1k Giveaway on insta!

Hey, hope you wonderful authors or non-authors had a good night’s rest but I had planned a giveaway if I make 1k on insta or 500 I’m not sure yet but if you want any of these prizes that I’m going to mention you should follow me for you could join! I didn’t 100% finish planning the giveaway but below are the idea prizes

Insta name is: epi_a.wlondon


A self-portrait art by me (headshot or up above breast)
A major role in my story
Spam of likes
And maybe another art? (Cover)

They will also be 3 winners but with different prizes up above is the first place winners prizes

Of course, there are rules
1st you can’t unfollow me when I give you the prize
2nd to others to join I will post something about the giveaway and you have to like it and post it on your story
3rd. If you are rude to me while I’m doing your art I will simply give it to someone else.
4th. If I’m doing the giveaway with someone else you can’t be rude to them neither (I might not do it with someone I will have to check if anyone wants to)

Example of art

image image

These are the example of the self-portrait. More coming soon!


This is the first cover I ever made for an ink story so I might add a cover to the prize idk

Don’t flag it’s not a spam no point flagging it for no reason


You’re a really talented artist, I’m sure people would join (:

I’ll join if I manage to beat the deadline etc as long as it doesn’t involve posting a slide on my account (I can post a slide on my story but I don’t enter giveaways involving posting slides on accounts) (:

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No it’s not posting on it your account

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Let me know when u start it & I’ll join then (:

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