1838 Historical Fiction RP/SG

It’s 1838, I’m a servant for Lord Hayword, my name is Carmella, Carmella Brown.

Welcome to Accrington, 1838. Where King Anthony has been making the rules, for everyone. Women are servants, stay at home moms, or they work as something else. Everything changed when King Anthony decided to make women become servants, and men as the ones who do what they want.

I, Carmella Brown thinks this is wrong, follow me and stop this sexism. But, some might die, and be killed, murdered, or framed for something we didn’t do, but we’ll still fight. We must go over to another place where woman aren’t used as servants.

Another thing I’m fighting for is, poor shouldn’t be used as maids to clean and help you 24/7.

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IMPORTANT: How is the RP gonna work?

Firstly, the servants will be split into different houses, you’ll need to write where your character is, so random people won’t just join you into your house not welcomed by the guards.
Secondly, we will have lords in each house, I’ll have schedules for each house, but, it depends on the lord’s personality, for example: A character is a jerk, they’ll have them clean every room in the house. Every house/castle will have 8 floors. There are 5-4 houses, and a big castle.

Thirdly, we’ll be having children working as well.
There will be adventures, and choices, for example: I might add a small paragraph for missions, to guide your way to success.

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Carmella :star: ||Castle||

Carmella groans as she cleans the dusty floor on her knees, she almost felt herself falling to sleep. She grabbed the mop as she stands up, and washes it. She dances as she mops the ballroom floor. Tonight was the Queens ball, Carmella was excited.

But, only a couple people aren’t going. She dusted her outfit. She looks down, as she remembered she’s supposed to be cooking and serving people.

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Queen Destiny

Destiny Smalls sat in her throne, next to King Anthony. Forced marriage is the worst in Queen Destiny’s opinion. She hates Anthony more than anything, she’d push him off a cliff before her.

Destiny sighed, as she looks at her dress. King Anthony picked it out, Destiny didn’t even get to agree, or disagree.

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Hannah Simpson

Hannah wore a pink dress that Her maid picked out, Zachariah was not there to pick it but Oh well, his loss! She stepped into her high heels and was on her way to see Queen destiny when she saw Carmella Brown. ‘‘Shouldn’t you be cooking?’’ She said, from a distance.

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Carmella :star:

Carmella looked behind her, seeing Hannah Simpson. She puts her mop back and replies, “I’ve been so busy working on cleaning the dusty ballroom floors! I’ve forgotten to cook…” Carmella facepalms, as she sighs.

“I’ve been exhausted…”

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Hannah Simpson

‘‘Sure?’’ She raised and eyebrow, ‘‘I’d head back to kitchen If I were you, you never know. King Anothony Could see you.’’

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Carmella :star:

“Ugh! Right… King Anthony!” Carmella groans, as she starts running to the kitchen. “Cya!” She’d rush into the kitchen doors hoping King Anthony won’t be there. She grabbed a recipe book, and started cooking desserts. She wished things would stop, now.

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I wore my clothes for the Ball the Queen organized. I don‘t like Balls but my Lady forced me to attend and I have to build relationships. I made my way to the ballroom.


Hannah Simpson

Hannah walked past her, slightly grinned. And went into the ball room, to see Zachariah there. ‘‘I’m proud of you Zach, You actually came.’’ She whispered.



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I slightly smiled at her.

‘It can‘t be that bad‘ I whispered and looked around. It seems like we are the first ones who arrived.



Hannah Simpson

‘‘Shall we find a sea?’’ She asked,


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Destiny Smalls

Destiny gets up as people swarm the ballroom, Destiny settles at the ballroom. “Wonderful people of Accrington, I give you our very own masquerade ball!” She’d shout out to the wonderful people, keeping a nice smile.

“You can enjoy lots of desserts like chocolate cake, and more! Turkey, and chicken settled down at the dinning table, with dancing, singing, drinking, and fun things to do.”

“We will love if you celebrate honestly, and enjoy your wonderful day at the Accrington castle!”

Claps and cheers echoed in the ballroom, Destiny sighs, as she dances in the ballroom.

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:crown: King Anthony :crown:

Anthony lazily lounged back on his throne while sipping out of a chalice. Every once in a while, he would issue out minor commands to the passing maids or casually slosh around his drink.

Beside him sat his lovely wife. She was wearing the exquisite red and black lace gown he’d picked out for her. At first, she had protested against the color, but it didn’t take much for Anthony to make her see reason. He felt like all women nowadays would be a lot better off without making their own choices. History has proven again and again that men always have the right idea in mind.

