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    My story idea is to have a story, with an okay sized cast. The story will be about kids who suffer from depression because both their home and school lives are really bad. There will also be a “war” like thing between the schools “freaks!” (Protagonists) and the “jocks” (antagonists). The story will center around a genderqueer teenager, a few gay students, a trans students, and girls who have dealt with a lot of body shaming because they are too pretty or were too fat. I’m also thinking about having one of the kids end their lives, much later in the story, a murder, a car accident (texting while driving). Yeah, I’m trying to make a story about awarness on these issues. Also the characters and some of the events will be based off real people.

    The title will be “Is Life Worth Living?” because it explorers different perspectives on life. I just published the first few episodes, which are really complete, meaning I will go back and fix some things. Anyways, I wanted to know what some of you would suggest for a story like that.

    I know this is meant for people 13+ but I feel like thirteen year olds also can understand the story without it causing negative effect.