1 hour to win FREE Art / Cover

Hello Episode Community :sparkles:,

As I reached 500 followers on Instagram, I decided to create a giveaway on my Instragram Page in which you can win :

  • 1 piece of Art (Episode related or not) of one full body character or two half body characters ;
  • 1 month promoting your Episode story on Instagram and on the Episode Forum ;
  • My help for coding 2 chapters of your story ;

Note that if I reach more than 50 participants, there won’t be 1 winner but rather 2 winners ! :wink:

Rules are very simple:

  1. You have to follow me @sicy.stories ,
  2. Like the post,
  3. And share in the comment how you feel/felt during this lock down and quarantine

These 3 steps = 1 entry.

For 2 extra entries, you can :

  1. Share my Giveaway on your Instagram account (make it public so I can see it) and tag me otherwise I won’t be notified.

These 4 steps = 3 entries !

Deadline : June, 10th 2020

Feel free to join ~ Feel free to share :black_heart:


Also, feel free to comment something below so that the thread won’t disappear .
I am sure some people are dying to have free art or free help on Episode (especially newbies) so, let’s share it as much as we can :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Six more people and we reach 50 participants !
Meaning that there would be TWO winners :eyes: :heart_eyes_cat:

160 comments :heart_eyes_cat: and 1 more spot to reach :heart_eyes:

omg your art work is so good!

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Thank you so much for your kind words :sob: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

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This is settle : TWO WINNERS will be selected for my Giveaway, as we went beyond 50 participants !
Thank you so much :heart:

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Thank you for doing this !! :revolving_hearts:

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You are welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I really enjoy doing this and talking to a lot of new people :heart_eyes_cat: :sparkles:

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Less than 1 week to enter :see_no_evil:

4 more days to enter :heart:

I skipped yesterday countdown as it was Mother’s day in my country so, here we are :

2 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER :revolving_hearts:

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Alright guys, just ONE more day left before it ends …

Hurry, hurry… :black_heart:

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The contest will end today at 23h59 CEST
Only 6 hours to join !

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There is just 1 hour left to enter before I close the Giveaway :heart:

I would like to enter but I don’t have insta ughhhh

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Hey @SofiaxD I am sorry to hear that :see_no_evil:
I ran this Giveaway to celebrate my 500f on Instagram and only informed people here on Episode.
And just like mine, a lot of Giveaway are held on Intsa :confused:

500f Art Giveaway is by now CLOSED.

  • 80 people entered
  • 167 peaople liked my post
  • 45 people shared it
  • 12 people are currently saving my post

Thank you so much to everyone.
This is something that never happened to me before.
I really enjoyed doing this very first Giveaway. It was a real success and I bound with a lot of people !

I will announce here the 2 lucky winners, tomorrow :black_heart:

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Hey back :star2:

The two lucky winners are :

  1. @episode_elisastory who requested the prize “Promoting”.
    For that purpose, I will make a thread about her story :wink:
    Hope people will participate as well :wink:

  2. @muffinwrites who requested a large Cover for her Squad story.
    It should be done by the end of this week and you will be able to find this new cover on my Insta Account !

For those who didn’t win this time, don’t worry. You will have other opportunities to win since I will host another contest once I reach 1K followers on Instagram.
However, this time it won’t be as easy as this contest. You will have to work a bit, as it will be a lineart contest. I think that you will have the option to choose between two linearts. You will just have colorize it to enter :wink: Nothing impossible, I swear it !
Hope to see you soon in my next contest !

Thank you once again :black_heart: