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Plot help for my future story!

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  • Plot help for my future story!

    I didn't know what to title this topic, but I'm currently in the process of plotting/outlining my first project on Episode: Once More, With Feeling. You can find more info here:

    Essentially, my main character, Ava, is a popular girl turned outcast. Through the course of the story, she will attempt to climb the social ladder and reclaim her title, while also juggling school and romance.

    But I've hit a snag as to what her main struggle should be. I have two ideas that I need help choosing between.

    1) Ava tries to run for Homecoming Queen. Depending on the amount of popularity Ava acquires at the end of the story, she may either win or lose. I'm thinking of having smaller subplots related to this throughout the story as well, of course, through which Ava will gain or lose popularity.

    2) Ava is head cheerleader. Now that she's a pariah, the friends she has on the cheerleading team are against her. Ava has to try and keep her spot on the team for the duration of the story. Smaller subplots will feature cheerleading practices, competitions, befriending some of her old friends, and so on.

    This is where all of you come in. Which idea sounds more appealing to you? Should I try to incorporate both of these ideas into my story? Or are they too cliche?

    I added a poll for those who'd rather not reply, but if you could drop me a response, that would be awesome. Either way, thank you so much for your help!
    The Homecoming Queen plot is more interesting
    The Head Cheerleader plot is more interesting
    Neither of them are interesting - come up with something else
    I can't choose - incorporate both of them in the story!
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    The head cheerleader idea sounds interesting.


    • Joyous
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      I'm glad you think so! Thanks for your help!

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    I couldn't have chosen any of them, because both of them sound cool to me. I'm already looking forward to reading your story when it's published!


    • Joyous
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      I won't lie, I've been thinking about whether it would be feasible to include both of them. So thank you for replying and voting! And I'm so glad you think the story's worth reading! :')

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    Hey !This is my new story for the Star Power Category!!
    My name is Jenny MM, and I believe that this story needs to be shared!

    The story name is Star Power: Above and Beyond
    Style: LimeLight
    Genre: Drama

    This story focuses on female empowerment in Hollywood!

    The Description:
    Jamie's a famous actress who's determined to change how Hollywood is run. Will she be able to climb her way to the top?

    If any of you have tips and tricks to give me, I would greatly appreciate your support! I also need help for future plots in my story!
    If you guys have any ideas on that...Please tell me! Thank you!

    Jenny MM


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      Even though I like both of them, I feel like the Homecoming Queen plot is overused.


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        I know voting is over, I like the head cheerleader option! Seems like it would be really interesting to overcome obstacles while still being on the team.


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          The head cheerleader seems better. Cheerleading could really mean a lot to someone, but Homecoming Queen is just a one off deal that no one will remember next year.