$10 unlimited passes and no ads

So I stopped playing Epsiode for a couple of months and then I came back to the $10 deal that I used to buy almost monthly to be completely gone. Kind of makes me sad 🥲 I don’t have high hopes that they’ll bring it back but maybe one day they will :sob:


I had the unlimited passes and no ads up until this past week
When it didn’t show I contacted support and they said it’s not available for everyone and only given to a sparse amount of users.
That’s what doesn’t click with me. If they know that it’s a huge deal and literally thousands maybe even millions of people would buy it then why not just give it to everyone?

They’ve turned their attention more towards gems than passes, so I’m guessing that’s probably one of the factoring reasons.

A deal with unlimited passes wouldn’t be much use for stories with the Skip-the-Wait feature added or for Early Access (which require gems to pass unless you want to wait), not to mention that it’s the gems that count towards the gem bonus payments for authors and also count towards unlocking payments even if you’re aiming for 500K reads across all stories within 60 days (whereas before it I believe it was only reads).