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    Youre soooo lucky for the not needing passes thing!
    Hope your reviews are still open

    The Past Shapes Us
    Author: Solete
    Genre: Mystery/Crime
    Plot: Samuel is a troubled detective trying to find the truth about a mass of murders , while he tries to find himself in the process
    Chapters: 8 (ongoing)
    Style: Ink


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      Title: Hopeless Hearts

      Author: Naya C.

      Chapters- 7 ongoing

      Genre- Drama/Romantic Suspense

      Character Customization: Yes, for MC and love interest

      Advance directing: Yes

      Animated overlays: Yes

      Chapter length: between 10-20 minutes

      music/sound: yes

      speechbubbles: Pink

      Good grammar and Dialogue: Yes

      Unique Plot: Yes

      Emotional read: Yes

      Instagram: Nayac.writes


      You're forced to leave your old life behind after being placed into the witness protection program. Just when you think you've finally settled in, your past catches up to you, and causes you to change your identity again and leave the love of your life at the altar. Will fate bring you back together again, or will you be forced to live in fear of the unknown?

      This story will pack in the drama, the romance, the betrayal, the action, and all the suspense

      Story link below⬇️⬇️⬇️

      Check out my flipagram video I made for my story.

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        Title: Bad boys
        Genre: Drama
        Episode: 3
        Description: What will Bella do when she crosses the path not with only one, but two bad boys?!


        And so you know, English is my 3 language, but i try not to do many spelling mistakes.


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          Here's my story. Thank you for doing this.
          Title: Falling for a Superstar
          Author: Ni
          Genre: Romance
          Episode: 5(ongoing)
          Description: Nicole unknowingly kisses a Superstar. Revelation,Differences, Acceptance! In the world of fame, can true love win?

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            Story: The Unexpected Magic
            Author: Ellyn
            Sypnosis: Adelynn never thought her life will change forever when she found out that her mother was murdered..
            ​​​Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
            Chapters: 3 (Ongoing)
            Style: Ink

            Please support my very first story.. Thanks


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              Hi there!
              I’ll be glad if you read my story ✨

              Title: 911: Call Me If You Can

              Author: Lark Noah

              Genre: Thriller, mystery

              No. of Episode: 5

              Style: Ink

              Story Description: "My name is Michael Clayton. And I was kidnapped."

              What will you do? Each choice matters. Save his life.

              Or kill him.


              Thank you! ~


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                Here's my very first story:

                Story: The Unexpected Magic

                Author: Ellyn
                Genre: Mystery / Fantasy / Romance
                Sypnosis: Adelynn never thought that her life will change forever until she found out that her mother was murdered...
                Chapter: 4 (Ongoing) *Episode 5 coming soon
                Style: Ink

                I hope you can support my very first story.. Ur support and feedback will be appreciated


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                  Hi, this is my story

                  Title: The Job Of Love
                  Author: R.episodeofficial
                  Genre: Drama (Mix of Drama/Romance/Mystery)
                  Episodes: 23 (ongoing)
                  Style: INK
                  Description: Will she open her broken heart to a cocky lawyer despite all the secrets he's keeping?Passion, lies and betrayal await.
                  Instagram: r.episodeofficial

                  Thank you, I appreciate your support!