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Check my story out!

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  • Check my story out!

    Title: Dark secrets...
    Author: Raghad
    Genre : Drama
    episodes:3(episodes coming soon)
    Description: Taylor is a teenager with a very strong personality but when she moves to newyork
    things change she becomes an assassin
    Please check my story out
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    Would you be interested in a read for read?
    Here's my story!

    Title: A Royal Arrangement
    Author: Bells.C
    Genre: Romance
    Style: INK
    Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
    Description: Being a Princess has its expectations but what happens when those expectations change completely?

    Instagram: @bellsepisodes
    Dm me if you are interested!
    Thank you in advance
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    • Raghad1971
      Raghad1971 commented
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      Im in episode 2 of your story!

    • Ellie.C
      Ellie.C commented
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      I have just finished Episode 1 I am really interested so far, I will read the rest when my passes refill

    • Raghad1971
      Raghad1971 commented
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      Thanks alot! Im enjoying yours but my passes finished i will read yours when my passes refill too

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    I’d love to read your story! Also I would like to share mine here.

    Author: E.Z.
    Genre: Fantasy
    Style: Ink
    Chapters: 8 (on going)
    Instagram: @e.z.episode
    Description: He starved himself for three hundred years in order to abide by a woman's promise. Everyone in Devildom is waiting for him to die.


    • Raghad1971
      Raghad1971 commented
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      i will check your story out when im free thank you alot

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    Hi I'd like to do a read for read .
    If anyone interested, please dm me on Instagram
    My story called : When South meets West
    Style : INK
    Genre : Romance
    IG : @samayeta.episode