The maids here are atrocious, he thought. Honestly, one would think that women would be a tad better at cleaning. It seemed to be the one competent job they could execute remotely properly, and yet, they still fail.

Especially that one girl… what was her name again? Ah yes, Carmella Brown.

Anthony looked back at the ballroom ahead of him to scout out incoming guests. Already, he noticed Lord Zachariah along with Hannah Simpson. Zachariah seemed to be a respectable gentlemen, but Hannah looked liked every other dull women. It wasn’t her fault though, all women were just lacking in that area.

Anthony looked back at his wife, Destiny. He watched as she gave her speech. Her voice was rich yet silky and her posture was one of power. He always knew that she would make a beautiful queen. Perhaps he would reward her later with another red and black gown.

He leaned back on the throne placing his now empty chalice on a servant’s passing tray before glancing back at the crowd of people in the ballroom.

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Fighting Against King Anthony: PART 1, Valerie and Carmella.

Despite Carmella not able to go out on this very day to the big open ball, she did so, wearing a beautiful pink mask.

She slowly walked into the ball, tied her corset, and started walking in her heels, Carmella wasn’t skilled in walking in heels, she only was a little skilled due to her Mom’s heels and her playing with them as a young child.

Carmella felt her sins crawling down her back, like 8 spiders walking on her back… She felt a little tap on her back, she turns to see Valerie.

"Hello, do you care for a dance, madam?" Valerie asks, Carmella.
"I know who you are…"
"Carmella Brown, it’s me." Carmella sighs, and crosses her arms.
Valerie knew because all women knew how to tie a corset, Carmella’s was awfully done.

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ORP: It’s night time…


She looked around the ballroom, a sheepish glint in her eyes. She never was a fan of these balls her parents would host, but she would never say it. Never, at least not in front of someone.

With a deep sigh she brushed off her purple and creme dress and plastered on a pearly white smile.

She slowly walked through the ballroom, taking glances at the visiting Ladies ad Lords, along with the maids and servants whole scurried around the room. She took a short wine glass filled with white wine from a passing maid and brushed her way over to an old velvet chair. Seating herself down and watching the commotion of a ball, along with praying she wouldn’t have to speak to her father, King Anthony.



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:gem: Charlotte Payne :gem:

Charlotte carefully made her way around the massive ballroom. She currently wore a simple white dress with a layer of orange lace on top. Her shoes were orange slip-ons that she borrowed from one of her friends. All together, her costume was made to resemble a fox for the masquerade ball. Charlotte knew that her costume was definitely far from the elegant gowns she had seen from other lords and ladies, but Charlotte was, after all, just another maid.

She weaved in between guests carrying a platter in her right hand that held several wine glasses. Every once in a while, an esteemed guest would take a glass from her tray. Charlotte would give off a little curtsy, then continue on to other guests.

After a few minutes, Charlotte noticed the princess sitting in an old yet elegant velvet chair. She made her way toward the princess hoping to see what was wrong - if something was wrong.

As soon as Charlotte was close enough to Princess Adelaide, she noticed that the princess was already sipping on white wine.

“Excuse me, dear,” Charlotte started, “but shouldn’t a princess like you be dancing out on the ballroom floor?”



She looked up sharply, only to make eye contact with a maid. Charlotte or Charlie she believed her name was.

She gave a small, somber smile. “If you notice, it is the partner dances…” She sighed, “I do not have a partner, my parents never matched me with someone. Yet, I am forbidden to find someone on my own, and the young gentlemen my age are too afraid to ask my father if they may have my hand” she huffed, seemingly annoyed at the fact as she blew a ginger red piece of curled hair out of her face.



It’s midnight, it’s the ball, or your sleeping in your house.


:gem:Charlotte Payne :gem:

“I do not have a partner, my parents never matched me with someone. Yet, I am forbidden to find someone on my own, and the young gentlemen my age are too afraid to ask my father if they may have my hand”

“Well, that’s a quick fix, m’lady” Charlotte piped up. “I’m sure that you could always stop by the kitchen and spend the whole night stuffing your face with crumpets.”

Charlotte gave a wink before continuing on.

“On a more serious note, I’m sure your father tries to have the best idea in mind for you. Perhaps if you found a gentleman you liked, it would save your father some time in matching you up with someone. If your father every got angry, you could always say that you are scouting out a proper suiter.”