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How To Change Your Forums Username! **TUTORIAL**

Feel free to change the category or tell me where it should be, I wasn’t sure… How to change your forums Username Many of you have been asking how to do it! I found a way. Please don’t do this many times, change your u…

11 December 1, 2019
Trust Levels & How They Work!

THE USER TRUST SYSTEM The user trust system is a fundamental cornerstone of Discourse. Trust levels are a way of… Sandboxing new users in your community so that they cannot accidentally hurt themse…

71 December 1, 2019
Fanfiction on Episode

Hey Episodians, If you don’t know me already, I’m Tyler (or Ty!) and I’m part of the Story Review Team. :wave: I’d like to talk to you guys about fanfiction on Episode. As it turns out, authors have been promoting thei…

86 November 18, 2019
Reporting a Story -- Introducing Tyler from the Reader Team

Hello Episodians! The reader team has been grateful for all of the assistance from the community in helping to keep the platform suitable for everyone. The team has some feedback about how to report stories that may con…

76 March 30, 2019
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