1st episode on phone

Hey guys, I have done some of my story but then I hated it so I deleted everything and started again, now when I try to see it on my phone instead of computer it goes from the latest episode with nothing in it, how do I delete it or just go to the 1st episode?

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sorry i dont understand :joy:

you were reading your story on your phone but then you deleted your story on your laptop so now it says that you are still reading it on your phone?

Go to the story, the Navigation and then Restart Episode or maybe Reset Story Progress

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ahahahah no so i did the story on laptop but hated it so i deleted it then now im re-writing it but there is still some episodes that are that i haven’t done and i want to go to the one i just did on my phone. if that makes sense

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thank you!!

From what I understood… U r saying that even after deleting the episode… When u r playing ur story on phone, its showing latest chapter with black screen… That happens to me too sometimes when I m making changes or anything…

U can simply go to navigation panel on right hand side of ur screen… After clicking it, u have to read click on restart story progress if u want to restart the story or restart episode if u want to restart that episode…

I hope this will help :heartpulse:

Thank you!

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