(100%) Honest advice on my art, please? [New Piece]

Anything else?


is this spot the difference, I never been good at that.

I know it looks like it but haven’t changed the spot. It’s actually her legs.

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now you said it I can see it. the change looks good.

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An art piece I made, any advice on what could have been better?

(This is not the original quality, since I uploaded it from a different device.)

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Wow that’s beautiful, I love the colors and lighting and shading on their bodies. The only thing that sticks out to me as a bit awkward is the tilt of the heads (or lack thereof). Right now it looks like their faces are side-by-side instead of kissing because neither are tilted. Some shadows around where their faces meet and the light would be blocked would also help make it look more like they’re touching.

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Thanks, this helps a lot!


Another piece I’m working on. Any feedback (so far)?



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Hi, I tweaked your pose a little bit
First, when you learn try to look for references of live people, your reference is more of an anime style and to achieve realism repeating this form will be difficult
Also pay attention to the width of the neck and the guy’s lower jaw, men’s lower jaw is rougher and more pronounced than women’s
On the pose of a woman because of the incorrect construction of the back, visually you have a hump, do not be afraid to draw a narrower waist especially if the shirt is tucked into jeans there will be visible curve.
The most important thing is to see how a person’s skull and face is shaped, you can find a lot of charts on the internet how it looks like
But first, just save yourself a lot of faces from different angles and practice with the schemes

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Here is a scheme for the construction, mark a line of hair growth, eyebrows, eyes, where the nose ends, the place where the lips are closed, chin
From the tip to the nose always leads a straight line they should be at the level of
The shape is slightly different for men.
In any case, I recommend to train by looking at photos of people

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll make sure to follow most of the things you recommended.

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I think there’s nothing wrong even with tracing from a photo, in the early stages of learning, so you develop a look at how people’s faces are shaped.
But the schemes are necessary, so you’ll always have the right face))
Everyone started out with something)

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Thank you, I know, but the current piece is a request, so I can’t trace anything for this one. For private practice, I’ll consider trying it.

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IDK if I’m qualified enough to do this, but I’ve been doing traditional for past 8yrs and digital from 2020 : ) but ig no one here knows me

The main thing I notice here is a lack of balance b/w soft and hard edges. Like, shadings need not always be blended with the base colours. Since, this is sunset, there will be pretty hard edges in the shadows and shadings I believe.
Also, there are shadings in the conventional regions only, like on the cheeks and forehead. But there’ll be shadings where the hands of the girl lie on the shirt, also.

Clothes do not cling onto the body like that, esp. for males- sleeves should have some extra space after the arms and same for the collar part.
And hairs are not in place altogether like that- show some strands of hair here and there on the head.

Also, IDK why but the shoes appear too small to me for the body : )

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Thank you, I totally understand what you mean. Yes, I do need more practice when it comes to drawing feet, I’m aware of that.

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no one said u cant but an airbrush by itself looks dirty imo, also i cant say a specific type of pen to use cuz each app has a different set of pens but if you use ibis paint for eg then the fade pen is good or any soft brush

well stop blending all the colours together like that cuz it looks muddy/dirty, i cant actually tell u how but u asked for advice so i suggest u research better shading techniques

nah i think u know what to work on in terms of anatomy, a good way of learning is by using your own hands and arms and taking pics of it then using that as a base to practice

Could you specify what exactly looks like that? Everything is shaded differently so not everything can be like that. Also on which of the uploaded pieces are referring to?