2 Background Edits Needed

Hi, I need the first one to be with lights on and three versions of the the second one

  1. To look less magical - day
  2. To look less magical - night
  3. Magical - night version

Tags of people who make great backgrounds:



This good? I can have the light from the lamp as an overlay. Also, where’d u get this bg? I love it, and would like to have it for my stories.

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Could you also help me with the second background?

hehe. not sure u can do this :DDD but I’ll keep ur secret.

yeah, I’ll try.

Do u need overlay for the bathroom bg?

No thanks, and I think you can do it cause I’ve seen it in other stories, but I dunno :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Thanks for the mention! Although, if @fcukforcookies is doing it, I wont step on their toes and take the request :smile:


Thanks… if they can’t do it you definetly can :smile:

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I can try but I know you already have an amazing artist helping you :slight_smile:

So true!

Second, night-magic. Tell me if u need it lighter or whatever

It’s great! Thank you so much!

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Could you actually resize it? It’s too small. Sorry to inconvince you!

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The size is fine. U seem to download them in a wrong way. Click on them, then right click-download.

Ok, I’ll try that.

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magical bedroom background is great, can I use it? (with credit of course)

non magical - day

I’d advise u to delete these comments :DDDD mentioned where u got em from


Since these backgrounds are from Choices that mean they are also copyrighted, it’s best not to use them otherwise you run the risk of paying a fine. Besides, they most likely won’t get past the review team. If you are going to use backgrounds that aren’t from the episode catalog they must be commercially free to use. I recommend Pixabay.com because all the images are free to use. Sorry ti bear the bad news I just don’t want anyone getting into legal trouble (especially since it’s episodes competitor) :grimacing:


Thanks for the advice!