1 or 2+ Love interests?

Hi!! I was wondering how many LI’s you guys prefer.
There are a lot of different opinions about this.
Could you please fill this in, it is only 2 questions :).


I personally feel like it depends on how well-rounded and likable the LI is! If it’s a well-thought out LI and there’s only one, I don’t mind, but if the LI is a bit of a douchebag then I’d rather choose someone else :sweat_smile:


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I only read stories with one love interest. I’m not a fan of two, and the author usually makes the relationship with one of the two stronger, so I’m quite comfortable with one tbh.


I prefer ones with only one LI. Just a personal preference! I feel it’s more realistic. However, I’ve seen some really well-written stories with more than one that have made it feel real and have an easy flow. :sparkles:

one love interest in great, but two love interests is even better!
tho when there are 2 love interests, its important to make sure there is a balance between the two, and make it fun and interesting, not boring or annoying
just an opinion! :blob_hearts: