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  • Advertise your Story!

    This is just something new, but why don't you send in your story, and advertise it RIGHT HERE, and even get reviews from the people who read it! This'll also boost your story in the public user section on Episode! Thanks!

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    Title: THE ESCAPE
    GENRE: Drama
    SUB-GENRE: Romance/Mystery
    EPISODES: 16 (Aiming for 25+)
    SUMMARY IN APP: Izzy Cortese, moves to Hollywood with her mother in an attempt to escape a nightmarish figure from the past. Survive THE ESCAPE.
    SUMMARY: When your Mum's ex-boyfriend goes crazy, you're forced to move to Hollywood. After a tragic accident you have to survive Connor’s revenge. But you don't know that he's hired a team to kill you. Can you survive with romance problems, college issues, and try to save your friends and sometimes yourself? Survive THE ESCAPE!

    IF YOU GET A CHANCE TO READ THIS IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH!! THANKS <3 A review would be nice but it doesn't matter if no one does!! :P XD


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        Title : Brother In Law
        Episode(s) : 25 (Complete)
        Genre : Romance/Drama/Mystery
        Summary : Roselle is a young girl who lives a "broken" life. She moves into her sister's house after she broke up with her boyfriend. David(Roselle's brother in law) then decided to "fix" Roselle. The story talks about how David help Roselle to pursue a career and be independent. Meanwhile, similarities between Roselle and David led David to develop a strong feeling toward Roselle.
        Link :


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          Title: "PERFECTION BLINDNESS" By: Jade Merical-Welch Sub Genres: MYSTERY No. of episodes: 4 (not finished and next episodes will be longer). Mini Summary: "Daisy is a sheltered mess. Once kidnappings start happening after sophomore year her life gets a little too perfect." Link:


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            Title: Glow Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Action, with a little Mystery Episode Count: 9 so far Plot Summary: When a fire results in her losing everything she once knows, Nyla Andrews is thrust into a world she never knew existed, a world where she, apparently, is important. Can she handle the hysteria of a new life with entirely new responsibilities and distractions? Will she be accepted in this world or will she fall apart completely? Link:


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              Hi hope you read my story!

              High school Juliet
              Description: A modern day Romeo and Juliet tale. Juliet is starting her senior year of High School while hiding from her family that she started seeing her Romeo, Jason. Is one of her own friends trying to break them up too? Find out!
              Genre: Drama, Romance.
              Author: M.C.
              Amount of Episodes: 18 so far


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                Survival Instinct, a thrilling drama romance with zombies! As Zoe fights for her life and trys to figure out how this mess started,
                she will find that maybe she isn't the only surviving person on earth. Is there a chance for some romance? Will she be able to live with
                another person after being alone for 2 years? So many questions and the only way to know is to read.

                Paradoxical Complexity, a musical drama following the life and times of an all female rock band. Milan is trying to turn her garage band into a global phenomenon!
                When one of her best friends and band mate keeps a secret that could destroy all their hard work, the drama is not coming in short here. How will these young women
                keep their dream alive while keeping their parents and boyfriends happy?

                You can also check out my facebook fan page,


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                  Hey, I do hope you like it and please be honest:

                  Name: My Dream Guy
                  Episode: Five (so far...)
                  Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy
                  Summary: After an unexpected death, Taylor experience these dreams that reveal the distant love one true feelings about her. Can she finally handle the truth of what the dreams holds?! Can she changes her dreams to help her and this 'angel' or keep going to have a good future to focus on herself?! You just have to find out...


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                    Title:Perfectly Crushed Episodes: 3 (not finished) Summary:Jewels life gets complicated when she falls for her Billionaire boss,who is unavailable.Will she fight for him? Link:


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                      Title: Bloody Moon
                      Genre: Fantasy/Action
                      Quick Description: NYPD detective James had his whole life figured out – a stable home, a beloved husband and a fairly tolerable job. That is, until the werewolf curse ruthlessly thrusts him into a supernatural world he didn’t even think existed.
                      Episodes: 17


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                        Who Am I?
                        When Demi gets let out of college, she has a doctorate and she's the word on the street for all agencies. She's smart, beautiful, and determined. But when mysterious love letters show up - will she figure out who is sending them? Does she have a stalker or a secret admirer? But who would love someone who doesn't play too well with others in the work place? Join Demi and her intense task force and quirky friends. xx
                        episodes so far: 4



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                          Title: Going Undercover
                          Genre: Romance
                          Episodes: 7 but updating every 2-3 days.
                          Summary: Can you solve the case and keep your feelings in control as you go undercover with Agent Alex as a newly wedded couple?



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                            TITLE: A happy tragedy
                            GENRE: Drama/Action/Mystery/Romance
                            EPISODES: 3 (4 out soon)
                            SUMMARY: Your soon Queen but what happens when your father is mysteriously murdered?and the killer ruins your life...

                            *NEW STORY*

                            Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 14.40.15.png
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                              Hello everyone! Feel free to read and/or review my story and I will do the same with yours! Here is my story:

                              Please keep in mind that this is the first ever story I write on episode.

                              Title: Dark Intentions
                              Genre: Mystery ( With a mix of comedy and romance)
                              Author: Nick P.
                              Episodes: 5 ( Ongoing)

                              The first three episodes are pilots.

                              Description: A party, a murder, a mystery. Will Ashley, a young student, be able to complete her desperate journey to find the cause of this?


                              Instagram: @episodenickp
                              Follow me on Instagram for updates!
                              Episode Profile: Nick P.
                              Be sure to follow me here as well!!