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IMPORTANT: Sharing Published Stories

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  • IMPORTANT: Sharing Published Stories

    Hey Guys,

    We're going to begin featuring some forum-favorite stories on our public app, to see how they do, starting with Tangled Love this week. Something you should all be aware of:

    1) If Tangled Love has been shared with you (it is in your friends' list), you will NOT see it in the main app. It is still live to other people, and you can still read it on your friends' tab, it's just how our app works - it won't let you see it on both menus.

    2) If you have not read the shared Tangled Love, but then start reading it on the live app and then find the sharing link, it will move from your Read tab to your Friends tab. It didn't get deleted, it just moved.

    So as you hear about more forum stories moving into the main app, be aware that you will continue to see them in your Friends list if you had them shared with you.

    That is all.

  • #2
    Good to know!


    • #3
      So basically we wont have to wait four hours for every 2 episodes? That'es awesome! I mean for Tangled Love!


      • Scarlet
        Scarlet commented
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        I'm using android, samsung and I just have to wait for an hour

      • Wolfekiki
        Wolfekiki commented
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        Mine started with
        30 minutes
        1 hour
        2 hours
        3 hours
        4 hours.
        ^^^ for every episode 1-2 episodes^^^
        4 hours
        2 passes for one episide

      • Lexi
        Lexi commented
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        mine is 30 minutes

    • #4
      Ooh, cool to know! I hope everyone sees this post! XD


      • Jhanvi.A
        Jhanvi.A commented
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        Thank you so much

    • #5
      Tangled love is great! I'm so happy you guys are going to start doing that. Everyone see this.


      • #6
        Whenever I try to read it, on the app or in the Friends tab, it says "error loading chapter"!


        • #7
          Same here! "Error loading chapter" always appears on tangled love. How should I do? Please help


          • #8
            Same here too! It's says "Error loading chapter" even when I try to access it in the friend's tab


            • #9
              Also, I saw it on the main app like, when I went to the romance section I saw tangled love there


              • MAE the awesomness
                MAE the awesomness commented
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                OH ok thanks

              • Sallyq88
                Sallyq88 commented
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                Wait. That didn't happen to me.
                I unlocked it from "UNLOCK MORE STORIES" and it's on my main app
                How do I get it on my friends' stories?

              • CarolineKilloran
                CarolineKilloran commented
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                Sally, u have to get the link to Tangled Love and tap on it from ur device and it'll move

            • #10
              Fyi I saw Tangled love on romance too, but i DID NOT choose to unlock it, i chose other story. Nevertheless, it still appear on both my Main and Friends list just now. Anyway whether i try to open it on the main or on the friend list, it still saying the error loading chapter thing.


              • #11
                I was just wondering if anybody could share links to any of the Story's published at the app? I have read ashlynne's 26 episodes since she has shared the link as a friend could anybody Else do the same?


                • CarolineKilloran
                  CarolineKilloran commented
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                  Not many of the writers are on the forums

              • #12
                Can someone explain to me how do I read other users unpublished stories? I have an android. I go to the Friends tab & it says something along the lines invite friends to share stories and earn free episodes! [ Log into Facebook ] [ Referral Code ] ... I seriously need help guys.


                • Sweet_fox
                  Sweet_fox commented
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                  I have an iPhone so please bear with me.
                  1.I believe you go to the internet icon.
                  2.Then type in Episode writer portal click on either the 1 or 2 link (It should look like as if you were about to write your story)
                  3.From there go to community
                  4. Go to share your stories and people post links off stories.
                  5.Click on a link and you can see it in the friends tab

              • #13
                Hey guys, I'm a new writer here so I was wondering if you could have any ideas regarding romantic stories


                • NatsDemilla
                  NatsDemilla commented
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                  Hey Jhanvi, there are a lot of amazing and creative people here that could help you, but you should probably ask for that elsewhere... ;-)

                • NatsDemilla
                  NatsDemilla commented
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                  Oops, by elsewhere I mean another post, not other site lol

              • #14
                How come I can't find Tangle Love on my Android?


                • #15
                  What's the link to tangled love?


                  • T.T.
                    T.T. commented
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                    You can find it on the app.