>1k Story recommendations!


Since there’s such a growing wave of supporting small authors on Episode, I want to start a thread to recommend stories with few reads that are worth reading! Please ensure that the stories you recommend have good directing, writing, and storylines as well as having less than 1k reads!

(Note: please don’t promote your own story on this thread)

Stories I’ve come across under 1k that are worth reading:

  • Once In a Full Moon by Writing With Wings:new_moon::fairy: - A very anime-esque story with awesome directing and an intriguing format of following a new character each chapter
  • Jezebel by Coovu :smiling_imp::tipping_hand_woman:-An immaculately directed horror story with awesome overlay use and a well-implemented points system
  • Guardian Angel Blues by Ichor:angel::couplekiss_man_man:- A fantasy story with great characters and a male MC
  • Riddled by Thorne:fox_face::cake: -A bit all over the place style-wise, but it has some really cool RPG elements and amazing art work

Add your own so I have more stories to read!!! :sparkling_heart:


my friend’s story is really good. It’s called Loving You Again by @fluffyrice


Which reminds me XD

  • Hale Huna by Anonymous Author :fairy::palm_tree: - A well-written and edited fantasy-come to life story with a female MC and multiple LIs


Aww thank you so much!


Well, humbly, I think Music in our hearts by Mary-P (me) is a creative story without gang leader or werewolf or gang leaders but is still captiving and funny.


A Brush with Love by @SG38


I would like to recommend the choice: twisted by @thechoicetwisted :slight_smile:


I’ve read loads of stories recently and two that really stood out for me are;

Autumn falls by @Luna.Episode.Author &
Frenemies by @Metalicious

Both are really well written and the directing/overlays are awesome!

Thanks for the recommendation Luna xx


The Pregnancy Curse by @Dr.Smile07 is amazing! I really loved it! It was hilarious :joy:


COMA - poisoned by @anys.episode

DSC: East St. Louis by @Five_Star_Equilibriu

Girl In The Chair by Em Sandigo

Hidden Motives by @stormiethewriter

Spotlight: Jellyfished by @Himawari

Traces of You by @LiteraryCarnivore


A Brush with Love by @SG38 is also really good, and I’m not just saying that because she gave me a shoutout :joy:

I also really liked “The Genuine Fake” by @mysoxlike2party !

Both are really well-done stories in all aspects and the hard work that the authors put in really shows!


Thanks sm for recommending my story :heart_eyes:! It really means a lot​:blush:!


Hey, I appreciate you recommending TGF! :innocent:


You’re welcome bro :kissing_smiling_eyes:


@HaloChild Thank you so much for this! :blush: I appreciate your support so much :two_hearts:


Ah you’re welcome! I really like Leah and Max, can’t wait to see more of them.


I honestly would recommend One Of The Girls by @amberose
It’s a comedy and I’ve had my fair share of laughs with it. Not to mention the characters are generally likeable and actually have dimension to them.


Thank you so much :blush:


Some I’ve read recently that I’ve really enjoyed are:

Jungle Fever by @Maggy
What If by Mindy
A Brush with Love by @SG38
Two to Tango by @granolias
The Choice Twisted by @thechoicetwisted


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