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Flashbacks or Not?

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  • Flashbacks or Not?

    Which one of these scenarios sounds more appealing:

    Quick information:

    We get to follow 3 characters: Adriana, Russey and Luna. Adriana’s Mother is the leader of the underworld, aka, she’s the Devil and she kicked out Adriana, Russey and Luna from the underworld because she was scared they would take it away from her because Adriana was very unimpressed with the way her Mother reigned over the place and she didn’t think her Mother had what it took.

    So, scenario ONE:

    The story starts with a flashback from 500 something years ago. Here, we get to see Adriana, Russey and Luna has already figured out how to access the underworld again. We get to follow them as Adriana confronts her Mother and takes over the underworld. After that, the flashback ends and we continue the story in present time (2017). In this scenario, you don’t get to see Adriana develop as the leader of the underworld. When the story fast forwards to 2017, she’s already been the ruler of the underworld for about 500 years and her empire is already built.

    Scenario TWO: The story starts in 2017 (although they have been around for a LONG time, but there’s no flashbacks, the things that happens happens in the present). Adriana, Russey and Luna gets kicked out of the underworld and has to find a way to access it again. In this scenario, there’s no flashbacks and everything happens in present time. That means, that you’d get to follow both the gang’s attempts to get into the underworld, but you will also have the chance to see Adriana develop into the Devil and build her empire in hell

    Basically, do you prefer flashbacks to tell the back story or would you rather see characters being developed as we go by?
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    To be honest, I like an element of both. You can write the story with the flashback and with the development of the MC. However, the two Scenarios seemed pretty different. So if that was my story, I would look at how both scenarios impact the rest of the story. If the rest of the story didn't make sense with the flashback, try it without the flashback and vice versa. Also, I would ask myself if the story seemed more interesting with the flashback or without. For me, I would choose the first because I like flashbacks tbh