(100%) Honest advice on my art, please? [New Piece]

I’ve been thinking about taking a serious break from my requests for some time to spend some time improving my art.
I’m not a confident person, and though people tell me differently, I still have doubts about my work. I know, that no matter if it’s good or not, you can always improve.

I started drawing almost two years ago, and ever since, I just improved by doing requests which is why I wonder if a break would help me improve it better than just keeping my requests going to improve while working (like I used to).

(Besides, I’m aware of things I need to improve, like the anatomy of the face, the shading of the hands and clothes…)

Please don’t just tell me if you think my art is good, I appreciate it, but it’s not helpful about what I asked.


I’m not sure about it. and neither do I mind to keep doing requests or not.

What seems more useful?
  • Break to improve
  • Requests to improve

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i honestly think that practice makes master. don’t get encouraged, your art is already beautiful and i believe it’ll get amazing if you keep it up. good luck :heart:


Thank you :face_holding_back_tears:

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what I think would help improve you most is watching some video tutorials.

if you take request for I recommend telling them, hey I am trying new stuff, is that okay. and then try new stuff when drawing.

but your art is really good, ofcourse it can get better, no matter what it can always get better

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Thank you.
I’m not really interested in actually learning new stuff currently, I just want to find a way to give my art the last bit that I feel is missing. (Especially in the faces)

Also, I’m not into videos, they never found a way to actually help me.

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Hi, I’m an artist too and I just started painting last September
I think practicing on your own will improve your skills better than doing requests
Since you choose what you want to paint
I am also studying anatomical drawing and trying to draw more details, hands, hair and portraits
It’s important to practice and know the fundamentals of anatomy, light and shadow.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out. But I see your point, maybe it’s a really good idea to take a break from my request to practice instead.

And I’ve seen some of your art, it’s really amazing.

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I just started taking orders now, and I’m still taking breaks to gain more experience
It’s corny but to learn how to make a good draft sketch
Anatomy is awfully complicated, but it’s insanely cool when you can draw anything straight from your head and it will look natural and correct anatomically
Good luck with your training))

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I would take requests and also practice yourself. Requests give you the opportunity to practice poses or stuff you wouldn’t normally do.
This is my improvement so far since doing digital art.


I would love to do that, but I don’t have the time to do both. Besides my drawings, I have edited requests, review requests, coding requests, coding my own stories, and so much more to do (And I’m still in school). The only thing I’ve ever created for myself (since I started with requests) is the profile picture I have.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my very first pieces anymore (I changed the device I’m using), the oldest one that I’ve saved on this device would be this:

This must have been somewhen by the end of summer 2021…
You can see there’s a major difference in how my works look now.

Your proportions for the most part look really good. I would just make sure that the neck is more shown, that’s mainly what I’m noticing in terms of proportions.

For shading, I would add more contrast between the lighter and darker colors for certain parts, but that’s just more of an opinion.

I really like the hair and the clothes shading. :+1:

As for improving, I would recommend drawing more different poses, drawing things that you like and would want to see yourself, and experimenting with all sorts of colors and brushes.

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stop using the airbrush and study anatomy if u mainly draw humans

I feel people always come with that one as an advice, but never an alternative. what am I supposed to use then, if I cant use the airbrush I clearly need another thing to do, but what?

this is not personal for you, its like every get better at art video I have seen says dont use airbrush, but they never give an idea of what to use instead

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Thanks, but I don’t use an airbrush, just some soft brushes combined with a brush to blend (Blend not blur).
And what exactly do you mean by the anatomy? As I mentioned above, I’m aware I need to practice (most importantly) the anatomy of the face, hands, and the shading of the clothes. Is there something else about my anatomy you think is important for me to be improved?

What’s the best way to improve art?
Is it better to draw single parts multiple times with lots of different versions or to draw actual complete pieces?

  • Single parts
  • Complete pieces

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Also, if I do get to draw something for practice, I might share it here for more advice.

I like how you blend the colors and the small details (like tattoos).

Here's what I noticed

1st drawing: focus on the length of body parts

  • the leg going straight down is much bigger than the rest, and the knee is a little too high up
  • the other leg that’s on top is too short; move the knee slightly more to the right
  • the hand with the palm facing the audience has fingers 3-5 a little too high

2nd drawing: watch out for how big the head & arms are in comparison to the rest of the body

  • toros is too short
  • legs are pretty small/short in comparison to the head & arms
  • I love the way you drew the hair

3rd drawing: watch out for how big the head is in comparison to the body

  • shoulders can be a little more broad; the average adult has a shoulder width of a little under 3 heads
  • I like how the yellow paper doesn’t look flat on the face

It’s hard to always say for sure if the anatomy is off, since you’re going for Episode’s style rather than a 100% realistic style. Starting with realism helps to transition into a cartoon-ish style.

From my observations, I’d say full pieces would be more helpful for you. That way, you can see how all the body parts are fitting together and be able to fix any anatomical awkwardness.

Taking requests may put a lot of pressure on you, so take your time. :slight_smile: Your art is looking super interesting and nice already. Good luck! It would be cool to see your art improvement in a few months or a year.

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Wow, thank you, I actually didn’t expect someone to take such a close look at my works, I really appreciate it! It’s truly helpful, thank you!

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My first practice piece, any advice about it yet? (Ignore the feet, I do really need to practice that separately when I have the time.)

(Edited version, advised by @/Tesbie28)


Maybe I should upload this as well:



This is not my character, I have an old thread where I asked for models to draw.

Your hand work looks good in it tbh .
But I cant say same for the legs.
I didnt zoomed in or anything but the legs took my eyes towards them itself.

Legs tend be curvy. Like a lot curvy.
So I would advice you to… Uhmm make them a little thick below the knees and a little upper the knees…

I hope I made sense… :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, it does make sense, thank you

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