13 reasons why?

What do you think about it?
I am.right now watching season 2 (Lol,I know I am late)

I was talking with my sister today about this show and we thought message is you should kill you self if ou are being bullied,I mean in episode we don’t have any scene where they tell,suicide is bad? (Alex,Hannah,Clay,Justin all tried to kill them.self) :confused: :female_detective:

Also favourite characters: Tony and Clay.


I like the show but…

towards the end of s2 i cringed… so… bad…

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I haven’t watched it yet buteveryone says It was too much ? :eyes:

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way too much

Ughhh,what happend??? :shushing_face: :thinking::woman_facepalming:

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… you will find out

all I will say is poor tyler

Now,I’ll have to watch all episodes tonight.Whole night. :smirk:

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I’m strongly against this show.

i LOVE this show

Yikes, I liked the book better. The show is just not fitting with the story line

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A shorter version of my longish opinions

I have very strong thoughts and opinions on this show, all of which are negative.
I think it’s causing far more harm than good and it’s hiding behind the shield of “starting a conversation”
Another thing I hate is that they’re using serious topics not because it’s nessecary or because they actually want to raise awareness. No, they’re just using it as a cheap trick to make you pity their characters.
I really don’t like how they portrayed the suicide either, they sort of did the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to do.
In general the show just makes me kind of upset.
That being said, if it somehow manages to help someone for once, I’m glad. I’m also happy for anyone who can watch it and enjoy it, it’s just something I personally don’t enjoy.


I watched the first season, but was never really interested in watching the second. I don’t really have anything against 13rw I just don’t find it entertaining I guess.

Omg… How cringe was this epsiode? Literally made my tummy flip

Poor Tyler :nauseated_face::weary:

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its a yikes for me.

like it glamorizes suicide and depression, do not fight me on this.