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How did you get your story more views?

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  • How did you get your story more views?

    Just published my first story a few days ago. Just curious to know how to get more views? Does anyone want to check my story out to see if it's any good?

    story link is

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    This is how I do it
    1. Post onto the forum every time you publish a new Episode.
    2. Do Read for Reads
    3. Try to get other people to do shout outs for your story.
    4. And be patient
    I hope I helped


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      Requesting reviews on Instagram is also a good idea.


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        How to do read for reads?? post my link where??

        this is link of my story:

        Hanna K.M.
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          Update regularly.
          Let your readers know of your social media so they know updates about the story etc.


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            If you have any readers make sure you add your Instagram etc. and ask your readers to share your story on social medias


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              Here are a few ways to get more reads from my knowledge of writing stories:
              1. Update your story regularly or your fans will give up on waiting for new episodes to be released.
              2. Update regularly on your stories on Instagram (advertise it)
              3. Advertise your story on the forums and on different platforms which are related to the episode app.
              4. Make sure your story has great spelling and grammar rules or some people will choose to ignore your story.
              5. Make sure your story includes choices or your readers will get bored of just reading your story.
              6. Be nice to your fans and answer them! Do not ignore fan mail ect.
              7. Ignore hate mail and report it.

              Hope this helps!
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