[1x1 RP] Curse Of The Demon King (Original)


She gave him the most saddest and adorablest puppy eyes. And he gagged. He gave her a grimace before waving a hand at her. “You’ve turned into a bug, you know that? Physically just changed. Right before my eyes,” he sighed and crossed his arms at her before pursing his lips, trying to hide a smirk to give her the impression that this was going to be the most difficult thing he would ever do in his life time.
“I don’t agree with your philosphy oooooone bit little beauty. After all, not even giving the prince a shot because you’re passionate about your insignificant duty in this tiny little town a bit greedy on your part, no?” He tapped his chin and looked her over. “Buuuuut. I’m sure it wont be difficult to make you undesireable. I mean the man hasn’t even talked to you yet. That alone should do the trick.” He clapped his hands and grabbed her shoulders, shoving her towards the kitchen. “Spinach. Do you have spinach?”


:compass: Talia :compass:

“Greedy? I think it’s much worse to chase after a man just for his money. Now that is the definition of greed on every single level of the word.” She said arms resting on her chest, “Talked to me? What are you going to feed me lines?” She blinked finding some spinach and handing it to him, “Here but… what is that for?” She asked, furrowing her brows and wondering if he was being serious or was just extremely hungry.

“Okay first.” Talia sat Stephen down on one of the couches next to her and smiled, “What you have to do is be nice. But not nice where it’s creepy. Go ahead, give me a compliment. Anything you like, no matter how little. Pretend I’m her.”
“I love your eyes.” He said, leaning closer.
“Okay lover boy!” She pushed his chest back, “How about you take it down a bit. You know just hold yourself back. Or you’ll scare her.”
He sighed, “Sorry. Okay…” He took in a deep breath, “I love your smile.”
“Good. Now, tell me, what do you do to make conversation.”
“Um… usually the girl starts the conversations with me.” He said, brows furrowed and clearly confused.
“Well, that’s not going to work here so… we’re going to need a lot of work…”



‘no. I am kween you are peasant I no help’ jemamthamum says in a posh English accent


Harambai flies off Jason’s back while screamin

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ALL THE SHEEP ARE LOST AT sea. as the LANGUAGE GOD had already sat on them and killed them


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