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Dear new writers, come on! Promote your stories here!!!

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  • Dear new writers, come on! Promote your stories here!!!

    Dear new writer, come on! Promote your stories here!!! Support new writers by reading their story and give feedbacks...

    Here is the info of my first story! If any of you have the time in reading my story I would be very thankful! I'm waiting for a lot of feedbacks

    Title: The Fate Of Love
    Author: Shangari
    Genre: Romance
    Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
    Description: "A memory loss girl with a dark past staying in a stranger's house for protection. Will she able to survive?"

    PS: You guys can follow this format to make your life easier

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    I entered my first contest which is the Spotlight On Love contest. I hope you give my entry a read

    Title: Spotlight: Accidentally Spying On Her
    Author: miss robee
    Genre: romance
    Style: Limelight
    Episodes: 3
    Description: Awkward guy Cyrus is in love with popular girl Ana. When Cyrus decides to woo Ana, an unintended wish turns him into shy girl Elisa's teddy bear! What can Cyrus do?

    I also have my first Episode story which you can check out if you have spare time

    Title: Widened Eyes
    Author: miss robee
    Genre: romance/drama
    Style: Limelight
    Episodes: 10
    Description: A surprise encounter shakes up Mila's quiet life and it looks like that surprise is determined not to let her get away.


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      [DEMON GOD]

      Author: E.Z.
      Genre: Fantasy
      Style: Ink
      Chapters: 8 (on going)
      Instagram: @e.z.episode
      Description: He starved himself for three hundred years in order to abide by a woman's promise. Everyone in Devildom is waiting for him to die.


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        Here are my stories:

        Title: Publicity Problems
        Author: Karlon Artis
        Genre: Drama
        Style: Limelight
        Description: Samantha Xanders struggles with her fame after receiving unwanted publicity. Can she overcome the challenges of stardom?

        Title: Projection!
        Author: Karlon Artis
        Genre: Comedy
        Style: Limelight
        Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?

        Instagram: @kartis.episode


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          Story name: Enchanted Lavalliere
          Author: Hale O.
          Genre: Fantastic, Romantic
          Episodes: 10 ongoing
          Description: Anna moved in a new house in new country. The new house where she encountered an unwanted visitor. Can she learn his secret? What brings new country?
          Style: INK
          Character customization, Different love-interests


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            Hi everyone. I have been so nervous to publish my new story "A Royal Arrangement". I would be ever so grateful if people would read it.

            Title: A Royal Arrangement
            Author: Bells.C
            Genre: Romance
            Style: INK
            Episodes: 4 ongoing
            Description: Being a Princess has its expectations but what happens when those expectations change completely?

            Instagram: @bellsepisodes
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              Hey Fellow Episodians ,

              Here's my story :

              Story name: Wishing for Rain

              Author Name: Oslis

              Genre: Mystery, Horror, Fantasy Romance

              Chapters: 3 (ongoing)

              Plot: Mary has many issues of her own so when she gets a chance to leave for college far away, she sees believes she can leave her worries behind. However, when she meets a strange red headed boy, she finds anything but the peace she desires.


              Thank you in advance.


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                Story:THE HEART WON'T LET UP.



                Story description:Heavenly has been let down her whole life, although she would love to give and receive love, her heart just won't let up, will Ace change that or will it all crumble before them?



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                  Title: Mad Love

                  Genre: Romance/Mystery

                  Author: Akanksha S.

                  Style: Ink

                  Episodes: 6 (ongoing)

                  Description: One day, you wake up and your mom is gone. Will you be able to find her in time and also true love along the way?



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                    Title : A Deadly dame
                    author: Sou maya
                    style : ink
                    episodes: 10 on going
                    description :A furious and deadly woman hired To kill a man she suddenly finds out that her target is her childhood friend back when she was innocent and a sweet girl...would she feel weakness aroud him.?....would she kill him..?


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                      Episode: Angelique
                      IG: @angelique_episode
                      FB: Angelique Jay

                      This is my third story

                      Published my new story Best Friend's Daddy
                      I recommend being 18 + due to mature themes and language.
                      Title: Best friend's Daddy
                      Author: Angelique
                      GENRE: Forbidden Romance
                      Style: Ink ***(Very mature content and strong language)***
                      Episodes:3 (ongoing)

                      This story is about Alyson Catalano (Ally). She is a Junior in college, She just learned her dorm assignment was taken.
                      With nowhere to go, she moves in with her new friend Callie Mitchell and Callie's Daddy Calvin Mitchell (Cal).
                      Cal is an ex-pro football player, known for his sexy body due to his ex Danielle DeMarko (Dani - Callie's Mom) writing erotic romance books about their "time" together.
                      Ally is a bit shy and awkward but it makes her sweet and lovable. Callie is a bit overprotective of her Daddy.
                      What will happen is Cal gets his way and make s Ally his Ally Cat??

                      This is my second story

                      Published my new story The Machine (Erotic thriller)
                      I recommend being 18 + due to mature themes and language.
                      3 episodes out now more to come but it will not be super long.
                      Title: The Machine
                      Author: Angelique
                      GENRE: Erotic Thriller
                      Style: Ink (Very mature content and strong language)
                      Episodes:3 (ongoing)

                      Description: Walker Maxfield is hired by Brad Wendler an eccentric billionaire to create a female robot (Fembot).
                      Walker is hesitant because his wife is not going to be happy but the money Brad offers is enough for him to go for it.
                      Will The Machine be everything he hopes she will be or will he have more problem than he anticipates?
                      (MC is male and CC but female is CC also)

                      This is my first story

                      STORY TITLE: Fairytale Bliss

                      AUTHOR: Angelique

                      GENRE: Romance

                      STYLE: INK ***(Warning: Adult subjects and mature language.)***


                      STORY DESCRIPTION: We follow Autumn's last year of High school and College. She is reluctant about love and romance. She does not want a relationship at a young age, looking to just have some fun. Will she meet someone who is able to change her mind?

                      EPISODES RELEASED: 35 (ongoing)


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                        My first story

                        Title: The One Who Changes Everything
                        Author: Chrissyw
                        Genre: Romance
                        Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
                        Description: Keisha is a girl who has made some wrong decisions in her life. Then she meets Robert and everything changes.


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                          Brace yourselves for a brand new detective story like no other!

                          Follow the adventures of rookie Special Agent, Noiruf, as he navigates the dark corners of the criminal world in a quest to maintain law and order.
                          1. Author : Vivek Prasad (AKA Vira Dash)
                          2. Story Title : When The Clock Strikes 12
                          3. Genre : Adventure/Mystery/Fantasy
                          4. Summary : Aspiring detective Noiruf finds himself at wits end in a race against time to save innocent lives from evil within.
                          5. Style : Ink
                          6. Episodes : 9 (more episodes coming soon!)
                          7. Link :
                          8. Instagram : @vivek.episode


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                            Story title: Strange to Me
                            Genre: Romance
                            Episodes: 5
                            Style: Ink
                            Description: A chance run in between the towns aimless troublemaker and innocent bookworm leads to an unpredictable&budding relationship after realising they have more in common than expected.
                            Author: Sian Taylor



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                              Story Title: Gem Catalyst
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Style: Ink
                              Description:You are a Diamond, a very powerful one. What happens when you find out that your aunt has changed from good to bad.*CC*
                              Instagram : @episxde.peace