Style: Limelight
                Episodes: 3
                Description: Awkward guy Cyrus is in love with popular girl Ana. When Cyrus decides to woo Ana, an unintended wish turns him into shy girl Elisa's teddy bear! What can Cyrus do?

                I also have my first Episode story which you can check out if you have spare time

                Title: Widened Eyes
                Author: miss robee
                Genre: romance/drama
                Style: Limelight
                Episodes: 10
                Description: A surprise encounter shakes up Mila's quiet life and it looks like that surprise is determined not to let her get away.