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    Would love it if you could give mys story a lot of views.

    In exchange, I'll give your story a lot of views, too.

    TITLE: Steal My Heart

    EPISODES: 11
    GENRE: Romance
    SUMMARY: This is not your typical love story...

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    Title: Family Affairs
    Episodes: 6-ongoing
    Genre: Romance/Mystery
    Summary: Nora begins to discover her life isn't as perfect as she thought when the people around her begin to disappear and die. Nora begins to discover hidden secrets in her family and seeks out to find the truth!
    I will read your story. Here is mine!
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    • arcadequeen
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      Wow I'm already hooked on! Keep writing!

    • Arubi101
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      Thanks! I totally will.

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    Title: Submerging
    Genre: Romance/Drama
    Summary: Farah has just lost her mother due to a sickness and soon after that has to go live with her estranged father in a small island town. Along the way Farah figures out what she really is, but the question is, will she be able to deal? On top of that, she also has two guys that she really likes, but who will she choose?


    • kate.go
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      Amazing story:-) do you have an instagram account for this story?

    • bamgirl97
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      Thx so much! and no, there isn't an instagram for the story. Thx for reading!!

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    Title: Where Did You Go, Romeo?

    Episodes: 7 (going onto 8)

    Summary:A kidnapped Prince. Seven Days. A massive reward. Oh boy, what have twins Diana and Artemis gotten themselves into?!


    I hope you enjoy my story
    Have fun reading!


    • arcadequeen
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      YASS so amaze!

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    Title: Orphaned
    Genre: Drama
    Episodes: 1

    Full Summary: For eighteen years, Cecilia lived a content life. Her family was not perfect, but they were all she needed. Life played a cruel trick as her world crumbled overnight when her parents were murdered. She is now left with memories of the ordeal and her autistic brother to protect and support. Can she and her brother recover, or will their lives be claimed as well? Only you, the reader, can determine their fate...

    Hope you enjoy the story! Sorry about its shortness so far as I am struggling to find time to develop more episodes...
    *cough* "THE IB!"
    *cough* "SAVE ME!"

    Oh sorry, just had to clear my throat...


    • Meep
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      Good luck! My sister just completed them last year! Wish you the best!

    • AishaAyesha
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      YASS another IB student I feel your pain! xD

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    - Love Potion -

    Summary: When Sydney turns 26, her biggest wish is to be in love. When a fairy godmother comes to visit, she helps grant it. But is a love potion all that it turns out to be? Will she ever find true love, or is she only capable of having a fake romance?
    Episodes: 7 (so far)
    Genre: Romance, Fantasy, and a hint of Mystery.


    Follow this story @lovepotionepisode on tumblr or visit


    • LBethCon
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      I love the first 3 Chapters. I can't wait till I am caught up

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    Title: Model Mayhem

    Summary (On App) : Models are quite strange and rebellious creatures... Rosamund Walker is one of them.

    Summary (Actual Summary): Rosamund Walker was a regular girl until she was one of the 12 selected girls to participate in the big hit show, Model Mayhem. Her best friend, Mari De Carmen, is also selected to travel to New York City along with her. But, everything starts to become out of control from losing one of her dear friends to all communication blocked. Living the New York dream is far from dreamy.

    Chapters: 3

    Genre: Romance (Also Drama)



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      Hi hope you read my story c:

      High school Juliet
      Description: A modern day Romeo and Juliet tale. Juliet is starting her senior year of High School while hiding from her family that she started seeing her Romeo, Jason. Is one of her own friends trying to break them up too? Find out!
      Genre: Drama, Romance.
      Author: M.C.
      Amount of Episodes: 22 so far


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        Hi, if you find time I would love for you to review my story and let me know what you think. I can do the same for you if interested.
        Thank You.
        Tittle: Billionaire Matchmaker

        Episodes: 10 episodes so far
        Genre: Romance
        Summary: Billionaire Matchmaker Club is one of the most exclusive services offered to male and female billionaire's to find love.


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          Title: A Four Letter Word
          Description:Ava was heartbroken when her farm boy, Sawyer, moved away. Now she's in L.A and intends on finding her true love, but is Sawyer still the man she thinks he is?
          Genre: Romance
          Amount of Episodes: 3 so far. (Will add more!)


          • JulietteElise
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            I love your story!
            When will you be adding more??

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          Title: Shipwrecked

          No. of episodes: 23 (published)

          Sub-Genres: Mystery / Adventure / Fantasy

          Summary in App: This is your freshman year, the first step to a new life. But, was being stuck in an island one of your plans?

          Full Summary: This is your freshman year, the first step to a new life. New friends, new school, everything is perfect until you find your
          headmaster opening a secret door. Now, you start discovering what he was doing? The only problem is that he sent you to desert island. Can you survive and beat him?

          Cliking link:


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            TITLE: Cultivating Love
            EPISODES: 9 so far
            GENRE: Romance / Drama
            SUMMARY: Moxie's life is about to change forever when a strange guy drags her in to the depths of the cult underworld.

            I'd love some feedback


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              The rejects - Romance/action/fantasy.
              SUMMARY: Long ago, angels and demons rebelled by falling in love. Some of them had children, but what were they considered in the world? Most say they're an abomination. They were thrown out of heaven and onto Earth. How will a group of these "rejects" survive together? Is it possible for 2 opposites to fall in love? Watch as romance buds, action forms, lives are taken, and difficult decisions are made.
              *In this story you can type in your name. (Up to 6 letters). Also, this story uses sounds.*

              URL -->

              Thank you for reading.


              • charliebarlie3
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                I remember reading a book like this! Sounds good I'll take a look

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              Title: The Adventures of W.H.O
              Description: Whitney is a wise cracking goof ball archaeologist intern. Hudson is a sailor with the heart of a teddy bear. Osaka is a laconic, logical no nonsense scientist. When Whitney's boss, Dr. Jones, is kidnapped by the evil Rani the three set out to find him and a treasure which could change the course of history forever.
              Genre: Adventure, comedy, mystery
              Author: RMV
              Amount of Episodes: 9 (incomplete)



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                Title : 3 Hottest Mommas
                Description : This story is about Stacy,Lana and Zara.They're cousin living together.Stacy is a jobless and always fails her interview.She has a boyfriend named Matt.Lana has everything except boyfriend.Her fashion sense also sucks.Meanwhile Zara is a girl who loves freedom and hates commitment.One day,Matt offered Stacy $50000 if she agrees to take care of a baby for a week.But whose baby is it? And later Matt suddenly being weird and left Stacy without any news.What will happen?

                Genre : Drama/Comedy
                Author : Liyaamao
                Amount of Episodes : Just updated episode 5 yesterday (Not complete)

                Link :