10-15 minute overlays when online! [OFFLINE]


Just a few things!

  1. Give Me credit (readerMessage Credit to @Itz_Madison on episode forums!)
  2. If I’m not online that’s means im eating, sleeping, rn with friends, I’m not closed just doing other things!
  3. DON’T advertise your threads here! Again if I’m not online that doesn’t mean I’m closed! Just doing other things

I can do the following overlays:
Special Effects
Cutouts from others Backgrounds



If you’d like you can use any of my example overlay s in your story! Credit must be given either way, and I will always put my watermark in my Overlays! And if you want me cutting out something from a Picture, please, please, please, put it in the Drop Down

How To Drop Down, type in [details=Background] [/details]

Looking for overlay

I need a german shepherd overlay (like a police one lol)


I need a desk overlay (the whole desk if u know what i mean)


Is there a certain one you need, like from a background? And if so can you show me the background?




It wont let me open it :sob:




Thanks girly!!!