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Valentine's Day Contest 2016!

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  • Valentine's Day Contest 2016!

    Hey Episodians,

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    A Valentine’s contest waiting for you!

    Here are the requirements to enter our Valentine’s Day Contest!
    1. Your story needs to be a romance story.
    2. It must have “Valentine’s Day” in the title (e.g. Valentine’s Day: Life Is Like A Box of Heart-Shaped Chocolates). Stories without “Valentine’s Day” in the title will be disqualified.
    3. You must fill out this Google form so we know you have submitted your story. Please have your story submitted by February 1st, 2016.
    4. You MUST use at least one of the following new INK-style Valentine’s Day clothing items:

    You can either start a new story or incorporate outfits into stories you’ve already started, so the story doesn’t have to be brand new.

    Winners from this contest will be featured in a special Valentine’s Day section in the Episode app, and featured on our social media accounts! We’ll figure out the winners based on highest levels of reader engagement.

    P.S. We’ll also have a special Best Directing prize go out to the writer whose story has the best directing. Their story will be featured on our Instagram and Twitter, as well as get a special shout-out in the forums

    Happy writing!

    The Episode Team

    P.S. This is a repost of the original contest post here, just in case anyone missed it in the announcements:

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    Valentine's Day:
    Wasted Roses

    by Genevieve M.
    also the author of Dripping Mascara

    Romance | Drama | Mystery | Tragedy

    Cover: See how I made the cover completely from scratch on @genducation (Instagram)
    Length: Four chapters so far, with an average of 1600 lines per chapter

    TEASER ∙ Join Rose as she navigates remembrance, loss, and love in this small town with very big drama, and attempts to move past the roses she wasted just as she is blindsided by the fact that she herself is wasting in the face of unspeakable pain...

    FULL SUMMARY ∙ Returning as the only other primary care doctor in a 20 mile radius to a very small town from which she "escaped" 11 years prior, Roseanne "Rose" Brown feels both nostalgic and bitter. She finds herself unexpectedly nostalgic because she didn't realize how much she underappreciated the simple charm of the farm she grew up in, or how much she missed her dear Granddaddy's hugs after a long day. And yet, an agonizingly familiar bitterness suddenly eats at her when she discovers just how shockingly little some things have changed from the days she spent in her youth wasting "teardrops on her guitar"...

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      Title- Valentine's Day: Crooked Hearts
      Episodes: 5
      Genre: Romance/Drama
      Description: When your flirtationship is exposed, friendships are destroyed. Will you be single on Valentine's Day?

      Side note: It's a short story- Completed.



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        Title: Valentine's Day: Lonely Class
        Author Name: Amara B.
        Genre: Romance
        Brief Description: Elliot lost millions in a deal that'd make him rich. Closed off, bitter, but a new love? She's less innocent than seems.
        No. of chapters: 3
        Published/unpublished: Published


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          TITLE: Valentine's Day: Heartaches
          Genre: Romance
          Sub Genre: Romance | Drama
          SUMMARY IN APP: Krystal is having 2nd thoughts with her relationship w/ Kai. Will she be able to maintain that relationship or break it?
          FULL SUMMARY: Krystal is having second thoughts with her relationship with Kai. Will she able to maintain that relationship for Valentine's Day or break it?


          EPISODES: 1-3 (Incomplete)
          UnPublished/Published: Published
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            Valentine's Day: In A Heartbeat
            By Hannah D.
            Genres: Romance/Drama
            In A Heartbeat.png


            Summary In App: Follow a snarky girl with leukemia and a young doctor as they navigate a world of love, loss, and everything in between.

            More Detailed Summary: In this story, you play as a seventeen year old girl named Ellie who lost everything when she was diagnosed with leukemia. She's started to lose hope that life and love are still possible, but when an earnest stranger who seems bent on helping her find joy in life again shows up, her entire world is turned upside down. Suddenly, she's not so sure she's ready to die anymore. As well as playing as Ellie, you're also following the life of a doctor fresh out of med school and excited to start her new job: Renee. Placed under the command of the mysterious Dr. Anderson, she's determined to figure him out before Valentine's Day and maybe, just maybe, find a date for her sister's party along the way.
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            • kate.go
              kate.go commented
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              I love your story! It's beautiful!❤❤❤

            • luvbird4evaWRITE
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              I am legit in love with this story. Like, the grammar is beautiful and the scenarios are so realistic! Ahhh! SO surprised you don't have more views, girlfriend.

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            It's great to have such contest...

            My story : Valentine's day: Magic unite us

            So the story is about two clans of magicians, good ones who try to spread love in the world, they are waiting for Valentine's day to make all people feel loved, and there are the evil magicians who try to steal spells from the good ones to make the world full of hatred.
            Greta an evil magician struggles to gain the trust of Neil so she can steal the spell of good magicians, their past together somehow makes it hard for her, Greta knows that she could never be a good person, could love change her ?


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              Valentine's Day: Charming Tokyo

              Genre: Romance
              Author: Mirabilis Regina (Pregnant, but to whom? etc..)
              INSTAGRAM: @mirabilis_regina

              Plot shortly:
              You're an exchange student in Tokyo. Living in a host family with two annoying and arrogant brothers.
              But what secrets does your school have? And why can't they attend the battle of bands that's been arranged every year in the valentine's day dance so far?
              Will you manage to reveal all the secrets, make friends and study at the same time?
              What if you fall in love with one of the brothers or what if you fall for both? Will you even be able to choose?
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                Title: Valentine's Day: Love SOS
                Genre: Romance
                Brief Description: Love SOS is a popular relationship blog run by a person named Q who a certain someone needs her relational expertise.
                No. of chapters: 3
                Published/unpublished: Published


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                  Title: Valentine's Day: My Better Half
                  Genre: Romance + Drama
                  Episodes: 3
                  Summary: When fate brings two old friends back together under different circumstances, can they still complement each other?


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                    Title: Valentine's Day: Help Me Cupid!
                    Genre: Romance/Fantasy
                    Episodes: 3 (There will be 10)
                    Summary: Ruby, a girl from the underworld, just wants the human boy of her dreams to love her. Can Cupid help her?
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                      Title: Valentine's Day: Unrequited
                      Genre: Romance, Drama
                      Episodes: 3 (with more to come!)
                      Summary: Engaged to marry a Prince, who offers love and peace for your land... will you ever be able to return his sentiment?


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                        Hi everyone, please make sure you are following the contest rules and that you are posting your story HERE: Please also make sure your story link is submitted using the correct format. Thanks!!


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                        TITLE: Valentine's Day:Roses for Juliet
                        Genre: romance
                        Episodes: 3 (story not finished)
                        Summary: Juliet keeps getting roses from some secret valentine. Will she figure out who it is before it's too late?


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                          Valentine's Day: Passion & Power
                          Episodes: 3
                          Summary on the app: Two rival business men fight to have power in all aspects, but who will conquer Natalia's love?

                          General Plot: The Lafayettes and Ashfords have always hated each other, a loathing that transcends generations. It is that hatred that drives Edmund and Adrian to compete in all aspects. What happens when you (Natalia) somehow becomes entangled in their lives? With two men vying for your love, will they correspond your feelings, or are you just a pawn in their game? Will passion come before power?