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It’s so sad…


I haven’t watched it but my friend told me about it


I know. I cried while watching season 2 of the show


I’m listening to the audiobook of 13RW on youtube cause I’m not allowed to buy the book :frowning_face:


The show is absolutely awful. It glorifies suicide and represents mental illness terribly. And it’s not just that. It goes overboard with the graphic scenes like why show Hannah cutting her wrist?-and the acting, characters personalities, and dialogue is so bad. I cannot with it. And Hannah is an idiot. Everything what not to do to represent and show suicide is what the writers did for the show. Awful, it’s just awful. Selena Gomez is just as bad for saying this show is “real” and agreeing to continue it and be involved in it. It’s judt so bad and wrong. It needs to be cancelled


My best friend had asked me if I ever seen it before that’s the only reason I know of it. She had A LOT to say about it, most definitely wasn’t good things lol.


I personally did not like it. There’s so many reasons as to why I did not like it. If you like it, sure you’re allowed to have opinion. But for me, no. I think what really angered me was the fact that they showed Hannah’s suicide. Anyone can try to convince me all they want and say it’s real life and people need to know what its like. No. The only reason they showed her suicide was to get more views and use it as a shock value. That’s really all there is to it. And anyways I stopped watching it after that. I also felt like there wasn’t any real reason to have a season 2, I did watch a few episodes of it and tried to keep an open mind but I just couldn’t. Anyways that’s pretty much the main reason why I did not like it.


No I haven’t seen it, with more and more ppl committing suicide they should try to detour ppl away from it instead of glorifying it. They didn’t try to make an awareness about it or anything?


I have not read the book, but I have seen the show (i could only last like 5 episodes). it completely baffles me why there was/is a 2 & 3 season. this show glorifies suicide, depression, and mental health issues. this show does not help people that have suicidal thoughts or depression, I’ve seen so many comments about it. also, why would they show such graphic scenes? I even saw a post a young girl who watched the show did the same thing Hannah did, and it’s not cute. my school had to write a LETTER about this show and the risks of watching it, so the same thing wouldn’t happen. and only Instagram hippies think it is helpful, I even heard my English teacher say the book was good, but the show twisted it to be bad and he brought up the point about the extra seasons.


I really wish they had made the 2nd season take place in alternate dimension where her life continues (instead of making her a ghost) & we follow her (as well as others) as they cope with life struggles etc. It would send such an amazing message but since they wouldn’t do that, it leads me to believe this show really is glorifying suicide. It had so much potential to do good & their capitalistic view ruined it. :disappointed:


Yes 13 reasons why?
But it’s sad


I liked it at first, like…a bit through the first season. I thought it was kinda curious, a little interesting. It was something I hadn’t seen before, and I kinda like how different it was and a little more realistic compared to other high school stories.

I don’t really like a lot of the things about it, but like…some of the leftist pandering bs started pushing me away from a good opinion early on. And then in the second season, I really hated it. Literally talking about how we live in a rape culture, like…wtf? I got so mad like…

People need to stop creating stories with leftist pandering techniques in mind and just make a good story. eyerolls It literally ruins everything for me when it is so littered with the nonsense that I cannot bring myself to enjoy it. At all.


I have read the book and watched the first season of the show, and in my opinion, it wasn’t worth it, I hardly felt any connection or sympathy or be able to relate much with both of the characters, or anyone- their motivations are confusing.
As dqbsurf yet, the first part of the first season (first two episodes maybe) I found it quite interesting. I’m not sure but I’m not super into this genre of shows now so that might have been a factor for the fact I didn’t enjoy the show.
It just felt odd.
But I wouldn’t know, since it’s just an opinion, so…


I have netflix. But if its rated R or TV-MA. I have those blocked in my home.


Everything this person said. :sweat_smile:


I love the actor for Clay, it’s just that he plays bad roles. He has so much potential but wastes it on these disturbing and terrible shows and movies.


I liked the show at first because I like realistic shows. But it’s problematic, some parts too graphic for my liking. I’m not saying get rid of the storylines within the shows but some of they scenes are too much.


Agreed. I also like the show but some parts I couldn’t even watch and had to skip over :sweat:


Same with me :disappointed: