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Outlines: Build your story’s structure

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  • Outlines: Build your story’s structure

    After clarifying the core elements of a story in a pitch (read more about pitches here) and writing a story summary, the next step the Episode team’s writing process is to craft a detailed story outline.

    An outline helps writers map out the structure of a story as well as provide a starting point for the script you will eventually write. Outlines can help you map out, plot points, story arcs, specific scenes, detail locations or backgrounds you will use as well as characters that will appear in each chapter.

    For those of you who use custom backgrounds you can also use your outline to plan out what art you will need to find or create. This is a crucial step for outlines on the Episode story team: they help us know what sort of art we will need for a story and allow us to plan for it in advance. Nothing worse than starting to direct a scene and realizing you don’t have the art to make it work!

    Below you can check out an example of our story team’s outlines.

    **SPOILER WARNING** If you have not read Juvie be aware that this document will give away key plot points.

    “Juvie” S1 Outline Chs 1-6

    We would love to see you all share your outlines in this new dedicated sub-forum! You can post your outline to get feedback or offer constructive advice to other writers as develop their pitches into full-fledged stories.

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    This is a great idea to get feedbacks before even starting!


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      I have a question! I don't want people on the forums to get spoilers for my upcoming story, so is there any way I could do this without...spoiling anything? Ugh, this is a dumb question, sorry.


      • Liz
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        Not a dumb question at all I think it will be difficult to avoid spoilers entirely if you post a thorough outline. What I can say is that the idea here is to get help on your story. The people who are on this sub-forum are dedicated to providing feedback and direction for your story and know that they are reading works in progress.

      • izzxepisode
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        I totally understand what you mean! Thank you for clarifying

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      Okay so my next story is called Hidden
      My outline is still in the beginning faces but this is what I have so far.

      Please let me know what you think.

      Outline for Hidden
      1. Population is in jeopardy
      2. War killed man children and women
      3. It is inside a kingdom
      4. The man value hair
      5. Humans
      6. Black eyes
      7. Wolves
      8. Women are hiding
      9. Too many man
      10. Sister is a Black eye
      11. Younger sis is human
      12. Dad was drafted into war and passed
      13. Mom died from the Black plagued
      14. Younger sister wants to see the world outside
      15. The older is sister is very protective
      16. The legend of the chosen one says that her birthmark will be in the shape of a star
      17. The older and younger sister have the same birth mark
      18. One has it in her shoulder and the other one in her leg
      19. The elders of the tribe think the older sister is going to bring balance back because she is a black eye
      20. In reality the younger sister is the chosen one.
      21. By chosen one they mean the new queen
      22. Black eyes are weary of humans because a human betrayed them and it resulted In the war that brought the population really low
      23. The elders hide the girls and prepare the older sister
      24. They oppose marrying the older sister for the time being because it will distract her from training needed before her coronation
      25. They want the younger sister to marry but the older sister is completely against it
      26. The elders say that the younger sisters life will be put in jeopardy because of hungry man so they agree that though she will not be in an arranged marriage she has to have a guard with her at all times.
      27. The younger one can do as she pleases
      28. The younger sister likes the library and is very shy although she carries a hidden strength that will show up if it is necessary


      • Lunamoon08
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        Dude, you NEED to write this story! I need to read it now! Seriously, it sounds AMAZING!

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      Just curious if the PDF viewer you use for the Juvie outline requires Flash or some other app installed to view. It doesn't seem to want to load for me.