If you’re a conspiracy theory addict you’d know about the Twitter Voicemail, it has gone crazy, Shane Dawson even did a mind blowing conspiracy theory on his YouTube, a man on Twitter received a strange voicemail and he has no way on knowing who sent it, but when translated, it said SOS it is dire for you to evacuate, be cautious they’re not humans he shared it on Twitter and it went crazy, it also had strange coordinates which were found in Indonesia near where Malaysia flight 370 went missing in 2014. people speculate that this was the black box for the plane, which is used to send a message for urgent help, explaining why it would say SOS save our ship, but the fact it was they’re not humans left many people baffled, and it also said April 18th 2018, which many people think is when the world will end. What are your thoughts?!


Moved to General Chat, and the concept of Shane Dawson correctly predicting the Apocalypse certainly seems to signal some kind of doomsday :v:t2:


I feel like there’s some other significance with April 18. Like maybe its when the aliens take over us or something. But if the world is ending in a week #alltheregrets

I definitely agree that there’s something lw supernatural going on though haha


Ikr I’m physically shook!


If the world does end then at least I would have to go to school :smiley: And I won’t have to do my homework (that i haven’t started yet). Honestly, the world ending would be a blessing for me.


True, except the fact you’d be DEAD! :joy::joy:


Death is a small price to pay to get no more homework. :smiley: :joy:


I don’t think anything will happen but I do think something is going on here on Earth and I think there are many stories of finding strange abandoned air crafts. I am such a weird Supernatural conspiracy geek :joy:


I feel lol scared from death but I dont believe that its going to end in 18 April…


i am SCARED AS HELL about that but i dont rly believe it - i think in shane dawson’s video he skype called ty aka the person who originally came out with the voicemail (@strayedaway) and ty admitted it was an elaborate set up. bUT YA KNOW losersam is a loser so i was too scared to watch the whole thing through. i was too scared to watch a shane dawson video. honestly that says a lot about me

also i found this


some people say it’s an arg - augmented reality game - where basically for a game people kinda bring it into real life? if that makes sense? i dont really know either. too much info, i would do research if my ass werent scared asf

but like?? man idk i dont wanna die


Honestly, this has happened so many times in the past. Take, for one example, 2012 when the Maya calendar was ending and everyone blew it out of proportion. In my opinion, I do not believe the world is going to end in the next week - but hey, no one truly knows! The world could end tomorrow and we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. So live with this advice: look back and ask yourself, am I happy with the life I lived so far - If not, change it (because you still have time to)! “Live every day as if it’s your last” has never been truer, haha.


That would suck if it was true because we already know about it. THE ALIENS HAD ONE JOB, to keep the date a secret so we couldn’t prepare. MASSIVE FAIL! :joy:

In another slightly irrelevant opinion:
I think that aliens do exist but the chances of us ever meeting them is slim. I mean it would be ignorant to assume we are the only ones alive when we can’t even fathom the universe. :thinking:


For sure. But I think our perception of Aliens needs to change. Who says aliens are these strange green creatures who travel through space. There are so many different galaxies and stars in the universe that there has to be at least one place that has the same atmospheric conditions as earth (with it’s proximity to a light source being just right). In all reality, Aliens could look just like us and I’m sure to others somewhere in the universe, we are the aliens.

Just some food for thought…


Nah son, I ain’t dying two days before my birthday🤷‍♀️ Sorry.


Agreed. However I’m not going to jump to conclusions and assume if we do ever meet, we’re all going to be buddies. :joy: Like Stephen Hawking said, the only way to avoid an alien invasion is to not look for aliens.:woman_shrugging:

But hey, if one of them chooses to stop by and help us, I can’t help but feel inclined not to worry. Like the world could go into a crisis and people would be torn and maybe turn on each other due to beliefs? The world might turn to shambles. It’ll be interesting to see how that would be fixed (if it could at all). I guess that could make a good movie idea? :sweat_smile:

Now I’m not saying all aliens are bad or good because we don’t even know anything. So at this point, everything we know is simply theories and humans worrying or fearing things far superior to them. I guess we’ll never know until it happens, that is if it happens. Even then, we can’t assume everything about aliens just by looking at one. Like you can’t assume every single person has black hair because you saw someone with black hair… (idk if that’s a good example).

Alright I’m going to end here before I turn this into an essay. :wink:


2 days until this supposedly happens!


I just realized… What timezone did they mean when they said April 18th? Like if it’s NZST then it’s tomorrow but if it’s Pacific Time Zone then it’s two days… :thinking::thinking:


1 hr and 30 mins till April 18th…let’s see what happens


I’ve got seven hours and seven minutes to the 18th haha o_O


Nothing’s going to happen